YALSA Presidential Citation

The YALSA Presidential Citation highlights excellence among members of YALSA as well as library supporters who have provided outstanding service to the association or profession of young adult librarianship. The citation may be given to an individual or group that meets one or more of the following criteria:

  • Significant impact on the association or the profession.
  • Strategic and compelling advancement of the association or the profession.
  • Exemplary or innovative service.
  • Levels of effort well beyond normal volunteer commitment and leadership.
  • Accomplishments are significant and don’t meet the criteria of other YALSA awards.

Recommendations from YALSA Board of Directors may be offered to the YALSA President at any time, but it is the president’s prerogative to move nominations forward to the board. When nominations come to the board for a vote, a simple majority in favor of approving the nomination is required.

  • Recognition may be made at any time deemed appropriate by the president. However, the citation will be given only when warranted and does not have to be given on an annual basis.
  • Recognition may be for a series of accomplishments or for one significant contribution or accomplishment.
  • The citation may consist of a plaque, letter, or object of recognition. No monetary award will be connected with the citation.
  • The YALSA Presidential Citation will be listed among the president's responsibilities; however presidents should not feel compelled to bestow an award.
  • There is no minimum or maximum number of special recognitions that may be bestowed in a given year; however, the president is encouraged to carefully weigh each nomination to ensure that the individual or group under consideration have made both a compelling and significant contribution to the field.

—Adopted by the YALSA Board of Directors June 2008


2010 Margaret A. Edwards Trust: Anna Curry, Linda Lapides, Lanetta W. Parks, Julian Lapides; Trustee Emerita: Sara Siebert (deceased), Ray Fry (deceased).