Great Graphic Novels 2014

The list of 78 titles, drawn from 122 official nominations, is presented annually at the ALA Midwinter Meeting. The books, recommended for those ages 12-18, meet the criteria of both good quality literature and appealing reading for teens.

In addition, the Great Graphic Novels for Teens Committee created a Top Ten list of titles that exemplify the quality and range of graphic novels appropriate for teen audiences, denoted by an asterisk.

 “The 2014 Great Graphic Novels for Teens list explores ancient Chinese rebellions, first love, modern day Uganda, futuristic scenarios, civil rights in America and everything in between.” said Chair Tessa Barber. “The graphic novels on this list are first rate in the marriage of storytelling and art and have appeal to a wide range of teen readers. The list is designed to be a resource for libraries and teens alike.”

Members of the Great Graphic Novels for Teens Committee are Tessa Barber, chair, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA; Jonatha Jo Basye, Hampton City Schools, Hampton, VA;  Heather Gruenthal, Western High School, Anaheim, CA; Katy Hepner, St. Tammany Parish Library, Mandeville, LA; Marcus Lowry, Roseville Library, Maplewood, MN; Thomas Maluck, Richland Library, Columbia, SC; Karen Perry, High Point, NC; Jason Poole, Webster Public Library, Webster, NY; Emily Pukas, Nashville Public Library, Nashville, TN; Andrea Sowers, Joliet Public Library, Joliet, IL; Brooke Young, Salt Lake City Public Library, Salt Lake City, UT.


Cunningham, Daryl. How to Fake a Moon Landing: Exposing the Myths of Science Denial. 2013. Illus., Abrams ComicArts, $16.95, (978-1419706899.)

Science and myth duke it out.

Hale, Nathan. Nathan Hale’s Hazardous Tales: Donner Dinner Party. 2013. Illus., Amulet Books, $12.95, (978-1419708565.)

You thought the Donner Party's story couldn't be told with a sense of humor.

Knisley, Lucy. Relish: My Life in the Kitchen. 2013. Illus., paper, First Second, $17.99, (978-1596436237.)

A life framed through food.

*Lewis, John, Andrew Aydin and Nate Powell. March: Book 1. 2013. Illus., paper, Top Shelf, $14.95, (978-1603093002.)

John Lewis is a Congressman now, but back in the 60s he was a teenager standing up for justice.

Mauer, Marc and Sabrina Jones. Race to Incarcerate: A Graphic Retelling. 2013. Illus., paper, New Press, $17.95, (978-1595585417.)

A history of incarceration in America, from its origins as a Quaker-influenced institution to the present.

O’Connor, George.

Poseidon: Earth Shaker. 2013. Illus., paper, First Second, $9.99, (978-1596437388.)

Poseidon makes a case for his standing among the gods.

Aphrodite: Goddess of Love. 2013. Illus., paper, First Second, $9.99, (978-1596437395.)

Mighty Aphrodite is born from the sea to provide love and drama to Mount Olympus .

Ottaviani, Jim and Maris Wicks. Primates: The Fearless Science of Jane Goodall, Dian Fossey, and Birut‎‎é Galdikas. 2013. Illus., First Second, $19.99, (978-1596438651.)

Three women and three stories of the primates they encounter.


Abnett, Dan, Andy Lanning, Tom Derenick and others.

The Hypernaturals V.1. 2013. Illus., paper, Boom Studios, $16.99, (978-1608862986.)

The Hypernaturals V.2. 2013. Illus., paper, Boom Studios, $19.99, (978-1608863198.)

The future world, run by an artificial intelligence, is protected by the Hypernaturals -- until they are all lost. A new guard must be found.

Alexovich, Aaron and Drew Rausch. Eldritch! V.1. 2012. Illus., SLG Publishing, $29.95, (978-1593622442.) Two teens discover the power to make their cult a reality.

Allison, John. Bad Machinery V.1: The Case of the Team Spirit. 2013. Illus., paper, Oni Press, $19.99, (978-1620100844.)

How do you deal with Mad Terry? With soccer, England and being thirteen.

Asano, Atsuko and Hinoki Kino.

No. 6 V.1. 2013. Illus., paper, Kodansha Comics, $10.99, (978-1612623559.)

No. 6 V.2. 2013. Illus., paper, Kodansha Comics, $10.99, (978-1612623566.)

No. 6 V.3. 2013. Illus., paper, Kodansha Comics, $10.99, (978-1612623573.)

Shion lives a privileged life in a futuristic city. Everything changes when he saves Rat's life and people start mysteriously dying.

Azzarello, Brian and Cliff Chiang and others.

Wonder Woman V. 2: Guts. 2013. Illus., DC Comics, $22.99, (978-1401438094.)

Wonder Woman goes on a diplomatic rescue mission to Hell.

Wonder Woman V.3: Iron. 2013. Illus., DC Comics, $24.99, (978-1401242619.)

Wonder Woman deals with her new family; a string of Gods and Goddesses who might do her more harm than good.

Bendis, Brian Michael and Stuart Immonen. All New X-Men V.1: Yesterday’s X-Men. 2013. Illus., Marvel, $24.99, (978-0785168201.)

Past and present X-Men collide.

Britt, Fanny and Isabelle Arsenault. Jane, the Fox and Me. 2013. Illus., Groundwood Books, $19.95, (978-1554983605.)

Helene is bullied and escapes into the world of Jane Eyre, until she finds a way to see life differently.

Cannon, Kevin. Crater XV. 2013. Illus., Top Shelf, $19.99, (978-1603091008.)

Army Shanks wants to give up adventuring, but some mysteries won't leave well enough alone.

Carey, Mike, Peter Gross, Kurt Huggins and Zelda Devon. The Unwritten: Tommy Taylor and the Ship that Sank Twice. 2013. Illus., Vertigo, $22.99, (978-1401229764.)

Tommy Taylor was orphaned as a babe when his wizard parents went down in a shipwreck. Years later he is learning there is more to the story.

Cervantes, Miguel de and Rob Davis. The Complete Don Quixote. 2013.Illus., Self Made Hero, $27.50, (978-1906838652.) A

lonso Quexada loves stories of knights-errant, so he decides to become one - the great Don Quixote de la Mancha, Knight of the Sorry Face.

Chwast, Seymour. The Odyssey. 2012, Illus., Bloomsbury, $20.00, (978-1608194865.)

Odysseus must make an epic effort to get back home.

Cliff, Tony. Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant. 2013, Illus., paper, First Second, $15.99, (978-1596438132.)

Her life is one crazy adventure after another. Do you think you can keep up with Delilah?

De Pins, Arthur. Zombillenium V.1: Gretchen. 2013, Illus., NBM Publishing, $14.99, (978-1561637348.)

Zombillenium is a place where the undead compete with the likes of Disneyland and Universal Studios.

Fraction, Matt, David Aja and others.

Hawkeye V.1: My Life as a Weapon. 2013. Illus., paper, Marvel, $16.99, (978-0785165620.)

Here's what Clint Barton does on his day off.

Hawkeye V.2: Little Hits. 2013. Illus., paper, Marvel, $16.99, (978-0785165637.)

If you want to kill an Avenger, the easiest one is the normal guy.

Gran, Meredith. Marceline and the Scream Queens. 2013, Illus., paper, KaBoom! Studios, $19.99, (978-1608863136.)

Only Princess Bubblegum can keep the band together while Marceline has an identity crisis on tour.

*Gulledge, Laura Lee. Will & Whit. 2013, Illus., paper, Amulet Books, $18.95, (978-1419705472.)

Will faces her fear of the dark, new friends, love, a hurricane and the death of her parents.

Hagio, Moto and Matt Thorn. The Heart of Thomas. Illus., Fantagraphics, $39.99, (978-1606995518.)

An enigmatic suicide note sets off a chain of drama at a German boarding school.

Harrell, Rob. Monster on the Hill V.1. 2013, Illus., paper, Top Shelf, $19.95, (978-1603090759.)

Rayburn the monster tries to change his reputation and make a name for himself.

Hernandez, Gilbert. Marble Season. 2013, Illus., Drawn & Quarterly. $21.95, (978-1770460867.)

Growing up in 60's California, Huey reads comic books, tries to avoid bullies, and learns how to fit in on his block.

*Hicks, Faith Erin. The Adventures of Superhero Girl. 2013, Illus., Dark Horse. $16.99, (978-1616550844.)

The life of a superhero is not all monsters and flying - especially when you have no archnemesis and a more popular superhero brother.

Hinds, Gareth. Romeo and Juliet: a play by William Shakespeare. 2013, Illus., Candlewick. $21.99, (978-0763659486.)

Classic story of star-crossed lovers with a multicultural cast.

Humphries, Sam and Dalton Rose. Sacrifice. 2013, Illus., Dark Horse. $19.99, (978-1595829856.)

Hector has a fit that changes history.

*Keenan, Sheila and Nathan Fox. Dogs of War. 2013, Illus., Scholastic/Graphix, $22.99, (978-0545128872.)

Dogs can be heroes, too.

*Kindt, Matt. MIND MGMT V.1: The Manager. 2013, Illus., Dark Horse, $19.99, (978-1595827975.)

A journalist trails a missing passenger from “Amnesia Flight 815” and discovers a much bigger mystery.

Kirk Kim, Derek. Tune V.1: Vanishing Point. 2013, Illus., paper, First Second, $16.99, (978-1596435162.)

Andy is down on his luck and accepts a job at a strange zoo.

Kon, Satoshi. Tropic of the Sea. 2013, Illus., paper, Vertical, $14.95, (978-1939130068.)

Yosuke Yashiro's family takes care of a mermaid egg in exchange for safe seas around their island community.

*Lepp, Royden. Rust V.2: Secrets of the Cell. 2012, Illus., Archaia, $24.95, (978-1936393589.)

Is Jet a killing machine or just a boy who's been used to fight a distant war?

Lieberman, AJ and Darren Rawlings. The Silver Six. 2013, Illus., Scholastic/Graphix, $22.99, (978-0545370974.)

Six orphans find out they all own a piece of a faraway moon - could it be connected to their parents' deaths?

*McKay, Sharon and Daniel Lafrance. War Brothers: The Graphic Novel. 2013, Illus., Annick Press, $27.95, (978-1554514892.)

Kids are kidnapped and forced to be killers in Uganda's Resistance Army.

Manapul, Francis and Brian Buccellato. Flash V.1: Move Forward. 2012, Illus., DC Comics, $24.99, (978-1401235536.)

A friend from Barry Allen's past returns just as a new villain disables the city.

Matsumoto, Taiyo. Sunny V.1. 2013, Illus., VIZ Media, $22.99, (978-1421555256.)

Orphaned children escape their troubles using their imagination in a broken-down Nissan Sunny 1200.

Mechner, Jordan, LeUyen Pham and Alex Puvilland. Templar. 2013, Illus., First Second, $39.99, (978-1596433939.)

When the king of France swoops in to arrest everyone in the Knights Templar, a few stragglers escape.

Mignola, Mike and Duncan Fegredo. Hellboy: The Midnight Circus. 2013, Illus., Dark Horse, $14.99, (978-1616552381.)

Little Hellboy runs away from home and finds himself at the demonic circus.

Mizuki, Shigeru. Kitaro. 2013, Illus., paper, Drawn & Quarterly. $24.95, (978-1770461109.)

Kitaro helps the villagers of Japan fight against monsters called Yokai.

Nihei, Tsutomu.

Knights of Sidonia V.1. 2013, Illus., paper, Vertical, $12.95, (978-1935654803.)

Knights of Sidonia V.2. 2013, Illus., paper, Vertical, $12.95, (978-1935654810.)

The Sidonia carries the last of ever-evolving humanity and continues to fight the Gaunts with its dwindling resources.  

North, Ryan, Shelli Paroline and Braden Lamb.

Adventure Time V.1. 2012, Illus., paper, KaBoom! Studios, $14.99, (978-1608862801.)

Adventure Time V.2. 2013, Illus., paper, KaBoom! Studios, $14.99, (978-1608863235.)

Adventure Time V.3. 2013, Illus., paper, KaBoom! Studios, $14.99, (978-1608863792.)

Adventures of Jake the Dog and Finn the Human the in the land of Ooo.

Pope, Paul. Battling Boy. 2013, Illus., First Second, $24.99, (978-1596438057.)

Can monster-plagued Arcopolis be saved by a twelve-year-old demigod?

Rabagliati, Michel. Paul Joins the Scouts. 2013, Illus., paper, Conundrum Press, $20.00, (978-1894994699.)

Paul discovers Wolf Cub Scouts and Helene during a time of civil unrest.

Rogers, Moro. City in the Desert: The Monster Problem. 2012, Illus., Archaia, $24.95, (978-1936393558.)

A suspicious holy man is investigated by Irro the Monster Hunter and his assistant.

Sakakibara, Mizuki and Masakazu Katsura.

Tiger & Bunny V.1. 2013, Illus., paper, VIZ Media, $9.99, (978-1421555614.)

Tiger & Bunny V.2. 2013, Illus., paper, VIZ Media, $9.99, (978-1421555621.)

Hot shot superhero reality star Barnaby is forced to team up with washed-up Wild Tiger.

*Sakisaka, Io.

Strobe Edge V.1. 2012, Illus., paper, VIZ Media, $9.99, (978-1421550688.)

Strobe Edge V.2. 2013, Illus., paper, VIZ Media, $9.99, (978-1421550695.)

Strobe Edge V.3. 2013, Illus., paper, VIZ Media, $9.99, (978-1421550701.)

Strobe Edge V.4. 2013, Illus., paper, VIZ Media, $9.99, (978-1421552705.)

Strobe Edge V.5. 2013, Illus., paper, VIZ Media, $9.99, (978-1421553139.)

Strobe Edge V.6. 2013, Illus., paper, VIZ Media, $9.99, (978-1421553146.)

Ninako has fallen in love for the first time and must learn how to navigate her feelings.

*Shen, Prudence and Faith Erin Hicks. Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong. 2013, Illus., paper, First Second, $16.99, (978-1596436596.)

The Cheerleaders and the Robotics Club team up to get money for their school activities.

Slott, Dan, Ryan Stegman, Giuseppe Camuncoli and others.

Superior Spider-Man V.1: My Own Worst Enemy. 2013, Illus., paper, Marvel, $17.99, (978-0785167044.)

Superior Spider-Man V.2: A Troubled Mind. 2013, Illus., paper, Marvel, $17.99, (978-0785167051.)

Will Doctor Octopus make a better Spider-Man than Peter Parker?

Taylor, Tom, Jheremy Raapack and others. Injustice V.1: Gods Among Us. 2013, Illus., DC Comics, $19.99, (978-1401245009.)

The Justice League watches Superman snap.

Tobin, Paul and Colleen Coover. Bandette V.1: Presto!. 2013, Illus., Dark Horse, $14.99, (978-1616552794.)

A teenaged burglar executes whimsical robberies, landing her in the crosshairs of an organization of assassins.

Toppi, Sergio. Sharaz-de: Tales from the Arabian Nights. 2012, Illus., Archaia, $29.95, (978-1936393480.)

To evade execution, Sharaz-de spends every night weaving a new story to appease her captor.

Wartman, Peter. Over The Wall. 2013, Illus., paper, Uncivilized Books, $14.99, (978-0984681433.)

Her brother is missing and the abandoned city holds the key.

Wood, Brian and Kristian Donaldson. The Massive V.1: Black Pacific. 2013, Illus., paper, Dark Horse, $19.99, (978-1616551322.)

The environmental-action ship Kapital searches for its sister ship The Massive in a post-apocalyptic world.

Yakin, Boaz and Nick Bertozzi. Jerusalem: A Family Portrait. 2013, Illus., First Second, $24.99, (978-1596435759.)

A family in Jerusalem faces the reality war and political conflict in the 1940s.

*Yang, Gene Luen.

Boxers. 2013, Illus., paper, First Second, $18.99, (978-1596433595.)

Little Bao's peaceful village is disrupted when a priest and a group of soldiers begin terrorizing the locals.

Saints. 2013, Illus., paper, First Second, $15.99, (978-1596436893.)

Four-Girl is unwanted by her family, and finds solace amongst the Christians who are invading her country.

Yasuhiko, Yoshikazu.

Mobile Suit Gundam the Origin V.1: Activation. 2013, Illus., Vertical, $29.95, (978-1935654872.)

Mobile Suit Gundam the Origin V.2: Gardam. 2013, Illus., Vertical, $29.95, (978-1935654889.)

Mobile Suit Gundam the Origin V.3: Ramba Ral. 2013, Illus., Vertical, $29.95, (978-1935654971.)

When Amuro stumbles upon a secret prototype weapon he becomes part of a planetary civil war.

Yukimura, Makoto. Vinland Saga V.1. 2013, Illus., Kodansha Comics, $19.99, (978-1612624204.)

The teenaged viking marauder Thorfinn seeks vengeance for his father’s death.