Best Books for Young Adults


Adoff, Arnold. Slow Dance Heart Break Blues. Lothrop, lib. ed., $14 (0-688-10569-6).

Ayer, Eleanor and others. Parallel Journeys. Simon & Schuster/Atheneum, $15 (0-689-31830-8).

Bearing Witness: Stories of the Holocaust. Ed. by Hazel Rochman and Darlene Z. McCamp-bell. Orchard/Melanie Kroupa, $15.95 (0-531-09488-X); lib. ed., $15.99 (0-531-08788-3).

Begay, Shonto. Navajo: Voices and Vision across the Mesa. illus. Scholastic, $15.95 (0-590-46153-2).

Blais, Madeleine. In These Girls, Hope Is a Muscle. Atlantic Monthly; dist. by Publishers Group West, $21.95 (0-87113-572-8).

Boas, Jacob. We Are Witnesses: The Diaries of Five Teenagers Who Died in the Holocaust. Holt, $15.95 (0-8050-3702-0).

Bober, Natalie. Abigail Adams: Witness to a Revolution. illus. Simon & Schuster/Atheneum, $16 (0-689-31760-3).

Brandenburg, Jim. An American Safari: Adventures on the North American Prairie.illus. Walker, $16.95 (0-8027-8319-8); lib. ed., $17.85 (0-8027-8320-1).

Childers, Thomas. Wings of Morning: The Story of the Last American Bomber Shot Down over Germany in World War II. Addison-Wesley, $23 (0-201-48310-6).

Clute, John. Science Fiction: The Illustrated Encyclopedia. Dorling Kindersley, $39.95 (0-7894-0185-1).

Colman, Penny. Rosie the Riveter. illus. Crown, $16 (0-517-59790-X).

Denenberg, Barry. Voices from Vietnam. Scholastic, $16.95 (0-590-44267-8).

Feelings, Tom. The Middle Passage: White Ships/Black Cargo. illus. Dial, $45 (0-8037-1804-7).

Ford, Michael Thomas. Voices of AIDS. Morrow, $15 (0-688-05322-X).

Frank, Anne. Diary of a Young Girl: The Definitive Edition. illus. Doubleday, $25 (0-385-473678-8).

Fremon, Celeste. Father Greg & the Homeboys. Hyperion, $19.95 (0-7868-6089-8).

Frey, Darcy. The Last Shot: City Streets, Basketball Dreams. illus. Houghton, $19.95 (0-395-59770-6).

Giblin, James Cross. When Plague Strikes: The Black Death, Smallpox, AIDS. HarperCollins, $14.95 (0-06-025854-3); lib. ed., $14.89 (0-06-025864-0).

Greenberg, Jan and Jordan, Sandra. American Eye: Eleven Artists of the Twentieth Century. illus. Delacorte, $22.50 (0-385-32173-2).

Hamilton, Virginia. Her Stories: African American Folktales, Fairy Tales, and True Tales. Illus. by Leo and Diane Dillon. Scholastic/Blue Sky, $19.95 (0-590-47370-0).

Hockenberry, John. Moving Violations. Hyperion, $24.95 (0-7868-6078-2).

Hopkins, Lee Bennett. Been to Yesterdays: Poems of Life. Illus. by Charlene Rendeiro. Boyd Mills/Wordsong, $14.95 (1-56397-467-3).

Hughes, Langston. The Block. Illus. by Romare Bearden. Viking, $15.99 (0-670-86501-X).

In Search of Color Everywhere: A Collection of African-American Poetry. Ed. by E. Ethelbert Miller. Stewart, Tabori & Chang, $24.95 (1-55670-339-2).

Marrin, Albert. Virginia's General: Robert E. Lee and the Civil War. illus. Simon & Schuster/Atheneum, $19.95 (0-689-31838-3).

McKissack, Patricia and McKissack, Frederick. Red-Tail Angels: The Story of the Tuskegee Airmen of World War II. illus. Walker, $19.95 (0-8027-8292-2); lib. ed., $20.85 (0-8027-8293-0).

Murphy, Jim. The Great Fire. illus. Scholastic, $16.95 (0-590-47267-4).

Ousseimi, Maria. Caught in the Crossfire: Growing Up in a War Zone. illus. Walker, $19.95 (0-8027-8363-5); lib. ed., $20.85 (0-8027-8364-3).

Pierced by a Ray of Sun. Ed. by Ruth Gordon. HarperCollins, $16 (0-06-023613-2); lib. ed., $15.89 (0-06-023614-0).

Preston, Richard. Hot Zone. Random, $23 (0-679-43124-1).

Psihoyos, Louie and Knoebber, John. Hunting Dinosaurs. illus. Random, $40 (0-679-43124-1).

Ryan, Joan. Little Girls in Pretty Boxes: The Making and Breaking of Elite Gymnasts and Figure Skaters. Doubleday, $22.95 (0-385-47790-2). gold.

Thornton, Yvonne S. and Coudert, Jo. Ditchdigger's Daughters: A Black Family's Astonishing Success Story. Birch Land, $19.95 (1-55972-271-1).

Tree Is Older Than You Are: A Bilingual Gathering of Poems and Stories from Mexico with Paintings by Mexican Artists. Ed. by Naomi Shihab Nye. illus. Simon & Schuster, $19.95 (0-689-80297-8).


Alder, Elizabeth. King's Shadow. Farrar, $16 (0-374-34182-6).

American Eyes: New Asian-American Short Stories for Young Adults. Ed. by Lori M. Carlson. Holt, $14.95 (0-8050-3544-3).

Banks, Russell. Rule of the Bone. HarperCollins, $22 (0-06-017275-4).

Bauer, Joan. Thwonk. Delacorte, $14.95 (0-385-32092-2).

Bennet, James. Squared Circle. Scholastic, $14.95 (0-590-48671-3).

Block, Francesca Lia. Baby Be-bop. HarperCollins, $13.95 (0-06-024879-3).

Carter, Alden. Between a Rock and a Hard Place. Scholastic, $14.95 (0-590-48684-5).

Christiansen, C. B. I See the Moon. Simon & Schuster/Atheneum, $14.95 (0-689-31928-2).

Cofer, Judith Ortiz. An Island like You. Orchard/Melanie Kroupa, $15.95 (0-531-06897-8); lib. ed., $15.99 (0-531-08747-6).

Cormier, Robert. In the Middle of the Night. Delacorte, $14.95 (0-385-32158-9).

Curtis, Christopher Paul. The Watsons Go to Birmingham--1963. Delacorte, $14.95 (0-385-32175-9).

Cushman, Karen. The Midwife's Apprentice. Clarion, $10.95 (0-395-69229-6).

D'Aguiar, Fred. The Longest Memory. Pantheon, $20 (0-679-43962-5).

Dijk, Lutz van. Damned Strong Love: A True Story of Willi G. and Stefan K. Holt, $15.95 (0-8050-3770-5).

Draper, Sharon M. Tears of a Tiger. Simon & Schuster/Atheneum, $15.95 (0-689-31878-2).

Feintuch, David. Midshipman's Hope. Warner/Aspect, paper, $5.99 (0-445-60096-2).

Fraustino, Lisa R. Ash. Orchard, $16.95 (0-531-06889-7); lib. ed., $16.99 (0-531-08739-5).

Galloway, Priscilla. Truly Grim Tales. Delacorte, $10.95 (0-385-32200-3).

Garland, Sherry. Indio. Harcourt, $11 (0-15-238631-9); paper, $5 (0-15-200021-6).

Goldman, E. M. Getting Lincoln's Goat. Delacorte, $14.95 (0-385-32098-1).

Grant, Cynthia. Mary Wolf. Simon & Schuster/Atheneum, $16 (0-689-80007-X).

Hobbs, Valerie. How Far Would You Have Gotten If I Hadn't Called You Back? Orchard, $19.95 (0-531-09480-4); lib. ed., $19.99 (0-531-08780-8).

Hurwin, Davida Wills. A Time for Dancing. Little, Brown, $15.95 (0-316-38351-1).

Laird, Crista. But Can the Phoenix Sing? Greenwillow, $15 (0-688-13612-5).

Lester, Julius. Othello. Scholastic, $12.95 (0-590-41967-6).

Lopez, Steve. Third and Indiana. Viking, $21.95 (0-670-85676-2).

Lynch, Chris. Slot Machine. HarperCollins, $13.95 (0-06-023584-5); $13.89 (0-06-023585-3).

Marsden, John. Tomorrow, When the War Began. Houghton, $13.95 (0-395-70673-4).

McCants, William D. Much Ado about Prom Night. Harcourt/Browndeer, $11 (0-15-200083-6); paper, $5 (0-15-200081-X).

Meyer, Carolyn. Drummers of Jericho. Harcourt, $11 (0-15-200441-6); paper, $5 (0-15-200190-5).

Moore, Martha. Under the Mermaid Angel. Delacorte, $14.95 (0-385-32160-0).

Mori, Kyoko. One Bird. Holt, $15.95 (0-8050-2983-4).

Morpurgo, Michael. War of Jenkins' Ear. Putnam/Philomel, $15.95 (0-399-22735-0).

Peck, Richard. The Last Safe Place on Earth. Delacorte, $15.95 (0-385-32052-3).

Pierce, Tamora. Emperor Mage. Simon & Schuster/Atheneum, $17 (0-689-31989-4).

Powell, Randy. Dean Duffy. Farrar, $15 (0-374-31754-2).

Preston, Douglas and Lincoln, Child. Relic. Tor/Forge; dist. by St. Martin's, $22.95 (0-312-85630-X).

Randle, Kristen. Only Alien on the Planet. Scholastic, $14.95 (0-590-46309-8).

Scieszka, Jon. Math Curse. Illus. by Lane Smith. Viking, $16.99 (0-670-86194-4).

Taylor, Theodore. The Bomb. Harcourt, $16 (0-15-200867-5).

Testa, Maria. Dancing Pink Flamingos and Other Stories. Lerner, lib. ed., $13.13 (0-8225-0738-2).

Vande Velde, Vivian. Companions of the Night. Harcourt/Jane Yolen, $17 (0-15-200221-9).

Weaver, Will. Farm Team. HarperCollins, $15 (0-06-023588-8); lib. ed., $14.89 (0-06-023589-6).

White, Ellen E. The Road Home. Scholastic, $15.95 (0-590-46737-9).

Williams-Garcia, Rita. Like Sisters on the Homefront. Dutton/Lodestar, $14.99 (0-525-67465-9).

Woodson, Jacqueline. From the Notebooks of Melanin Sun. Scholastic/Blue Sky, $14.95 (0-590-45880-9).