Cultural Competency & Responsiveness Continuing Education

YALSA's Teen Services Competencies for Library Staff describes Cultural Competency and Responsiveness in this way:

"Actively promotes respect for cultural diversity and creates an inclusive, welcoming, and respectful library atmosphere that embraces diversity."

The association's current and previous continuing education opportunities in this area are:

Archived Webinars

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YALSA members can access the full set of archived webinars related to the topic of Cultural Competency. and Responsiveness via our YouTube playlist by logging in to this site.

Non-members can purchase individual access to webinars related to Cultural Competency and Responsiveness for $19 or purchase group access for $99.

Snack Breaks

View the Cultural Competency and Responsiveness YouTube playlistt for all of our short videos on this topic.

To learn more about YALSA's continuing education opportunities contact Linda W. Braun, CE Consultant,