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The committee was sunset in 2015, the last list that was produced was in 2014.  

The Fabulous Films for Young Adults committee selected a list of films around a theme that appealed to young adults in a variety of library settings. Titles were selected to appeal to young adults with varied tastes and interests.

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Previous  Lists

2014 Fabulous Films for Young Adults: School's Out Forever -YOLO (you only live once)

2013 Fabulous Films for Young Adults: Survivial

2012 Fabulous Films for Young Adults: Song and Dance

2011 Fabulous Films for Young Adults: Other Times/Other Places

2010 Fabulous Films for Young Adults: Outside In: Rebellion vs. Conformity

2009 Fabulous Films for Young Adults: Coming of Age Around the World.

In 2007, the YALSA Board of Directors approved changes to the Selected DVD & Videos for Young Adults list, changing it to a thematic list called Fabulous Films for Young Adults, beginning with the 2009 lists. The Selected DVD & Videos lists named the best DVDs and videos released each year for young adults, through the 2008 list. 

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