2007 Great Graphic Novels for Teens Top Ten


Ellis, Warren, Stuart Immonen. Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E.(V. 1). 2006. Marvel Enterprises, hardcover, $19.99. (978-0-7851-2278-4).  Kick-@$$ super-agents. Renegade corporations. Widdle cuddly bears of death.

Hernandez, Gilbert, Jared K. Fletcher. Sloth. 2006. DC Comics/ Vertigo, hardcover, $19.99. (978-1-4012-0366-5).  When Miguel wakes up after exactly a year in a coma, he and his friends pursue the truth behind a local urban legend.

Medley, Linda. Castle Waiting. 2006. Fantagraphics Books, hardcover, $29.95. (978-1-56097-747-6).  What happens when happily-ever-after begins? Find out with Lady Jain and the new inhabitants of Briar Rose's castle.

Meltzer, Brad, Rags Morales. Identity Crisis. 2005. DC Comics, paper, $24.99. (978-1-4012-0688-8).  Dirty secrets boil to the surface when a hero's wife is murdered in the DC Universe.

Ohba, Tsugumi, Takeshi Obata.
Death Note (V. 1). 2005. VIZ Media, paper, $7.99. (978-1-4215-0168-0).
Death Note (V. 2). 2005. VIZ Media, paper, $7.99. (978-1-4215-0169-7).
Death Note (V. 3). 2006. VIZ Media, paper, $7.99. (978-1-4215-0170-3).
A brilliant but troubled teen uses a supernatural notebook to kill criminals. Is it justice or just murder?

Vaughan, Brian K, Adrian Alphona.
True Believers: Runaways (V. 4). 2005. Marvel Enterprises, paper, $7.99. (978-0-7851-1705-6).
Escape to New York: Runaways(V. 5). 2006. Marvel Enterprises, paper, $7.99. (978-0-7851-1901-2).
Parental Guidance: Runaways (V. 6). 2006. Marvel Enterprises, paper, $7.99. (978-0-7851-1952-4).
The continuing adventures of teens determined to outrun their parents’ villainous legacy while fighting crime and each other.

Vaughan, Brian K, Niko Henrichon. Pride of Baghdad. 2006. DC Comics/ Vertigo, hardcover, $19.99. (978-1-4012-0314-6).  Freed from captivity by the 2004 bombing of Baghdad, four lions struggle to survive the bloody aftermath.

Whitta, Gary, Ted Naifeh. Death, Jr. 2005. Image Comics, paper, $14.99. (978-1-58240-526-1).  Being the Grim Reaper's son can have its down sides. 

Wood, Brian, Becky Cloonan. Demo: The Collection. 2005. AiT/Planet Lar, paper, $19.95. (978-1-932051-42-1).  Despite extraordinary powers and abilities, the young adults in these 12 gritty stories discover that decisions about life still don’t come easy.

Yang, Gene Luen, Lark Pien. American Born Chinese. 2006. Roaring Brook Press/ First Second, paper, $16.95. (978-1-59643-152-2).  Three seemingly unrelated tales expose an unexpected connection to form a tale of self-acceptance and identity.