Selected DVD's & Videos for Young Adults

dvds and videos

YALSA Selected Videos for Young Adults Committee: Mary Flournoy (chair), Sheila Anderson, Margaret Butzler, Maria Gentle, Robyn Lupa, Rosemary Moran, C. Allen Nichols, Ranae Pierce, E.M. Roublow, Rose O. Ward, Jana Fine (admin. asst.)

After the Cloud Lifted. 35 min. VHS (closed captioned). 1996. $150. RMS Communications.

Survivors talk of their lives before and after the atomic bomb dropped on their city.

Forget Me Not: The Anne Frank Story. 60 min. VHS (closed captioned). 1997. $99. Grace Products.

A modern neo-Nazi teenager travels back in time to the last days of Anne Frank and experiences the horrors of the Holocaust first-hand. The teacher/student handbook includes a number of activities, including biography cards of victims and survivors of the Holocaust and a Web site link for more information.

Jam Packed: The Challenge of Human Overpopulation. 30 min. VHS. 1997. $79.95. Video Project.

Alexandra Paul of Baywatch narrates this look at the environmental issues caused by overpopulation and the effect of modern consumerism on this problem.

Prejudice: The Monster Within. 30 min. VHS (closed captioned). 1996. $59.95. Knowledge Unlimited.

In this video, teenagers relate the ways they have experienced prejudice. Historical information is shared by featuring perspectives from groups who have experienced persecution. The study guide reinforces the message of taking personal responsibility to combat any form of prejudice.

Refusal Skills: Yes, You Can Say No. VHS (closed captioned). 1996. $89. Learning Seed.

Some humorous mini-dramas and role plays before a live audience teach teens how to say no effectively. The study guide includes good activities and handouts.

Sex and Other Matters of Life and Death. 56 min. VHS. 1996. $295. Cinema Guild.

The video takes a humorous, frank, and direct approach to preventing pregnancy and disease in teenagers. The message is conveyed by actors of New York's STAR Theater, recognized by the American Medical Association as one of the nation's most innovative AIDS prevention programs. The fact that the daughter of the company's leader is fighting her own life-and-death struggle with AIDS makes the video poignant and powerful.

Teen Suicide: I Don't Really Want to Leave. 10 min. VHS. 1996. $195 (also avail. in Spanish). Lucerne Media.

The video dramatizes the feelings and emotions of Sarah, a teen contemplating suicide. Discussion guide included.

Triumph of the Nerds: Impressing Their Friends. 60 min. VHS. 1996. $99.95 (Volume 1 of a 3-part set, $275 set). Ambrose Video.

This funny video details how adolescent computer nerds Bill Gates and Steve Jobs evolved from amateurs working out of their bedrooms and garages to billionaires in the personal computer industry they helped to create. Based on the book, Accidental Empires.

World War II. 35 min. VHS (closed captioned). 1996. $39.95 (a video in a 20-part series, U.S. History Video Collection: Origins to World War II, $799 ser.). Schlessinger Video Productions.

The origins and events of World War II come alive in this video through actual news footage. Interviews with historians show the effects the war had on the American people. One study guide covers the entire series.