Young Adult Library Services

Volume 8, Number 2, Winter 2010

From the Editor

Sarah Flowers

From the President

Linda W. Braun

The View from ALA

Connect With What’s Important to You on ALA Connect

By Aaron Dobbs

YALSA Perspectives

Spectrum Scholar

Advocate, Mentor, Change Agent

By Cristina E. Mitra

School Library Perspective

Now Is the Time!

Teen Tech Week in a School Library

By Kim Herrington

Best Practices

Marketing the Homework Center Digitally

By Suellen S. Adams

Hennepin County Library’s Teen Tech Squad

Youth Leadership and Technology Free-for-all

By Cynthia Matthias and Christy Mulligan

AYear in Volunteering at the Library

By Erminia M. Gallo

Hot Spot: Teen TechWeek

Bending Circuits and Making Music

Teen Tech Week in Downtown Minneapolis

By Camden Tadhg

Free Online Tools for Serving Teens

Four Verbs to Live By and Great Technologies to Try

By Mary Fran Daley

Where Are All the Teens?

Engaging and Empowering Them Online

By Laura Peowski

Teens Talk Tech

By Mari Hardacre

Literature Surveys and Research

Peer Influences on Young Teen Readers

An Emerging Taxonomy

By Vivian Howard

Professional Resources

Guidelines for Authors

Index to Advertisers

The YALSA Update