Selected DVD's & Videos for Young Adults

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Breakthrough: The Changing Face of Science in America

All 60 min. VHS $49.95 PBS Video Closed captioned The series highlights the role of minority scientists and can be used to interest and inspire young adults to careers in the sciences.

Engineering from the Inside Out. New engineering designs from a new bridge design to a blue laser for reading CDs to a new ride at Disney World were all created by minority scientists.

Path of Most Resistance. An African American scientist says that sports were an easy way to success, but that science was the path of most resistance.

With Nerve and Muscle. African American, Native American, and Latino scientists explain their current research and counsel young science students of color. Includes information on Ernest Just, the African American who founded Woods Hole.

Date Rape: A Question of Trust. 23 min. VHS Altschul Group Corp. $295. Young women candidly tell their stories of date rape and the feelings of shame and guilt that follow. An excellent vehicle for the discussion of mis-communication between men and women.

The Discovery of Dawn. 30 min. VHS NEWIST/CESA 7. $195. Closed Captioned. Dawn, 18 and a survivor of anorexia, shares her feelings about her illness and her perspective on overcoming it. A special appearance by actress and former supermodel Andie McDowell enhances this film which also studies body image and self-esteem in teenage girls. The study guide is excellent.

Drinking and Driving: A Deadly Decision. 16 min. VHS AIMS Multimedia $195. A teen convicted of manslaughter, a young woman whose husband was killed, and a police officer offer compelling reasons why drinking and driving don't mix.

The Eagle and the Raven: Purification by Banishment. 60 min. VHS Vision Maker Video Collection $59.95. Two Native American Tlingit teenagers from Alaska attack and rob a pizza delivery man in Seattle; for punishment, they are remanded to their tribal elders for punishment and are banished to two small islands. This thought-provoking film examines juvenile justice as well as Native American culture.

Equality: A History of the Women's Movement in America. 30 min. VHS Schlessinger Video Productions $39.95 Closed captioned. This documentary chronicles the words and achievements of American women from Abigail Adams to the women elected to Congress in 1992.

Eyewitness Living Earth. 35 min. VHS DK Publishing. $12.95 Closed captioned. After viewing each tape, be sure to stay tuned to the short segment at the end, which reveals the techniques involved in making the special effects.

Ape. This facinating look at primates will lead viewers to books to find out Awho was that masked lemurs and other information presented in a lively format.

Volcano. The causes and effects of volcanoes and earthquakes are explored in this creative video based on the Eyewitness book.

The F-Word. 10 min. VHS Women Make Movies . $____ The word is feminisim, and it is defined through the words of well-known figures (including Pat Robertson) as well as through interviews with women and men of various ages and backgrounds. Zippy music and fast-paced camera and editing techniques provide additional interest.

Handguns: Made for Killing, Not for Kids. 19 min. VHS Media Projects, Inc. $150. Closed captioned. Three reenactments and personal interviews demonstrate that many people can be hurt with just one bullet. The film is a powerful film for teens and their parents.

Heritage of the Black West. 25 min. VHS National Geographic Society $ 99. Closed captioned. The rich, but little-known, heritage of African Americans in the old West is shown, as well as some present-day cowboys (and cowgirls), ranchers, and a large-animal veterinarian.

Life on the Internet All 30 min. VHS PBS Video $29.95. Closed captioned The series explores some interesting uses of the Internet, past, present, and future.

Hollynet. A young man, who got hooked on computers as a teenager, became the first Webmaster for Hollywood movies, and how such websites are made and sell the movies.

Next Stop - the Future. Will all of your home electronic needs -- phone, cable TV, Internet -- be met through your personal computer? Some of the men who are responsible for our current technology talk about how we got to this point and where they see it headed in the future.

Sounds from Cyberspace. Alternative rock, such as heavy metal polka and the Guttersluts' Christmas song, hits the Internet as the creators of Virtual Radio explain how new technologies have made cyber-broadcasting possible and explore where the web will take them in the future.

Lost and Found: Young People Talk about Depression. 21 min. VHS Film Ideas, Inc. $150 Closed captioned. Eight young adults discuss their own experiences with despression, including the causes and what they would have liked their friends and families to do to help them. Young adults, parents, and other adults who work with teens should see this powerful film.

Loud Music and Hearing Loss. 15 min. VHS AIMS Multimedia $195. Lars Ulrich, drummer for Metallica, candidly discusses his hearing loss caused by years of exposure to loud rock music. Computer graphics detail the physiology of the human ear and help deliver the message, "Wear earplugs and turn down the volume."

Love Off Limits. 44.5 min. VHS SVE & Churchill Media $149.95. Two high school filmmakers, Jack and Sarah, tackle the meaning of love in their film and at the same time have to confront censorship.

My Summer as a Girl. 44 min. VHS SVE & Churchill Media $149.95. Being a chambermaid is the only summer job available, and Tony is determined not to work in his father's meat market again. Can he be a chambermaid? A hilarious, but thought-provoking story about miscommunication between the sexes.

New World of Music. 58 min. VHS Geovision, Inc. $ 125; rental $30. A fascinating and uplifting glimpse of the New England Youth Philarmonic Orchestra on tour in South America. Using the global language of music, these young people become ambassadors for the U.S. as they grow personally and musically through their experience.

Peace of Paper: An Introduction to Origami. 53 min. VHS World Information Videos, Inc. $79.95. Join experienced paper folders (including an 11-year-old boy) in making six origami projects. Storytellers tell folktales as the create origami to illustrate the stories. (It may be necessary to pause the tape as you are creating your own origami.)

Talking About Sex: A Guide for Families. 30 min. VHS Planned Parenthood Federation of America. $ 89.95 for institutions; $29.95 for individuals. Humor and cartoon animation make this an accessible vehicle for discussing all aspects of puberty and sexuality among family members in a frank and open manner.

Teen Dads. 18 min. VHS Altschul Group Corp. $295. A profile of four teen fathers who have chosen to play an active role in their children's lives.

Tracing Your Roots: The Still Family. 17 min. VHS AIMS Multimedia. $195. This family history video traces the roots of the Still family from 1630 to the present day. William Still was known as the Father of the Underground Railroad. The video and the accompanying study guide, will help anyone begin to trace their roots, whether or not they are African American.


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