1999 Selected DVDs and Videos for Young Adults

YALSA Selected Videos for Young Adults Committee: Ranae Pierce (chair), Sheila Anderson, Diane Baasch, Leigh Barnett, Margaret Butzler, Maria Gentle, Susan Hill, Robyn Lupa, Tom Reynolds, E.M. roublow, Alil Turner, Rose Ward, Mary Flournoy (admin. asst.).

American Civil Liberties Union: A History. 57 min. VHS. 1997. $129. Films for the Humanities & Sciences.

A history of the ACLU which for 80 years has supported the constitutional rights of the individual against those of the majority, enraging liberals and conservatives alike. This colorful mix of video documentary follows the ACLU from its creation by its colorful founder, Roger Baldwin, in 1920 to its defenses of Vietnam war protesters in the 1960's and of the rights of Nazis to march in Skokie, IL in the 1980's.

The Band. 52 min. VHS. 1998. $195. University of California Extension Center for Media & Independent Learning.

From band camp to the prom, a filmmaker chronicles a year in the life of his 16-year-old son, a member of the high school band, and of his relationships with his other classmates. The result is a candid, humorous, and realistic film which deals with young love, divorce, anorexia, and dealing with the death of a son and sibling.

Cancelled Lives: Letters from the Inside -- Substance Abuse. 17 min. VHS. 1997. $79.95. (Other titles in the series are Doing Time and Violence/Gangs; $199 for series). Bureau for At-Risk Youth.

Authentic, personal letters written by incarcerated juveniles and adults to family and friends tell how they deal with the painful feelings of loneliness and regret. Well-known actors read the letters which convey the shattering consequences of committing crimes, abusing drugs, and participating in gang activities. Leader's guide included.

Creatures Fantastic: Creatures of the Night. 30 min. VHS. 1998. $12.95. DK Pub.

Vampires, monsters, ghosts. What's behind the allure and the fear of things that go bump in the night? This video offers a rich visual panorama through the dramatic re-creation of tales ranging from ancient myth to modern urban legend. It also offers a fascinating examination of the surprising origins found in nature and culture of the beasts and shadows that have gripped our hearts for centuries.

In the Mix: Live by the Gun, Die by the Gun. 29 min. VHS. Closed captioned. 1998. $59.95. In the Mix/ Castle Works.

Through interviews with victims, former gang members, and professionals, this episode of the national PBS series for teens explores the consequences of carrying guns as well as giving alternative ways of handling anger and explosive situations. Teens are encouraged to apologize, turn the other cheek, and to speak out against guns.

Internet Searching Skills. 23 min. VHS. Closed captioned. 1998. $29.95 Library Video Co.

A comprehensive video guide for students on searching the World Wide Web. Includes step-by step strategies explaining how to access, research, and evaluate the vast resources of the Internet. An excellent teacher's guide includes vocabulary, URLs, and a chart listing search engine strategies. One of the teen previewers said she has used the Net for two years but still learned something from the video.

Magnificent Fish: Forgotten Giants. 15 min. VHS. 1997. $49.95. The Video Project.

Sharks, tunas, swordfish and other billfish are some of the most fascinating fish in the sea -- sometimes swimming from the U.S. to the coast of Africa. Yet they are in danger of becoming extinct due to overfishing and overpopulation. Peter Benchley, the author of Jaws, is the host.

Reviving Ophelia: Saving the Lives of Adolescent Girls. 35 min. VHS. 1998. $125 classroom version. (43 min. home-use version geared to parents: $49.95). Media Education Foundation.

An interview with Mary Pipher, the author of the best-selling book of the same title, discusses the challenges facing today's teens, especially girls. Clips from Clueless, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and magazine and TV ads show the role of media and popular culture in shaping their image of their bodies and self-worth. Ends with statements by teenage girls.

Rights from the Heart, Part 3. 49 min. VHS. 1998. $99. National Film Board of Canada.

A collection of seven animated shorts from around the world covering various aspects of human rights, including child labor abuse and loss of innocence. "Deep, different, and fun,"enthused one teen. All the teens liked it, and were interested in looking at the study guide.

Veronica's Story. 6 min. VHS. $100. University of California Extension Center for Media & Independent Learning.

In this visually stunning and powerful short film, Veronica writes poignantly of trying to reach out to her uncaring mother and of being attacked by her mother's boyfriend.


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