Quick Picks for Reluctant Young Adult Readers

Selection Criteria

These criteria are meant as suggestions for evaluating a book. Not all criteria may fit all books.

1.  Physical Appearance

  • Cover - catchy, action-oriented, attractive, appealing, good "blurb"
  • Print style - sufficiently large for enjoyable reading
  • Format - appropriate and appealing balance of text and white space
  • Artwork/illustrations - enticing, realistic, demonstrated diversity

2.  Style

  • Clear writing that easily communicates without long convoluted sentences of sophisticated vocabulary
  • Acceptable literary quality and effectiveness of presentation
  • Simple vocabulary but not noticeably controlled

3.  Fiction

  • High interest "hook" in first 10 pages
  • Well-defined characters
  • Sufficient plot to sustain interest
  • Plot lines developed through dialog and action
  •  Familiar themes with emotional appeal for teenagers
  • Believable treatment
  • Single point of view
  • Touches of humor when appropriate
  • Chronological order

4.  Informational Books

  • Technical language acceptable if defined in context
  •  Accuracy
  • Objectivity