YALSA - For Members Only 2003 Selected DVD's and Videos Annotated List

The Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA) Selected DVD’s and Videos for Young Adults Committee have chosen 10 videos for 2003. The selection was made during the American Library Association (ALA) Midwinter Meeting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The annual DVD/Video list recognizes productions for technical merit, content, and use with and interest to youth ages 12-18. The items were selected, screened, and discussed by the Selected DVD’s and Videos for Young Adults Committee with input from young adults around the country.

YALSA's 2003 Selected DVD’s and Videos for Young Adults are:

Bloodhag: The Faster You Go Deaf the More Time You Have to Read

8 minutes 7 seconds. www.Bloodhag.com. 2001. $8.00.

Bloodhag, a heavy metal band of sci-fi and library loving young men that sing strictly about authors and books while throwing science fiction paperbacks at the audience during performances. Watch as the audiences who come to see the shows almost get their eardrums blown out while getting excited about reading.

Body Image for Boys

18 minutes. Films for Humanities & Sciences. 2002. $79.95.

This video touches on a subject that hasn’t been seen from this point of view before. The teens and young men interviewed are well spoken and their stories bring up some interesting and valid points about how young men view their bodies.

Condition Black

60 minutes, WNET, 2002.$19.95

When waves big enough to swallow two houses stacked on top of one another roll into the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii, a few brave big wave surfers risk life and limb to catch the ultimate wave.


53 minutes. Women Make Movies. 2002. $250.00

Esulea follows Lilian Luis over the course of her freshman year in high school. Lilian is a Mexican-American teenager, and the daughter of migrant farm workers. As her family chases work from California to Texas, Lilian struggles to adjust to new schools and the turbulence of puberty.

Reel Grrrls

17 minutes. 911 Media Arts. 2001. $20.00 (for individuals)/$45.00 for schools/institutions.

A teen produced, in your face video that tramples stereotypes of women in the media. Designed to empower teenagers, especially girls, to become savvier critics of media images.

Scouts Honor

60 minutes. New Day Films. 2001. $95.00.

A young Eagle Scout and his long-time Scoutmaster, unhappy with the Boy Scouts’ policy of denying membership to openly gay boys, start a movement called “Scouting for All.” This is their story, and the story of ousted gay scouts who took their plight to the U.S. Supreme Court.

True Stories

14 minutes. Filmakers Library. 2002. $99.00.

Two girls tell the stories of their date rapes. Viewers then hear the stories from the boys’ perspective.

What Do You Believe?

50 minutes. New Day Films. 2002. $129.00

Six teens (Catholic, Muslim, Pagan, Jewish, Buddhist, and Native American) give viewers an in-depth look at their spiritual lives while a dozen others briefly share their thoughts and beliefs about God, morality, prayer, and more in this examination of an often-overlooked part of teen lives

When Words Hurt

22 minutes. Flims for the Humanities & Sciences. 2002. $79.95

Three teens of different ethnicities and backgrounds share their stories of name calling, as well as helpful strategies for how to deal with the taunts.

Reality Matters Series.

60 minutes. Discovery Channel. 2002. $220.00

A 5 tape series that explores social issues from a teen perspective. Sexuality, bullying, and body image, are among the topics covered in this comprehensive compilation.

Members of the 2003 committee include: Chair, Josephine Caisse, Bend, OR; Shellie Ann Cooke, San Francisco, CA; Amnah Ala'a Darwish, Sacramento, CA; Susan E. Dunn, Littleton, CO; Sarah I. Flowers, Morgan Hill, CA; Mari Hardacre, Cleveland, OH; Bonnie Herrage, Parma, OH; Annisha Jeffries, Cleveland, OH; Judith Ann Macaluso, Toms River, NJ; Stewart A. Shaw, Oakland, CA; Shawn Thrasher, Pasadena, CA; Lisa K. Whitley, Mt. Laurel, NJ; Shauna Yusko, Redmond, WA; Consultant, Sue Ellen Beauregard, Chicago, IL; Administrative Assistant, Lisa K. Whitley, Mt. Laurel, NJ.

The annotated list will appear in the March 15 issue of Booklist. For more information contact the YALSA Office by phone at 800-545-2433 x 4390 or e-mail,