Selected DVD's and Videos for Young Adults Annotated List

The Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA) Selected DVD’s and Videos for Young Adults Committee have chosen 11 videos for 2004. The selections were made during the American Library Association (ALA) Midwinter Meeting in San Diego, California. The annual DVD/Video list recognizes productions for technical merit, content, and use with and interest to youth ages 12-18. The items were selected, screened, and discussed by the Selected DVD’s and Videos for Young Adults Committee with input from young adults around the country.

Arts Education A+

A look at several innovative and interesting public arts programs through out the country. Explores musical, visual arts, poetry and dance programs that become vital life changing parts of students lives.

30 minutes. Castle Works/In the Mix. $69.95

A Conversation with Haris

An eleven year old Bosnian immigrant to the U.S. recounts his experiences in the Bosnian war and the tragedy it inflicted on his family in this exquisitely painted animation.

6 minutes. Shelia Sofian Films. 2002. $39.95

From an Objective Point of View

The ramifications of sex are explored by two young girls who make a pact to consult one another before engaging in sexual activity.

10 minutes. Scenarios USA. 2002. $50.00

Kiss My Wheels

A season with the nationally ranked Zia Hot Shots, a junior wheelchair basketball team that faces death, adversity and adolescents while juggling the demands of competitive basketball.

56 minutes. Fanlight. 2003. $295.00


A young woman faces the challenges of coming out to her high school friends.

10 minutes. Scenarios USA. 2002. $30.00

Living with Chronic Illness

Teens and their friends speak frankly about dealing with a variety of chronic illness, including Asthma, Chron’s Disease, Sickle Cell Anemia and Cancer.

30 minutes. PBS/In the Mix. 2003. $69.95

Nicole’s Choice

Nicole must make tough choices about sex, love and friendship when she discovers that she has contracted a sexually transmitted disease from unprotected sex.

14 minutes. Select Media. 2003. $80.00

Organizing for School Reform

Young Adults across the United States learn to organize and participate in school systems in order to affect a positive change.

30 minutes. Castle Works/In the Mix. 2003. $69.95

Prom Night in Kansas City

A wide range of Kansas City teenagers prepare for the coming of age ritual known as Prom Night.

54 minutes. Cinema Guild Inc. 2002. $295.00

Race-The Power of Illusion

Examines the history of genetics and challenges our common sense assumptions that human beings can be bundled into three or four fundamentally different races.

57 minutes. California Newsreel. 2003. $195.00

Think Twice

Teens are encouraged to become savvy consumers in this quick look at consumption and the media.

6 minutes. Small Planet Productions. 2003. $20.00

Members of the 2004 committee include: Chair, Susan Dunn, Littleton, CO; Shellie Ann Cooke, San Francisco, CA; Viola Dyas, Oakland, CA; Bonnie Herrage, Parma, OH; Marc Andrew Laslow, Dover, DE; Cathy Anne Lu, Los Angeles, CA; Judith Ann Macaluso, Toms River, NJ; Stewart Shaw, Oakland, CA; Shawn Thrasher, Pasadena, CA; Amnah Darwish Young, San Diego, CA; Shauna Yusko, Redmond, WA; Consultant, Sue Ellen Beauregard, Chicago IL; Administrative Assistant, Amnah Darwish Young, San Diego, CA.