YALSA E-Course: ConnectedLib: Creating Learning Connections for Youth

Sunday, 10/20/2019 - Saturday, 11/23/2019

In this five-week e-course, participants will learn how to create engaging teen programs and services using the Connected Learning framework developed by the Connected Learning Alliance. Connected learning connects teens’ personal interests, their relationships with peers and mentors, and real-life opportunities to help prepare youth for life after high school with 21st century skills and new literacies, creating highly motivating learning experiences for teens.

Course activities involve reading, watching videos, peer feedback and discussion, and reflection activities. Over the five weeks, participants will evaluate their teen programs and their library's capacity for connected learning; identify community resources that could enhance teens’ learning experiences; and put what they learn into practice by creating an outline for their own connected learning program or revising an existing program for greater teen and community impact.

Participants will need to spend approximately two hours per week on course activities, which will include reading materials, watching videos, engaging in peer feedback and discussion, and completing assignments based on their own experiences and libraries.

Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to…

• Describe each of the seven principles of connected learning
• Explain why libraries are a natural environment for connected learning and how their own library can benefit from connected learning
• Assess their library’s existing capacity for connected learning
• Identify community assets to enhance teens’ learning experiences
• Design a teen program using the principles of connected learning

Who Should Attend

  • Library school students
  • Library staff in school or public libraries
  • Library administrators
  • Youth development workers supporting teens


Kelly M. Hoffman is a doctoral candidate at the College of Information Studies at the University of Maryland. She earned an MLS from the University of Maryland in 2007 and worked as a systems librarian and knowledge manager before returning to the college. Her dissertation research focuses on algorithm awareness and literacy.  Kelly was also a core team member for the IMLS funded ConnectedLib project.



In partnership with the ConnectedLib IMLS funded project this course is being offered at the rate of $100 for all registrants.

How to Register

Registration available on the ALA Online Education page.  Login is required in order to register.  If you do not have an ALA online account you can create one free of charge.

Tech Requirements

This course will be hosted using the Canvas online course management system and optional live sessions will be hosted using the Zoom platform.

Contact Hours

Those completing this course will receive a certificate for 10 hours of class/learning time.


For more information contact yalsa@ala.org