Table of Contents

Winter 2007

Valerie Ott

Judy Nelson

YALSA Perspectives
Excellence Recognized: Award Winners Speak
Kerry Sutherland

Announcing Teen Tech Week TM
Don't Miss It!
Linda W. Braun

Teen Perspectives
I Can't Live without My . . . : Teens' Top Ten High-Tech Gadgets and Web Sites
Ann Pechacek

Author Perspectives
The Naked Truth: An Interview with Alyssa Brugman
Dominique McCafferty

Best Practices
Cosplay, Gaming, and Conventions: The Amazing and Unexpected Places an Anime Club Can Lead Unsuspecting Librarians
Paula Brehm-Heeger, Ann Conway, and Carrie Vale

Hot Spot: Teens and Technology

Homework Help Is a Click Away
Sarah Cofer, Janet Ingraham Dwyer, Suzanne Harold, Ann Pechacek, Karen Kolb Peterson, and Sara Ryan

Reading with Your Ears Preconference Workshop at ALA's 2006 Annual Conference
C D McLean

Cyberbullying From Playground to Computer
Tara Anderson and Brian Sturm

Social Networking Sites:Why Teens Need Places Like MySpace
Sean Rapacki

All Thumbs Isn't a Bad Thing: Video Game Programs @ your library ®
Beth Saxton

Out of the Basement: The Social Side of Gaming
Eli Neiburger and Matt Gullett

Web, Library, and Teen Services 2.0
Kimberly Bolan, Meg Canada, and Rob Cullin

Literature Surveys and Research
Youth and the Internet
June Abbas, Kay Bishop, and George D’Elia

Guidelines for Authors

Index to Advertisers

The YALSA Update