Fabulous Films for Young Adults 2014: School's Out Forever! Think YOLO (you only live once)


17 Again, New Line Home Video. 102 min. DVD Rated PG-13. $5.99. www.newline.com
Mike O'Donnell gets his wish to relive his high school years; too bad it will become his kids' nightmare.

Accepted, Universal Pictures.  93 min.  DVD Rated PG-13.  $5.98.  www.universalpictures.com/
Rejected by every school he applied to, a slacker starts his own college.

But I’m A Cheerleader, Lionsgate.  85 min.  DVD Rated R.  $8.00.    www.lionsgate.com
In this campy comedy, high school cheerleader Megan embraces her true identity.

Can’t Hardly Wait, Sony. 100 min. DVD Rated PG-13. $9.99. www.sonypictures.com/
The last high school party of the year and the beginning of everything.

Center Stage, Sony.  115 min. DVD Rated PG-13. $14.99. www.sonypictures.com/
Sex, tights, and rock-n-roll.  This isn't your mother's ballet.

Clueless, Paramount. 97 min. DVD Rated PG-13. $9.99. www.paramount.com
Popular girls Cher and Dion put a modern spin on Jane Austen's Emma.

D.E.B.S., Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.  91 min.  DVD Rated PG-13.  $20.00.  www.sonypictures.com/
Super agent Amy is supposed to capture sexy crime boss Lucy Diamond, but steals her heart instead.

Easy A, Sony Pictures.  92 min.  DVD Rated PG-13.  $14.99.  www.sonypictures.com/
When rumors start about Olive’s sex life, Olive turns the tables by manipulating the rumor mill.

Election, Paramount. 103 min. DVD Rated R. $8.00. www.paramount.com.
Tracy Flick will stop at nothing to be student body president.  In the high stakes world of student elections, one teacher stands in her way.

Faculty, Echo Bridge Home Entertainment.  105 min.  DVD Rated R.  $14.99.  www.echobridgeentertainment.com/
Creepy things are happening at Herrington High, which only confirm the students' worst nightmares. The teachers really are from another planet.

Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Universal Studios. 90 min. DVD Rated R. $5.99. www.universalstudiosentertainment.com
Navigating high school is hard, especially for a misunderstood stoner.

Fat Kid Rules the World, Arc Entertainment.  99 min. DVD Rated R. $14.99. www.arc-ent.com
Will music save Troy from himself?

Heathers, Cinemarque Entertainment.  102 min.  DVD Rated R.  $9.98.
Heathers rule the school, but Veronica has the last word.

Perks of Being a Wallflower, Lionsgate/ Summit Entertainment.  103 min. DVD Rated PG-13.  www.lionsgate.com.
Self described wallflower Charlie finds there is more to high school than standing on the edge of the room.

Pitch Perfect, Universal Studios.  112 min.  DVD Rated PG-13.  www.universalstudiosentertainment.com
DJ Becca discovers her inner voice when she joins her college acapella group.

Precious, Lionsgate.  110 min.  DVD Rated R. www.lionsgate.com
Precious struggles to create a better life for her and her children.

Prom, Swank Motion Pictures.  104 min.  DVD Rated PG.  $12.99.   www.swank.com.
Being Dateless, disappointed, and with decorations destroyed, nothing will stop Nova from making sure her school has the best prom ever.

Rock-N-Roll High School, Shout! Factory.  84 min.  DVD Rated PG.  $26.97.  www.shoutfactory.com.
Punk legends The Ramones aid the students of Vince Lombardi High School in defeating the nefarious plans of principal Togar.

Say Anything, Twentieth Century Fox.  100 min.  DVD Rated PG-13.  $14.99.  www.foxconnect.com
Kick boxer Lloyd and valedictorian Diane find themselves and each other the summer before college.

The Spectacular Now, Lionsgate.  95 min.  DVD Rated R.  $19.99.   www.lionsgate.com.
Is life just a party?  It is if you're Sutter.

Summer School, Paramount Pictures.  97 min.  DVD Rated PG-13.   www.paramount.com.
A class of misfits have one summer to prove that they can succeed.

Super 8, Paramount Pictures. 111 min.  DVD Rated PG-13.  $9.99. www.paramount.com.
A group of friends go to make a movie, but get more on film than they bargained for.

Varsity Blues, Paramount.  106 min.  DVD Rated R.  $18.05.  www.paramount.com.
When the star quarterback is injured, the coach and team must regroup under the leadership of their second-string quarterback Johnny Moxen, who has different ideas about how the game should be played.

The Way Way Back, Twentieth Century Fox.  103 min.  DVD Rated PG-13.  $22.49.  www.foxconnect.com.
Desperate to escape his mom's jerk of a boyfriend, Duncan finds acceptance and friendship at the local water park.

Whip It, Fox Searchlight.  111 min.  DVD Rated PG-13.  $10.99.  www.foxsearchlight.com.
A teen misfit in a small town in Texas finds a way to cope after she discovers a roller derby league in nearby Austin.