Series in Quick Picks

The following series have appeard on Quick Picks throughout the years.

Applegate, K.A.
EverWorld(series). 1999. Scholastic, (0-590-87743-7). Gods, Vikings, Aztecs, Merlin, and god-eating aliens.

Arakawa, Hiromu.
Fullmetal Alchemist (series).2005. Viz, $9.99 (1-59116-920-8). Fullmetal trouble: Meet Cartoon Network stars Edward and Alphonse, piecing their lives and their bodies back together.

Asai, Carrie.
Samurai Girl (series).2003. Simon/ Pulse, $6.99 (6-898-5949-X). Heaven must become a ninja or die in this series.

Bird, Isobel.
Circle of Three (series). 2001. HarperTeen, $4.99 (0-064-47291-4). Will Kate learn how to cast a successful spell?

Black, Jonah.
The Black Book: Diary of a Teenage Stud (series). 2001. HarperTeen, $4.99 (0-064-40798-5). Inside the head of a 17 year old guy.

Burke, Morgan.
The Party Room (trilogy).2005. Simon Pulse, $6.99 (0-689-87225-9). The killer is one of them. He knows where they live. And where they play.

Carroll, Jenny.
The Mediator (series). 2000. Simon Pulse, $4.99 (0-671-78791-8). Some ghosts you love. Some ghosts you hate.

Divine, L.
Drama High (series). 2006. Dafina Books, $9.95. (0-758-21633-5). Drama, drama, drama.

Ewing, Lynne.
Daughters of the Moon (series). 2000. Hyperion. (0-786-80653-2). Supernatural powers protect these goddesses.

Hee-Joon, Son.
PHD: Phantasy Degree(series). 2005. Tokyopop, $9.99 (1-595-32319-8). In the manga world of Demon School Hades, girls just wanna be monsters.

Hirano, Kohta.
Hellsing (series). 2003-2004. Dark Horse Comics, $13.95 (1-593-07056-X). Vampires, Nazis, zombies.

Hopkins, Cathy.
Mates, Dates, and (series).2003. Simon Pulse, 5.99 (0-689-85544-3). Guys, girls, and a new series from across the pond.

Hopkins, Cathy.
Truth or Dare (series). 2004. Simon Pulse, $5.99 (0-689-87129-5). Which will cause the most trouble, truth…or dare?

MacDougal, Scarlett.
Have a Nice Life (series). 2000. Puffin, $4.99 (0-141-31020-0) Do you wish you had a fairy godmother?

Metz, Melinda.
Fingerprints (series). 2001. HarperTeen, $4.99. (0-064-47265-5). Crazy? Not!

Millner, Denene and Miller, Mitzi. Hotlanta (series). 2008. Point, $8.99 (0-545-00308-3). Atlanta just got hotter.

Noonan, Rosalind.
Turning Seventeen (series). 2000. HarperCollins, $4.95 (0-064-47237-X).

Ohba, Tsugumi.
Deathnote (series). 2005.Viz, (1-4215-0168-6). Light – killing who he wants when he wants. The darker side of manga.

Parker, Daniel and Lee Miller.
Watching Alice (series). 2004.Penguin/Razorbill, $7.99 (1-595-14001-8). Lots of questions, few answers, and you can’t ask Alice.

Rabb, M. E.
The Missing Persons (series).2004. . Penguin/Speak, $5.99 (0-142-50041-0). You can run, but can you hide?

Rose, Malcolm.
Traces (series). 2005. Kingfisher,$5.95 (0-7534-5829-2). Luke Harding, teen forensic investigator, solves crime with his robot sidekick, MALC.

Singleton, L.J.
ReGeneration (series). 2000. Putnum/Berkley (0-425-17302-X). Clones on the run.

Sniegoski, Tom.
The Sleeper Conspiracy. (series). 2006. Penguin/Razorbill, $6.99

(1-59514-052-2) Are two personalities better than one?

Stephens, J.B.
The Big Empty (series). 2004. Penguin/Razorbill, $6.99 (1-595-14006-9). Strain 7 killed half of the world’s population before we even had a name for it.

Takaya, Natsuki.
Fruits Basket (series). 2004. Tokyopop, $9.99 (1-591-82603-9).What animal would you be?

Thomson, Celia.
The Nine Lives of Chloe King (series). 2004. Simon/Pulse, $6.99 (0-689-86658-5). One down . . . how many to go?

Tiernan, Cate.
Balefire (series). 2005. Penguin/Razorbill, $6.99 (1-595-14045-X). Twin witches, together at last, fighting ancient evil.

Tiernan, Cate.
Sweep (series). 2007. Penguin/Puffin, $7.99 (0-142-40986-3). When wicca rules your world.

Updated: March 2009