Quick Picks for Reluctant Young Adult Readers

The Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA), a division of the American Library Association (ALA), has announced its 2002 annual recommended list of Quick Picks for Reluctant Young Adult Readers. The list was released during the ALA Midwinter Meeting in New Orleans.

Compiled by an eleven-member committee, the sixty-one titles on the list were published from late 2000 through 2001 and represent more than thirty-three different publisher imprints. Twenty-seven of the titles are Fiction and thirty-four are Non-Fiction.

The Quick Picks Committee seeks books that teens, ages twelve to eighteen, will pick up on their own and read for pleasure. The list is geared to the teenager who, for whatever reason, does not like to read. Teen input is a vital aspect in the final decision of the committee. The visual appearance of a book and the standard considerations in the quality of content is equally important when selecting books for reluctant young readers. The list is not intended for teenagers with reading disabilities, though some of the selected titles may be appropriate for those teens.

Members of the YALSA Quick Picks for Reluctant Young Adult Readers Committee were: Lora Bruggeman, chair, Downers Grove Public Library (IL); Sallie H. Barringer, Walnut Hills High School (OH); Linda W. Braun, LEO: Librarians & Educators Online (NY); Michelle D. Carnes, Atlanta-Fulton Public Library; Tammy Daubner, Perrysburg, OH; Kimberley Hrivnak, F.O.R. STO-ROX Library (PA); Caryl McKellar, Alachua County Library District (FL); Melanie Rapp-Weiss, Cuyahoga County Public Library (OH); Victor Schill, Fairbanks Branch Library (TX); Henrietta M. Smith, University of South Florida; Cheryl K. Ward, Penney Alumni Library, East Hartford High School (CT); John Sexton, adm. asst., Ashland Branch Library (OR); Gillian Engberg, Booklist consultant.

An annotated list will appear in the March 15 issue of Booklist and on the YALSA For Members Only section. For more information, contact the YALSA office by phone at 800-545-2433 x 4390 or e-mail,

Draft January 2002


Atwater-Rhodes, Amelia.
Shattered Mirror. Delacorte, $9.95 (0-385-32793-5).

Bird, Isobel.
Circle of Three Series. HarperCollins/Avon, paper, $4.99

v. 1:
So Mote It Be (0-06-447291-4)

v. 2:
Merry Meet (0-06-447292-2)

v. 3:
Second Sight (0-06-447293-0)

v. 4:
What the Cards Said (0-06-447294-9)

v. 5:
In the Dreaming (0-06-447295-7)

v. 6:
Ring of Light (0-06-447296-5)

v. 7:
Blue Moon. (0-06-447297-3)

Black, Jonah.
The Black Book (Diary of a Teenage Stud) series. . HarperCollins/Avon, paper, $4.99

Girls, Girls, Girls (0-06-440798-5)

Stop, Don't Stop (0-06-440799-3)

Cabot, Meg.
Princess in the Spotlight: Princess Diaries volume II. HarperCollins, $15.95 (0-06-029465-5); lib ed., $15.89 (0-06-029466-3).

Carroll, Jenny.
The Mediator Series. Pocket Books, paper, $4.99

v. 1:
Shadowland (0-671-78791-8)

v. 2:
Ninth Key (0-671-78798-5)

Chandler, Elizabeth.
Dark Secrets: Don't Tell. Pocket Books, paper, $4.99 (0-7434-0029-1).

David, Peter.
Spyboy: the Deadly Gourmet Affair. illus. Dark Horse Comics, paper, $8.95 (1-56971-463-0).

Draper, Sharon M..
Darkness Before Dawn. Simon and Schuster/Atheneum, $16 (0-689-83080-7).

Eberhardt, Thom.
Rat Boys: a Dating Experiment. Hyperion, $15.99 (0-7868-0696-6).

Flinn, Alex.
Breathing Underwater. Harpercollins, $15.95 (0-06-029198-2); lib ed., $15.89 (0-06-029199-0).

Griffin, Adele.
Amandine. Hyperion, $15.99 (0-7868-0618-4); lib ed., $16.49 (0-7868-2530-8).

Groening, Matt.
Simpsons Comics Royale. illus. HarperCollins/HarperPerennial, paper, $14.95 (0-06-093378-X)

Haddix, Margaret Peterson.
Among the Impostors. Simon and Schuster, $16 (0-689-83904-9).

Horowitz, Anthony.
Stormbreaker. Penguin Putnam/Philomel Books, $16.99 (0-399-23620-1).

Jemas, Bill and Brian Michael Bendis.
Ultimate Spider-Man: Power and Responsibility. illus. Marvel Comics, paper, $14.95 (0-7851-0786-X).

Lester, Julius.
When Dad Killed Mom. Harcourt, $17 (0-15-216305-0).

Love & Sex: Ten Stories of Truth. Ed. by Michael Cart. Simon and Schuster, $18 (0-689-83203-6).

MacDougal, Scarlett.
Have a Nice Life series. Penguin Putnam/Alloy, paper, $4.99

(Start Here) (0-14-131020-0)

(Play) (0-14-131021-9)

(Popover) (0-14-131090-1)

(Score) (0-14-131228-9)

Metz, Melinda.
Fingerprints Series. HarperCollins/Avon, paper, $4.99

v. 1:
Gifted Touch (0-06-447265-5)

v. 2:
Haunted (0-06-447266-3)

v. 3:
Trust Me (0-06-447267-1)

v. 4:
Secrets (0-06-447281-7)

Millar, Mark.
Ultimate X-Men: the Tomorrow People. illus. Marvel Comics, paper, $14.95 (0-7851-0788-6).

Rennison, Louise.
On the Bright Side, I'm Now the Girlfriend of a Sex God. HarperCollins, $15.95 (0-06-028813-2); lib ed., $15.89 (0-06-028872-8).

Scott, Jerry and Jim Borgman.
Are We an "Us"?: A Zits Collection Sketchbook #4. illus. Andrews McMeel, paper, $10.95 (0-7407-1397-3).

Smith, Roland.
Zach's Lie. Hyperion, $15.99 (0-7868-0617-6).

Sones, Sonya.
What My Mother Doesn't Know. Simon and Schuster, $17 (0-689-84114-0).

Spears, Britney and Lynne Spears.
A Mother's Gift. Delacorte, $14.95 (0-385-72953-7).

Tiernan, Cate.
Sweep Series. Penguin Putnam/Puffin, paper, $4.99

v. 1:
Book of Shadows (0-14-131046-4)

v. 2:
The Coven (0-14-131047-2)

v. 3:
Blood Witch (0-14-131111-8)

v. 4:
Dark Magick (0-14-131112-6)

v. 5:
Awakening (0-14-230045-4)

Zindel, Paul.
Night of the Bat. Hyperion, $15.99 (0-7868-0340-1); lib ed., $16.49 (0-7868-2554-5).


Angst! Teen Verses from the Edge. Ed. by Karen Tom and Kiki. illus. Workman, paper, $8.95 (0-7611-2383-0).

Beatty, Scott. Batman: the Ultimate Guide to the Dark Knight. illus. Dorling Kindersley, $19.95 (0-7894-7865-X).

blink-182 with Anne Hoppus. blink-182: Tales From Beneath Your Mom. illus. Pocket Books, paper, $14.95 (0-7434-2207-4).

Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul Letters: Letters of Life, Love, and Learning. Ed. by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen and Kimberly Kirberger. Health Communications, lib. ed., $24 (1-55874-805-9); paper, $12.95 (1-55874-804-0).

Devito, Basil V., Jr with Joe Layden.
WWF Wrestlemania. illus. HarperCollins/Regan Books, $49.95 (0-06-039387-4).

Angry Blonde. illus. HarperCollins/ReganBooks, $26 (0-06-620922-6).

Fishbein, Amy.
The Truth About Girlfriends. HarperCollins/Parachute Press, paper, $5.95 (0-06-447243-4).

Galvez, Jose.
Vatos. illus. Cinco Puntos Press, $19.95 (0-93817-52-0).

Genat, Robert.
Funny Cars. illus. MBI Publishing, paper, $14.95 (0-7603-0795-4).

Genat, Robert.
Lowriders. illus. MBI Publishing, paper, $14.95 (0-7603-0962-0).

Gottesman, Jane.
Game Face: What Does a Female Athlete Look Like? illus. Random House, $35 (0-375-50602-0).

Gravelle, Karen.
5 Ways to Know About You. illus. Walker, lib. ed., $16.95 (0-8027-8749-5); paper, $10.95 (0-8027-7586-1).

Hart, Christopher.
Manga Mania: How to Draw Japanese Comics. illus. Watson-Guptill, paper, $19.95 (0-8230-3035-0).

Hip Hop Divas. illus. Crown/Three Rivers Press, paper, $17.95 (0-609-80836-2).

Jackman, Ian.
TRL: the Ultimate Fan Guide. illus. Pocket Books, paper, $12.95 (0-7434-1850-6).

Jeter, Derek.
Game Day: My Life On and Off the Field. Kiser, Kristen. illus. Crown/Three Rivers Press, paper, $22.95 (0-609-80794-3).

Koertge, Ron.
The Brimstone Journals. Candlewick Press, $15.99 (0-7636-1302-9).

Laurer, Joanie.
Chyna: If They Only Knew. illus. HarperCollins/Regan Books, $26 (0-06-039329-7).

Locker, Sari.
Sari Says: the Real Dirt on Everything from Sex to School. Harpercollins, paper, $11.95 (0-06-447306-6).

The Mad Gross Book. Ed. by Nick Meglin and John Ficarra. illus. Time Warner/Mad Books, paper, $9.95 (1-56389-758-X).

Masoff, Joy.
Oh, Yuck!: the Encyclopedia of Everything Nasty. illus. Workman, paper, $14.95 (0-7611-0771-1).

McFarlane, Evelyn and James Saywell.
If..Questions for Teens. Random House/Villard Books, $9.95 (0-375-50555-5).

MTV Uncensored. Ed. by Jacob Hoye. illus. Pocket Books, $40 (0-7434-2682-7).

Myers, Walter Dean.
The Greatest: Muhammed Ali. illus. Scholastic, $16.95 (0-590-54342-3).

O'Donnell, Kerri.
Inhalants and Your Nasal Passages: the Incredibly Disgusting Story. illus. Rosen, $25.25 (0-8239-3392-X).

Piven, Joshua and David Borgenicht.
The Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Travel. illus. Chronicle, paper, $14.95 (0-8118-3131-0).

Shaw, Tucker.
Who Do You Think You Are: 12 Methods for Analyzing the True You. Penguin Putnam/Alloy, paper, $6.99 (0-14-131091-X).

Shaw, Tucker and Fiona Gibb.
This Book is About Sex. illus. Penguin Putnam/Alloy, paper, $5.99 (0-14-131019-7).

Smith, Charles R. Jr..
Short Takes. illus. Penguin Putnam/Dutton, $17.99 (0-525-46454-9).

Stine, Megan.
Seventeen Trauma-Rama: Life's Most Embarrassing Moments…and How to Deal. illus. HarperCollins/Parachute Press, paper, $5.95 (0-06-440873-6).

Teen People: Real Life Diaries: Inspiring True Stories from Celebrities and Real Teens. Ed. by Linda Friedman and Dana White. HarperCollins/Avon, paper, $12.95 (0-06-447329-5).

Teen People: Sex Files. HarperCollins/Avon, paper, $6.95 (0-06-447319-8).

Things I Have to Tell You: Poems and Writings by Teenage Girls. Ed. by Betsy Franco. illus. Candlewick Press, $15.99 (0-7636-0905-6); paper, $8.99 (0-7636-1035-6).

Thrasher: Insane Terrain. illus. Rizzoli/Universe, paper, $27.50 (0-7893-0536-4).