2013 Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults

YALSA's Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults is presented annually after the Midwinter Meeting. The 2013 list of 90 titles is arranged by the following four topics:

Boarding Schools to Summer Camps: Leaving home to find.

Gowns, Greasepaint and Guitars: Not the same old song and dance.

I'm New Here Myself: A generation, caught between nations.

More Books that Won't Make You Blush: All of the excitement, none of the naughty.

The committee also created a top ten list, denoted here by an asterisk.

"Some popular book themes remain perennial favorites, while the popularity of other themes wax and wane with pop culture interests of the teens we serve. The 2013 PPYA list reflects this," said committee Chair Jennifer Korn. "'Boarding Schools to Summer Camps' highlights titles from a genre long popular with teens, who at one time or another dream about life away from home; and the updated 'More Books that won't Make You Blush" celebrates high interest titles that are suitable for a wide audience. 'Gowns, Greasepaint, and Guitars' puts the spotlight on wildly popular performing arts stories; and 'I'm New Here Myself' features books that America's rapidly growing multi-cultural and multi-national teen population."

Members of the Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults Committee are: Jennifer Korn, Chair, The Public Library of Cincinnati & Hamilton County, Cincinnati, OH; Joan Callen, University of Wisconsin-Milwauke, Waukesha, WI; Sabrina Carnesi, Crittenden Middle School, Newport News, VA; Franklin Escobedo, Oceanside Public Library, Oceanside, CA, Lisa Goldstein, Brooklyn Public Library, Brooklyn, NY; Karen Keys, Queens Public Library, Queens, NY; Brenda Kilmer, Miami Dade College, Miami, FL; Ellen Loughran, Hunter College of the CUNY, Brooklyn, NY; Olivia Morales Geaghan, Hathaway Brown School, Shaker Heights, OH; Mary Anne Nichols, Kent State University, Kent, OH; Shilo J.M. Pearson, Chicago Public Library, Chicago, IL; Genevieve Sarnack, Berkley Carroll School, Brooklyn, NY; Kate Toebbe, The Public Library of Cincinnati & Hamilton County, Cincinnati, OH; Sarah Elizabeth Wethern, Douglas County Public Library, Alexandria, MN; Paula Wiley, Baltimore County Public Library, Baltimore, MD.      

Boarding Schools to Summer Camps

Leaving home to find yourself.

Franklin Escobedo, subcommittee chair
Joan Callen
Olivia Geaghan
Brenda Kilmer
Mary Anne Nichols
Shilo Pearson
Genna Sarnak
Kate Toebbe

Archer, LilyThe Poison Apples.  Square Fish.  2009. 978-0312535964. $8.99.

Do you have an evil step-mother? Join the Poison Apples today!                                

Barkley, Brad and Hepler, HeatherDream Factory.  Speak.  2009. 978-0142412985. $8.99.

Magic feelings in the Magic Kingdom.

Brian, Kate.   Private.  Simon and Schuster.  2006. 978-1416918738. $9.99.

What will you give up to fit in?

Caine, RachelGlass Houses (Morganville Vampires).  NAL.  2007. 978-0451219947. $6.99.

Even the terror is bigger in Texas.

Cashore, Kristin.  Fire.  Firebird.  2009. 978-0142415917. $9.99.

Fire leaves home to learn more about her powers.

Cast, P.C. & Kristin CastMarked.  St. Martin's Griffin.  2007. 978-0312360269. $8.95.

Zoey enters House of Night where she will train to become an adult vampyre -- if she survives.

Cornish, D. MThe Foundling.  (Monster Blood Tattoo).  Speak.  2007. 978-0142409138. $9.99.

Rossamund takes one wrong turn and the adventure begins.

Elkeles, Simone.  How to Ruin a Summer Vacation.  Flux.  2006. 978-0738709611. $8.95.

Amy is sent to Israel: an ending or a beginning?

*Eulberg, ElizabethProm and Prejudice.  Point.  2012. 978-0545240789. $9.99.          

People aren't always what they seem.           

Gehrman, JodyBabe in Boyland.  Speak.  2012. 978-0142420843. $8.99.

Natalie goes undercover at an all-boys school but soon falls for her roommate!

Gray, ClaudiaEvernight.  HarperTeen.  2009. 978-0061284441. $8.99.

Bianca bites off more than she can chew.

Hale, ShannonPrincess Academy.  Bloomsbury.  2010. 978-1599900735. $7.99.          

Miri: Small but mighty.

Harmon, MichaelChamber of Five.  Ember.  2012. 978-0375859311. $7.99.

Jason Weatherby learns the perils of privilege.          

Healey, KarenGuardian of the Dead.   Little, Brown Books for Young Readers.  2011. 978-0316044387. $8.99.        

Paranormal is the new normal.

Hunter, C.C.  Born at Midnight.  St. Martin's Griffin.  2011. 978-0312624675. $9.99.

Kylie finds herself at the wrong kind of camp.         

Ikeda, AkihisaRosario+Vampire, Vol . 1.  Illus. Akihisa Ikeda. Viz Media.  2008. 978-1421519036. $9.99.

If Tsukune can survive the turf war between the werewolves and the vampires, he might just graduate.

*Johnson, MaureenName of the Star.  Speak.  2012. 978-0142422052. $9.99.   

Jack the Ripper is back with a vengeance!

Kim, Susan and Laurence Klavan.   Brain Camp. Illus. Faith Erin Hicks.  First Second.  2010. 978-1596433663. $16.99.

This summer camp is NOT for the faint of heart.      

*Lockhart, E. The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks.  Hyperion.  2009. 978-0786838196. $9.99.        

Anything the boys can do, Frankie can do better.

Meyer, L. A.   Curse of the Blue Tattoo: Being an Account of the Misadventures of Jacky Faber, Midshipman and Fine Lady.  Graphia.  2005. 978-0152054595. $8.99.

No amount of schooling can turn this pirate into a lady.

Paley, Sasha.  Huge.  Simon & Schuster.  2010. 978-1442417182. $8.99.  

Can complete opposites April and Wil survive fat camp?

van de Ruit, JohnSpud.  Razorbill.  2008. 978-1595141873. $9.99.        

Adventures, mishaps, and hijinks at an all-boys school.

von Zigesar, CecilyThe It Girl.  Poppy.  2005. 978-0316011851.  $9.99.

You can take the girl out of the Upper East Side, but you can't take the Upper East Side out of the girl.

Whitney, Daisy. The Mockingbirds.  Little, Brown.  2012. 978-0316090544. $8.99.        

Who's really in charge at this prestigious boarding school?

Gowns, Greasepaint, and Guitars

Not the same old song and dance.

Kate Toebbe, subcommittee chair
Sabrina Carnesi
Olivia Geaghan
Lisa Goldstein
Karen Keys
Shilo Pearson
Sarah Wethern
Paula Willey

Anthony, JessicaChopsticks. Illus. Rodrigo Corral.  Razorbill. 2012. 978-1595144355. $19.99

All Glory wants to play anymore is Chopsticks....    

Calame, Don.  Beat the Band.  Candlewick.  2011. 978-0763656638. $7.99.         

They plan to rock the Battle of the Bands even if they don't know how to play.

Calonita, JenSecrets of my Hollywood Life: Broadway Lights.  Poppy.  2011. 978-0316030663. $8.99. 

Kaitlin's a TV star ...can she make it on Broadway?

Dionne, Erin.  The Total Tragedy of a Girl Named Hamlet. Puffin.  2010. 978-0142417485.  $6.99.  

Hamlet Kennedy wants to blend in, not be an actress!          

Donnelly, JenniferRevolution.  Ember.  2010.  978-0385737647. $9.99.

Guilt, guitars, time travel, and insanity.                                              

Ferrer, CaridadWhen the Stars Go Blue.  St. Martin's Griffin.  2010.  978-0312650049. $9.99.

Carmen plays out on and off the field.        

Flack, SophieBunheads.  Poppy.  2012. 978-0316126540. $8.99.

Can Hannah survive the gritty and glamorous world of NYC ballet?

Forman, GayleWhere She Went.  Penguin.  2012. 978-0142420898.  $8.99.        

Three years later, two musicians, one night only!

Green, John and David Levithan.   Will Grayson, Will Grayson.  Speak. 2011.  978-0142418475. $8.99.

Two Will Graysons and one Tiny Cooper create musical magic.

Haston, MegHow to Rock Braces and Glasses.  Poppy.  2012. 978-0316068246. $7.99. 

Popular mean girl Kacey's life changes when she gets braces and glasses.

John, AntonyFive Flavors of Dumb.   Speak.  2011. 978-0142419434.  $8.99.   

You don't have to hear the music to be a rock star.

London, Kelli.   Uptown Dreams.  Dafina Teens.  2011.  978-075826128. $9.95.   

Rising stars at the Harlem Academy of Creative and Performing Arts.

Martinez, JessicaVirtuosity.  Simon Pulse.  2012. 978-1442420533. $9.99.        

Crushing on the competition.

McKayhan, Monica. Ambitious: A Premier High Novel.  KimaniTru.  2011. 978-0373229963. $9.99.

Can this Brooklyn girl make it all the way to Hollywood?

Michael, Ted. So you wanna be a superstar? The ultimate audition guide.  Running Press Books. 2012.   978-0762446100. $10.95.

This book will help you nail the best audition of your life!

O'Malley, Bryan LeeScott Pilgrim Vol 1.  Illus. Bryan Lee O'Malley.  Oni Press.  2004-2010.  978-1932664089. $11.99.

Kung fu, rock and roll, clueless romantic angst, and sarcasm.

Rennison, Louise.  Withering Tights.  HarperTeen. 2012. 978-0061799334. $8.99.   

Move over Brontë the wild English moors have a new star!

Shulman, Polly.  Enthusiasm. Speak.  2007.  978-0142409350. $7.99.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that mishaps will ensue when two girls are cast in the boys' school musical.

*Skovron, JonStruts and Frets.  Amulet.  2011.  978-1419700286. $7.95.

Sammy struggles with his rock band, senile grandfather, and feelings for his best friend.

Sonnenblick, JordanDrums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie.   Scholastic.  2006.  978-0439755207. $7.99. 

Steven has a lot to deal with when his brother is diagnosed with leukemia.

Suplee, SuzanneSomebody Everybody Listens To.  Speak.  2011. 978-0142418864.  $8.99.

Retta Lee Jones has big dreams of making it big in Nashville.

Tamaki, MarikoEmiko Superstar. Vertigo.  2008. 978-1401215361. $9.99.        

Shy geek by day, performance artist by night.

*Telgemeier, RainaDrama.  Illus. Raina Telgemeier. Scholastic/ GRAPHIX.  2012.  978-0545326995. $10.99. 

More drama than one stage can handle.

Wilkinson, Lili.  Pink.  Harper Teen.  2012.  978-0061926549. $9.99.

Ava's new school brings many scene changes.

I'm New Here Myself

A generation, caught between nations

Lisa Goldstein, subcommittee chair
Sabrina Carnesi
Karen Keys
Jennifer Korn
Ellen Loughran
Sarah Wethern
Paula Willey

Abdel-Fattah, Randa.  Does my Head Look Big in This?  Scholastic Paperbacks.  2008. 978-0439922333. $9.99.            

Amal's faith and cultural pride are much bigger than her hijab.                                       

Alegria, MalínBorder Town: Crossing the Line.  Scholastic (Point.)  2012. 978-0545402408. $5.99.

Going to high school in a Texas border town involves a whole other set of boundaries.

Budhos, MarinaAsk Me No Questions. Atheneum.  2007. 978-1416949206. $11.95.

9/11 changes everything for Nadira and her family.

Budhos, Marina.  Tell us we're home. Atheneum Books for Young Readers.  2011. 978-1442421288.  $8.99. 

New Jersey is a different planet to three teens from Mexico, Trinidad, and Slovakia.

Burg, AnnAll the Broken Pieces.  Scholastic.  2012. 978-0545080934. $6.99.     

Matt has two families -- one in America and one in Vietnam.

Colfer, EoinBenny and Omar.  Disney-Hyperion.  2007.  978-1423102823. $7.95.

Benny's life tuns upside down when his family moves to Africa.

de la Peña, Matt. Mexican White Boy. Ember. 2010. 978-0440239383.  $8.99.

Too Mexican for his prep school and too American for his family.

*Gallo, Donald (ed).  First Crossing:  Stories about teen immigrants.  Candlewick.  2007. 978-0763632915.  $8.99.

Short stories from acclaimed authors.

Gelbwasser, MargieInconvenient. Flux.  2010. 978-0738721484. $9.95.

In Alyssa's Russian-American family, alcohol is part of the culture. 

*Hauser, BrookeThe New Kids: big dreams and brave journeys at a high school for immigrant teens.  Free Press.  2012. 978-1439163306. $15.00.

True stories about students at the Brooklyn International High School.                                                         

Hidier, Tanuja Desai.  Born Confused.  Scholastic Paperbacks.  2003. 978-0439510110. $9.99.    

Caught between her Indian family and her American friends.

Meminger, Neesha.    Shine Coconut Moon.  Margaret K. McElderry Books.  2010. 978-1442403055.  $8.99.    

Discovering her Sikh heritage.

Na, AnA Step from Heaven. Speak. 2003.  978-0142500279.  $7.99.       

America is no paradise.

Roth, MatthueLosers. Push.  2008.  978-0545068932. $8.99.      

Jupiter crashes a party, hides his Russian accent, and leaves loserdom behind.        

St. John, Warren. Outcasts United: An American town, a refugee team, and one womans quest to make a difference. Spiegel and Grau.  2009. 978-0385522045. $15.00. 

Differences don't matter on the soccer field.

Satrapi, Marjane.  Persepolis 2: The story of a return. Pantheon.  2005.   78-0375714665.  $13.95

Tehran is 2500 miles from Vienna but to Marjane it feels like 2500 light-years away.          

Sharid, MadeiaBestest.Ramandan.Ever.    Flux.  2011. 978-0738723235.  $9.95.           

Almira is fasting -- no food, no boys, no popularity. 

Sitomer, AlanThe Secret Story of Sonia Rodriquez.  Hyperion Books CH.  2010. 978-1423130277.   $9.99.      

Can Sonia stand up to her family without turning her back on her Mexican heritage?

Stratton, Allan. Borderline. HarperTeen.  2012.  978-0061451133. $8.99.

Is Sami's dad a terrorist?                                          

Thompson, HollyOrchards. Ember.  2012.  978-0385739788.  $9.99.                  

Kanako goes to Japan to figure out who she is supposed to be.

Wallace, Jason. Out of Shadows.  Holiday House.  2011. 978-0823424368. $8.95. 

Zimbabwe on the brink of war.

Yang, Gene LuenAmerican Born Chinese.  Illus. Gene Luen Yang.  Square Fish.  2008. 978-0312384487. $9.99.           

Jin Wang just wants to fit in.

More Books that Won't Make You Blush

All the excitement, none of the naughty.

Mary Anne Nichols, subcommittee chair
Joan Callen
Franklin Escobedo
Brenda Kilmer
Jennifer Korn
Ellen Loughran
Genna Sarnak

Alender, KatieBad Girls Don't Die.  Hyperion Books.  2010. 978-1423108771. $8.99.

Kasey's dolls could give Chucky a run for his money.

Bodeen, S.AThe Compound.   Square Fish.  2009. 978-0312578602. $9.99.      

Eli's family survived nuclear fallout, but can they survive his father's greatest lie?          

*Carter, Ally. Heist Society.  Hyperion Books CH.  2011.  978-1423116615. $8.99.          

Heisting priceless art and cute boys' hearts.

Farraiolo, JackSidekicks.  Harry N. Abrams.  2012.  978-1419701856. $6.95.    

Bright Boy isn't so boyish anymore. 

Gier, Kirsten. Ruby Red.  Square Fish.  2012. 978-0312551513. $9.99.   

A skipped gene leads to time travel trouble.

Griffin, AdelePicture the Dead.  Illus. Lisa Brown.  Sourcebooks (Fire). 2012. 978-1402268342. $8.99.       

Eternal love from the grave.

Hale, ShannonCalamity Jack. Illus. Nathan Hale.  Bloomsbury.  2010. 978-1599903736. $15.99.      

Jack to the rescue!

Harrison, Lisi.  Monster High.  Poppy. 2011.  978-0316176217. $8.99.

Cliques like no other. 

Higgins, F.E.  The Bone Magician.  Square Fish.  2008. 978-0312659448. $7.99. 

No one is surprised when the dead start talking.

Hoffman, AliceGreen Heart.  Scholastic.  2012. 978-0545141963. $9.99. 

Life after a terrible tragedy.                                                                        

Langan, JohnSearch for Safety (Bluford High).  Scholastic.  2012.  $5.99.  978-0545395489.    

Where do you go when home is no longer safe?

Leavitt, LindseySean Griswold's Head.  Bloomsbury.  2012. 978-1591940661. $9.99.     

Payton can't wait to get inside Sean's head.

Northrop, Michael. Trapped. Scholastic. 2012. 978-0545210133. $9.99.

Snow day gone wrong.

ORoark, Francis DowellTen Miles Past Normal.  Atheneum Books for Young Readers. 2012.  978-1416995869.  $8.99.

How do you make a good first impression with goat poop on your shoes?

Riordan, RickThe Lost Hero: Heroes of Olympus, Book 1.  Hyperion Books CH.  2012. 978-1423113461.   $9.99.

There's a new demigod in town.

Schmidt, GaryThe Wednesday Wars.  Sandpiper.  2009.  978-0547237602.  $6.99.

Surviving the slings and arrows of seventh grade.

Schreiber, EllenVampire Kisses: Graveyard Games, vol 1.  Illus. Xian Nu Studio.  Katherine Tegen Books.  2011.  978-0062026729. $9.99.

Prince Charming is a vampire!

Telgemeier, RainaSmile. Graphix.  Illus. Raina Telgemeier.  2010. 978-0545132060. $10.99. 

All she wants for high school is her two front teeth.

*Van Draanen, WendelinThe Running Dream.  Ember. $9.99.  978-0375866289. $10.99. 

 Running away from her past and her future.

Walters, EricBetween Heaven and Earth.  Orca.  2012.  978-1554699414. $9.95. 

DJ's on the journey of a lifetime.

*Wright, Bil. Putting Makeup on the Fat Boy.  Simon and Schuster Books for Young Readers. 2012.   978-1416940043. $9.99.

Watch out world of glamor, here comes Carlos!