YALSA's 2011 Road Trip to Library and Information Science Schools

For the 2011 Road Trip YALSA needs members to help us bring YALSA to where the graduate students are! This year’s road trip aims to assist those interested in a career in teen services to have opportunities to get together with others who are passionate about working with adolescents in libraries. A road trip event or activity that you organize and host at your library school can help you network, learn more about YALSA and meet local YALSA members, get ideas about creating great teen services and find out what life as a teen services or secondary school librarian is really like.

Students or faculty at library schools are encouraged to host events and activities to raise awareness and connect with one another. YALSA's new
LIS Road Trip toolkit (PDF) can provide you with information on how to host the YALSA Road Trip at your institution, with tips to:

  • Host a social event, such as a happy hour or coffee klatch
  • Host an educational event, such as a forum, speaker, panel discussion, etc.
  • Write an article, column or blog post for a LIS newsletter or web site
  • Feature YALSA at an existing LIS event, such as an open house or student chapter meeting
  • Sponsor an outing, such as a library tour
  • Conduct an advocacy or public awareness activity, such as an email campaign to Congress members or hosting a fundraiser for causes, such as
    Books for Teens
  • Sign up and let us know what you're doing!

If you think of another event or activity, you can contact YALSA at
yalsa@ala.org to help them locate all the resources you might need to make it happen. You can also download
our toolkit (PDF), which contains instructions, tips, and guidelines for each of these events and activities. That way you will be able to plan and implement a successful and quality event or activity on your own (or with some help from YALSA.)

Now that you know a bit more about what the Road Trip is, you can get started on planning your events and get ready for a great experience, connecting with local YALSA members and learning more about what YALSA can help you with on your journey into young adult or school library services.

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