Participant Testimonials

Hear what young adult librarians and library staff are saying about YALSA’s continuing education.

About Our Webinars…

“I was really glad I took the seminar. It was a very manageable bit of professional development. It didn't take long, and it offered some very practical and useful tips, which are always nice to hear. Being able to access the presentation afterwards is especially nice. Thank you!” —participant in
Do more with less: Passive programming webinar

“The presenter was fantastic. I'm afraid this is one of those great experiences that will spoil me for all future webinars.”—participant in
Back to the Facts: YA Nonfiction webinar

“Fabulous job. I'm really psyched about the possibilities of reaching teens and young adults utilizing the methods of communication they use!”—participant in
Going Mobile webinar

“The presenter was very easygoing, but at the same time, very passionate and excited about her topics. Hearing that in her voice made it easier for me to be excited about learning new things, and as a result, I came away with a ton of information, and an itching to start putting it to use.”—participant in
30 Ways to Reach Reluctant Readers in 60 Minutes webinar

“The speaker was first rate. Very informative and delivery was excellent. Thank you.”—participant in
Back to the Facts: YA Nonfiction webinar

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About Our Online Courses and Institutes….

“Linda Braun was an entertaining and informative presenter. Her dynamic whirlwind tour of the ever expanding digital world was fun, educational, and life—changing. I used to be sort of techno—impaired, but I now have the confidence and motivation to try all sorts of new things.”—participant in
Teens and Technology institute

“Perfectly on topic for issues that most teen librarians encounter.”—participant in
Tapping Youth Participation to Strengthen Library Services online class

“It was great to hear YA advocates from all over the U.S., and even the world, talk about what they are doing and their ideas for improving programming for teens. The access and online aspects of the class were very easy and clear. I am definitely not what anyone would call a computer person and I found it very easy to do what I needed.”—participant in
Power Programming online class

“This type of professional development is extremely valuable. I learned a lot more than I would have at a conference or workshop or short training, and I didn't have to travel or pay an outrageous fee. Keep it up!”—participant in
AIMing at Tweens online class

“The amount of information shared by Ms. Braun was overwhelming. I would highly recommend others attend this program to learn more about how to reach out to teens through technology.” —participant in
Teens and Technology institute

“The instructor along with the activities and resources inspired strategic thinking and innovation.” —participant in
Power Programming online class

“Tons of great, useful, and PRACTICAL suggestions and ideas.” —participant in
New Literacies New Technologies online class

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