2007 Great Graphic Novels for Teens

The Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA), the fastest growing division of the American Library Association (ALA), has announced its 2007 recommended list of Great Graphic Novels for Teens. The list, to be prepared annually, was released for the first time during the ALA Midwinter Meeting in Seattle, Washington, held January 19-23, 2007.

In beautiful downtown Seattle the 11-member committee worked hard to narrow its 141 official nominations down to the final list of 67 excellent adult and young adult graphic novel titles. The books, recommended for ages 12-18, meet the criteria of both good quality literature and reading appeal for teens.

The inaugural committee was dedicated to making a strong list that showcases a wide range of quality materials. The list includes everything from serious non-fiction to high fantasy, romantic manga to superhero parodies.

Committee chair, Dawn Rutherford, noted "We are very proud of how this list came together. This is an exciting time for graphic novel publishing and it is wonderful to be a part of the first ALA division to recognize this growing field of literature."

From the Great Graphic Novels for Teens 2007 list, the committee also selected a  Top Ten list of titles that highlights favorites teens are sure to love.

Members of the 2007 Great Graphic Novels for Teens committee were Dawn M. Rutherford, chair, King County Library System, Bellevue, WA; Robin Elizabeth Brenner, Brookline Public Library, Brookline, MA; Jennifer Feigelman, Goshen Public Library and Historical Society, Goshen, NY; Melissa Therese Jenvey, New York Public Library – Donnell Library Center, New York, NY; Kevin King, Kalamazoo Public Library, Kalamazoo, MI; Esther Keller, I.S. 278, Brooklyn, NY; Sadie Mattox, Dekalb County Public Library, Dekalb, GA; Jody Sharp, Baltimore County Public Library, Baltimore, MD; Gail Tobin, Schaumburg Township District Library, Hanover Park, IL; Jeni Venker Weidenbenner, Bourbonnais Public Library, Bourbonnais, IL; Snow Wildsmith, Mooresville Public Library, Mooresville, NC; Catherine Schaeffer, administrative assistant, King County Library System, Bothell, WA.


Delisle, Guy. Pyongyang: A Journey in North Korea. 2005. Drawn and Quarterly, hardcover, $19.95. (978-1-896597-89-8).

Geary, Rick. The Case of Madeleine Smith: Treasury of Victorian Murder (V. 8). 2006. NBBComics Lit, hardcover, $15.95. (978-1-56163-467-5).

Jacobson, Sid, Ernie Colon. The 9/11 Report: A Graphic Adaptation. 2006. Hill and Wang, hardcover, $30. (978-0-8090-5738-2).

McCloud, Scott. Making Comics: Storytelling Secrets of Comics, Manga, and Graphic Novels. 2006. Harper Collins, paper, $22.95. (978-0-06-078094-4).

Rollins, Prentis. The Making of a Graphic Novel: The Resonator. 2006. Watson-Guptill Publications, Inc., paper, $19.95. (978-0-8230-3053-8).

Siegel, Siena Cherson, Mark Siegel. To Dance: A Ballerina's Graphic Novel. 2006. Simon and Schuster, hardcover, $9.99. (978-1-4169-2687-0).

Van den Bogaert, H. W., George O'Connor. Journey Into Mohawk Country. 2006. Roaring Brook Press/ First Second, paper, $17.95. (978-1-59643-106-5).

Van Lente, Fred, Ryan Dunlavey. Action Philosophers: Giant-Sized Thing (V.1). 2006. Evil Twin Comics, paper, $6.95. (978-0-9778329-0-3).


Baker, Kyle. Rubber Bandits: Plastic Man (V. 2). 2006. DC Comics, paper, $14.99. (978-1-4012-0729-8).

Bendis, Brian Michael, Olivier Coipel, and others. House of M. 2006. Marvel Enterprises, paper, $24.99. (978-0-7851-1721-6).

Card, Orson Scott, Andy Kubert. Ultimate Iron Man (V. 1). 2006. Marvel Enterprises, paper, $19.99. (978-0-7851-1499-4).

Chmakova, Svetlana. Dramacon. 2005. TOKYOPOP, paper, $9.99. (978-1-59816-129-8).

Ellerton, Sarah. Inverloch (V. 1). 2006. Seven Seas Entertainment, paper, $14.99. (978-1-933164-13-7).

Ellis, Warren, Stuart Immonen. Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E.(V. 1). 2006. Marvel Enterprises, hardcover, $19.99. (978-0-7851-2278-4).

Flight (V. 3). 2006. Ballantine Books/ Del Rey, paper, $24.95. (978-0-345-49039-1).

Foglio, Phil, Kaja Foglio, and others. Agatha Heterodyne and the Circus of Dreams: Girl Genius (V. 4). 2006. Studio Foglio/ Airship Entertainment, paper, $20.95. (978-1-890856-36-6).

Ganter, Amy Kim. Sorcerers and Secretaries (V. 1). 2006. TOKYOPOP, paper, $9.99. (978-1-59816-409-1).

Grillo-Marxuach, Javier, Les McClaine. The Trade Paperback Imperative: The Middleman (V. 1). 2006. Viper Comics, paper, $9.95. (0-9754193-7-4).

Heinberg, Allan, Jim Cheung, and others.

Sidekicks: Young Avengers (V. 1). 2005. Marvel Enterprises, paper, $14.99. (978-0-7851-2018-6).

Family Matters: Young Avengers (V. 2). 2006. Marvel Enterprises, paper, $22.99. (978-0-7851-2021-6).

Henderson, Jason, Tony Salvaggio. Psy-Comm (V. 1). 2006. TOKYOPOP, paper, $8.99. (978-1-59816-269-1).

Hernandez, Gilbert, Jared K. Fletcher. Sloth. 2006. DC Comics/ Vertigo, hardcover, $19.99. (978-1-4012-0366-5).

Hopkins, David, Brock Rizy. Emily Edison (V. 1). 2006. Viper Comics, paper, $12.95. (978-0-9777883-2-3).

Johnson, R. Kikuo. Night Fisher. 2005. Fantagraphics Books, paper, $12.95. (978-1-56097-719-3).

Kneece, Mark, Julie Collins-Rousseau. Trailers. 2005. NBM Publishing, hardcover, $17.95. (978-1-56163-441-5).

Kyle, Craig, Christopher Yost, and others. X-23: Innocence Lost. 2006. Marvel Enterprises, paper, $15.99. (978-0-7851-1502-1).

Lat. Kampung Boy. 2006. Roaring Brook Press/ First Second, paper, $16.95. (978-1-59643-121-8).

Loeb, Jeph, Tim Sale. Catwoman: When in Rome. 2005. DC Comics, hardcover, $19.99. (978-1-4012-0432-7).

Martin, Ann M., Raina Telgemeier. Baby Sitter's Club: Kristy's Great Idea. 2006. Scholastic/ Graphix, paper, $16.99. (978-0-439-80241-3).

Medley, Linda. Castle Waiting. 2006. Fantagraphics Books, hardcover, $29.95. (978-1-56097-747-6).

Meltzer, Brad, Rags Morales. Identity Crisis. 2005. DC Comics, paper, $24.99. (978-1-4012-0688-8).

Moore, Alan, Gene Ha. Top Ten: the Forty-Niners. 2006. DC Comics/ Wildstorm Signature Series, paper, $17.99. (978-1-4012-0573-7).

Murphy, Sean. Off Road. 2005. Oni Press, paper, $11.95. (978-1-932664-30-0).

Nibot, Root, Colleen Coover. Banana Sunday. 2006. Oni Press, paper, $11.95. (978-1-932664-37-9).

Ohba, Tsugumi, Takeshi Obata.

Death Note (V. 1). 2005. VIZ Media, paper, $7.99. (978-1-4215-0168-0).

Death Note (V. 2). 2005. VIZ Media, paper, $7.99. (978-1-4215-0169-7).

Death Note (V. 3). 2006. VIZ Media, paper, $7.99. (978-1-4215-0170-3).

Porcellino, John. Perfect Example. 2005. Drawn and Quarterly, paper, $16.95. (978-1-896597-75-1).

Powell, Eric, Kyle Hotz, and others. Billy the Kid's Old-Timey Oddities. 2006. Dark Horse Comics, paper, $13.95. (978-1-59307-448-7).

Quick, Jen Lee. Off*Beat (V.1). 2005. TOKYOPOP, paper, $9.99. ().

Ricketts, Mark, Micah Farritor. Night Trippers. 2006. Image Comics, paper, $16.99. (978-1-58240-606-0).

Rubio, Kevin, Lucas Marangon, and others. Star Wars: Tag and Bink Were Here. 2006. Dark Horse Comics, paper, $14.95. (978-1-59307-641-2).

Shin, Ji-Sang, Geo.

Chocolat (V. 1). 2005. Ice Kunion, paper, $. (978-89-527-4453-1).

Chocolat (V. 2). 2005. Ice Kunion, paper, $. (978-89-527-4472-1).

Chocolat (V. 3). 2005. Ice Kunion, paper, $. (978-89-527-4480-2).

Sizer, Paul. Moped Army. 2005. Café Digital, paper, $12.95. (978-0-9768565-4-2).

Stassen, J. P., tr. by Alexis Siegel. Deogratias: A Tale of Rwanda. 2006. Roaring Brook Press/ First Second, paper, $16.95. (978-1-59643-103-4).

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Vaughan, Brian K, Adrian Alphona.

True Believers: Runaways (V. 4). 2005. Marvel Enterprises, paper, $7.99. (978-0-7851-1705-6).

Escape to New York: Runaways(V. 5). 2006. Marvel Enterprises, paper, $7.99. (978-0-7851-1901-2).

Parental Guidance: Runaways (V. 6). 2006. Marvel Enterprises, paper, $7.99. (978-0-7851-1952-4).

Vaughan, Brian K, Niko Henrichon. Pride of Baghdad. 2006. DC Comics/ Vertigo, hardcover, $19.99. (978-1-4012-0314-6).

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Yazawa, Ai.

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Yoshinaga, Fumi.

Antique Bakery (V. 2). 2005. Digital Manga Publishers, paper, $12.95. (978-1-56970-945-0).

Antique Bakery (V. 3). 2006. Digital Manga Publishers, paper, $12.95. (978-1-56970-944-3).

Antique Bakery (V. 4). 2006. Digital Manga Publishers, paper, $. (978-1-56970-943-6).

You, Higuri. Cantarella (V. 1). 2005. Go Comi! Manga, paper, $10.99. (978-0-9768957-0-1).