2001 Quick Picks for Reluctant Young Adult Readers

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The Young Adult Services Association (YALSA), a division of the American Library Association (ALA), has announced its 2001 Quick Picks for Reluctant Young Adult Readers. The list was released during the ALA Midwinter Meeting in Washington, DC.

Compiled by an eleven member committee, the 79 titles on the list were published from late 1999 through 2000 and represent more than 40 different publisher imprints. 36 of the titles are Fiction and 43 are Non-Fiction. The committee annually selects for the Quick Picks list outstanding titles that will appeal to reluctant teen readers. Reluctant readers are considered those teenagers who, for whatever reason, choose not to read. These titles are provided to stimulate their interest in doing so. The list is not intended for teenagers with reading disabilities, though some of the selected titles may be appropriate for those teens.

Members of the YALSA 2001 Quick Picks for Reluctant Young Adult Readers were: John Sexton, chair, Ashland Branch Library (OR); Linda W. Braun, LEO: Librarians & Educators Online, (ME); Lora Bruggeman, Downers Grove Public Library (IL); Tammy Daubner, Perrysburg (OH); Lynn Evarts, Sauk Prairie High School (WI); Caryl McKellar, Alachua County Library District (FL); Melanie Rapp Weiss, Cuyahoga County Library (OH); Victor Schill, Fairbanks Branch Library (TX); Kimberley Sharpe, Brooklyn Public Library (NY); Henrietta M. Smith, University of South Florida (Delray Beach, FL); Cheryl Karp Ward, Penney Alumni Library East Hartford High School (CT); Mary Long, adm. asst., Wilson Middle School, (TX), Gillian Engberg, Booklist consultant.


Adoff, Arnold. Basket Counts. illus. Simon & Schuster, $17 (0-689-80108-4).
Poetry scores!

Anderson, Joan. Rookie: Tamika Whitmore's First Year in the WNBA. illus. Dutton, $16.99 (0-525-4612-3); Puffin, paper, $7.99 (0-14-056740-2).
How does a rookie survive her first year as a pro?

Baseball's Best Shots: The Greatest Baseball Photography of All Time. illus. DK, $30 (0-7894-6119-6).
The greatest players in action.

Bressler, Karen W. and Susan Redstone. D.I.Y. Beauty. illus. Penguin/Alloy, paper, $5.99 (0-14-130918-0).
Tips and secrets from teens and celebrities.

Brous, Elizabeth. How to be Gorgeous: The Ultimate Beauty Guide to Hair, Makeup and More. illus. HarperCollins, $14.95 (0-06-440871-X).
Seventeen magazine tells you everything you need to know.

Brown, Bobbi and Annemarie Iverson. Bobbi Brown Teenage Beauty: Everything You Need to Know to Look Pretty, Natural, Sexy & Awesome. illus. HarperCollins, Cliff Street $25 (0-06-019636-X).
Zits to braces, thin to big, tall to short, this book helps you find your style.

Csillag, Andre. Backstreet Boys: the Official Book. illus. Delacorte, $14.95 (0-385-32800-1).
The Boys are back.

Donkin, Andrew. T he Truly Tasteless Scratch & Sniff Book. illus. DK, $9.95 (0-7894-6514-0).
Vomit, farts, bad breath . . .

Dougall Alastair. James Bond: The Secret World of 007. illus. DK, $19.95 (0-7894-6691-0).
Bond . . . James Bond.

Drill, Esther, Heather McDonald and Rebecca Olds. Deal With It: A Whole New Approach to Your Body, Brain and Life as a Gurl. illus. Pocket, paper, $15 (0-671-04157-6).
Everything a girl needs to know.

Escher, M.C. and J.L. Locher. The Magic of M.C. Escher. illus. Abrams, $39.95 (0-8109-6720-0).
Illusion is better than reality.

Franco, Betsy. You Hear Me? Poems and Writing by Teenage Boys. Candlewick, $14.99 (0-7636-1158-1).
Real guys, real words.

Gottlieb, Lori. Stick Figure: A Diary of My Former Self. Simon & Schuster, $22 (0-684-86358-8).
"I mean, what are girls supposed to wish for, other than being thin?"

Greenberg, Gary. Pop-Up Book of Phobias. illus. Morrow/Rob Weisbach, $24.95 (0-688-17195-8).
What are YOU afraid of?

Hawk, Tony and Sean Mortimer. Hawk: Occupation: Skateboarder. illus. Harper Collins, $23 (0-06-019860-5).
You've seen him skate; you've played his game; now read his book.

Hayhurst, Chris. Bicycle Stunt Riding: Catch Air! illus. Rosen, $19.95 (0-8239-3011-4).

Hayhurst, Chris. Mountain Biking: Get on the Trail! illus. Rosen, $19.95 (0-8239-3013-0).
Strap on your brain bucket and watch out for death cookies!

Hughes, Dave and Matt Harrigan. MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch Companion. illus. Rizzoli/Universe, paper, $22.50 (0-7893-0503-8).
What's YOUR favorite Deathmatch?

Irwin, Cati. Conquering the Beast Within: How I Fought Depression and Won . . . and How You Can, Too. illus. Random/Times, paper, $14 (0-8129-3247-1).
Tame the beast.

Johns, Michael-Anne. Cool in School. illus. Scholastic, paper, $3.99 (0-439-18848-2).
Before they were stars.

Kirberger, Kimberly. Teen Love: On Relationships, a Book For Teenagers. illus. Health Communications, paper, $12.95 (1-55874-734-6).
Love is not as easy as it looks.

Manarino, Melanie. The Boyfriend Clinic: the Final Word on Flirting, Dating, Guys and Love. illus. HarperCollins/Trophy, paper, $6.95 (0-06-447235-3).
FAQ's about guys.

Moore, Alan. Tom Strong­Book 1. illus. DC Comics, $24.95 (1-56389-654-0).
Tom Strong takes on the villains of the world.

Morgenstern, Mindy. Real Rules for Girls. illus. Girl Press, $14.95 (0-96594754-5-2).
"Your first boyfriend should be like the first pancake."

Owen, David. Hidden Evidence: Forty True Crime Stories and How Forensic Science Helped to Solve Them. illus. Firefly, paper, $24.95 (1-55209-483-9).
Dead bodies speak.

Packer, Alex. Highs! Over 150 Ways to Feel Really, Really Good . . . Without Alcohol or Other Drugs illus. Free Spirit, $14.95 (1-57542-074-0).
Pick Your High.

The Pain Tree and other Teenage Angst-Ridden Poetry. Ed. by Esther Pearl Watson, and Mark Todd. Houghton, $16 (0-618-01558-2).
It hurts.

Patnaik, Gayatri and Michelle T. Shinseki. The Secret Life of Teens: Young People Speak Out About Their Lives. Harper San Francisco, paper, $12.95 (0-688-17076-5).
Your words . . . honest, sassy, and shocking.

Piven, Joshua and David Borgenicht. The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook. illus. Chronicle, paper, $14.95 (0-8118-2555-8).
Quicksand, sharks . . . Hope you never need this book!

Pollett, Alison. MTV's The Real World New Orleans: Unmasked. illus. Pocket/MTV, paper, $16 (0-7434-1127-7).
Catch up with the cast.

Roberts, Jeremy. Rock and Ice Climbing: Top the Tower! illus. Rosen, $19.95 (0-8239-3009-2).
Extreme danger ahead.

The Rock, with Joe Leyden. The Rock Says. illus. HarperCollins/Regan, $26 (0-06-039298-3); paper, $7.99 (0-06-103116-X).
If you smell what the Rock is cookin', then know your role—read this book!

Ryder, Bob and Dave Scherer. WCW: the ultimate guide. illus. DK, $19.95 (0-7894-6673-2).
Who's your favorite wrestler?

Savas, Georgia Routsis. Total Astrology: What the Stars Say about Life and Love. illus. HarperTrophy, paper, $5.95 (0-06-440872-8).
Discover your destiny.

Schreibman, Tamar. Kissing: The Complete Guide. Simon & Schuster/Aladdin, paper, $3.99 (0-689-83329-6).
Quick! Kiss me!

Seckel, Al. The Art of Optical Illusions. illus. Carlton Books, paper, $18.95 (1-84222-054-3).
What is real?

Shakur, Tupac. The Rose That Grew From Concrete. Simon & Schuster, $20 (0-671-02844-8).
Tupac's thoughts and dreams.

Shaw, Tucker. Dreams: Explore the You That You Can't Control. illus. Putnam/Alloy, paper, $5.99 (0-14-130920-2).
Got dreams?

Shaw, Tucker and Fiona Gibb. .... Any Advice? illus. Putnam/Alloy, paper, $5.99 (0-14-130921-0).
Survival tips.

Tarbox, Catherine. Katie.com: My Story. Dutton, $19.95 (0-525-94543-1).
What will happen when Katie comes face to face with her chatroom guy?

This Book Really Sucks. illus. Planet Dexter, $12.99 (0-448-44075-X).
Suckology 101.

Von Ziegesar, Cecily. SLAM. illus. Putnam/Alloy, paper, $5.99 (0-14-130919-9).
Power poetry.

Wilcox, Charlotte. Mummies, Bones & Body Parts. illus. Lerner/Carolrhoda, $25 (1-57505-428-0); paper, $7.95 (1-5755-486-8).
Unwrap the mystery.

Winick, Judd. Pedro and Me. illus. Holt, paper, $15 (0-8050-6403-6).
The Real World, real life, real loss.


Alphin, Elaine Marie. Counterfeit Son. Harcourt, $17 (0-15-202645-2).
Will the real Neil Lacey please stand up?

Appelt, Kathi. Kissing Tennessee. Harcourt, $15 (0-15-202249-X).
Take a deep breath and dance.

Atkins, Catherine. When Jeff Comes Home. Putnam, $17.99 (0-399-23366-0) .

Atwater-Rhodes, Amelia. Demon in My View. Delacorte, paper, $9.95 (0-385-32720-X).
When you know too much about vampires, they might just have to kill you.

Bauer, Cat. Harley Like a Person. Winslow, $16.95 (1-890817-48-1), paper, $6.95 (1-890817-49-X).
All Harley wants is the truth: Who are my parents?

Bennett, Cherie. Love Him Forever. Morrow/Avon, paper, $4.50 (0-380-80124-8).
This is the first time they've fallen in love . . . in this life.

Bo, Ben. The Edge. Lerner/LernerSports, $14.95 (0-8225-3307-3).
Snowboarding is not the only way Declan lives on the edge.

Bo, Ben. Skullcrack. Lerner/LernerSports, $14.95 (0-8225-3308-1).
Jonah was born to ride the storm.

Cabot, Meg. The Princess Diaries. HarperCollins, $15.95 (0-380-97848-2).
Why should a princess need to worry about geometry?

Danziger, Paula and Martin, Ann M. Snail Mail No More. Scholastic, $16.95 (0-439-06335-3).
Can Tara and Elizabeth stay best friends online?

Ellis, Warren. StormWatch: Force of Nature. illus. DC Comics, paper, $14.95 (1-56389-646-X).
StormWatch enforce their own brand of justice.

Ewing, Lynne. Daughter of the Moon series. Hyperion.

Goddess of the Night. Vol. 1., paper, $9.99 (0-7868-0653-2).
Into the Cold Fire. Vol. 2., paper, $9.99 (0-7868-0654-0).

Supernatural powers protect these goddesses.

Frank, E.R. Life is Funny. DK, $17.95 (0-789-42634-X).
Tears and heartache; pain and surprise.

Golden, Christopher. Meets the Eye. Pocket, paper, $4.99 (0-671-03495-2).
Are there zombies on campus?

Groening, Matt. Simpson's Comics A-Go-Go. illus. Harper Perennial, $11.95 (0-06-095566-X).
More warped tales of life in Springfield.

Herrera, Juan Felipe. Crashboomlove: A Novel in Verse. University of New Mexico, $18.95 (0-8263-2114-3).
Love . . . don't know how it started or how it will end.

Jett, Sarah. Night of the Pompon. Pocket /Archway, paper, $4.99 (0-671-78633-4).
This is no ordinary pompon.

Koss, Amy Goldman. The Girls. Putnam/Dial, $16.99 (0-8037-2494-2).
Whos "in" and who's "out"?

Logue, Mary. Dancing With an Alien. HarperCollins, $14.95 (0-060-28318-1); lib. ed, $14.89 (0-06-02319-X).
Branko's mission: a female for breeding.

Mackler, Carolyn. Love and Other Four Letter Words. Delacorte, $14.95 (0-385-32743-9).
Mom's starting over; do I have to also?

McCormick, Patricia. Cut. Front Street, $16.95 (1-886910-61-8).
Why is Callie a cutter?

Myers, Walter Dean. 145th Street: Short Stories. Delacorte Press, $15.95 (0-385-32137-6).
The people, the place.

Morrison, Grant. JLA: Earth 2 . illus. D.C. Comics, $24.95 (1-56389-575-7).
JLA vs. the Crime Syndicate of Amerika.

Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds. Jade Green: A Ghost Story. Simon & Schuster/Atheneum, $16 (0-689-82005-4).
Give the ghost a hand.

Pascal, Francine. Fearless Vol 1. Pocket, paper, $5.99 (0-671-03941-5).
Life is lonely when you have no fear.

Peters, Julie Anne. Define "Normal." Little Brown, $14.95 (0-316-70631-0).
Who is peer counseling for anyway?

Rennison, Louise. Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging: Confessions of Georgia Nicolson. HarperCollins, $15.89 (0-06-028871-X); paper, $6.95 (0-06-447227-2).
Fabitty fab fab. A 2000 Printz Honor Book.

Singleton, L.J. Regeneration Series. Putnam/Berkley.

Regeneration. Book 1, paper, $4.50 (0-425-17302-X).
The Search. Book 2, paper, $4.50 (0-425-17368-X).
The Truth. Book 2, paper, $4.50 (0-425-17415-8).

Clones on the run.

Smith, Charles R. Tall Tales: Six Amazing Basketball Dreams. illus. Dutton, $16.99 (0-525-46172-8).
Slam dunk dreams.

Stratton, Allan. Leslie's Journal. Annick Press; dist. by Firefly, $19.95 (1-55037-665-9); paper, $8.95 (1-55037-664-0).
Being Jason's girlfriend is all a girl could dream for . . . or is it?

Sweeeney, Joyce. Players. Winslow, $16.95 (1-890817-54-6).
Evil threatens to destroy the team.

Treacherous Love: The Diary of an Anonymous Teenager. Ed. by Beatrice Sparks. Morrow/Avon, paper, $4.99 (0-380-80862-5).
Jamie's substitute teacher becomes her friend . . . and then even more.

Trueman, Terry. Stuck in Neutral. HarperCollins, $14.95 (0-06-028519-2); $14.89 (0-06-028518-4).
Will Shawn's father love him to death? A 2000 Printz Honor Book.

Turning Seventeen series. Number 1­4. HarperTrophy.

Craft, Elizabeth. Show Me Love. Number 4, paper, $4.95 (0-06-447240-X).
Noonan, Rosalind. Any Guy You Want. Number 1, paper, $4.95 (0-06-447237-X).
Roberts, Christa. For Real. Number 3, paper, $4.95 (0-06-447239-6).
Staub, Wendy Corsi. More than This. Number 2, paper, $4.95 (0-06-447238-8)

Wallace, Rich. Playing Without the Ball. Knopf, $15.95 (0-679-88672-9); liv. Ed., $14.89 (0-679-98672-3).
Can Jay survive on his own?