Awards Oversight Committee

Awards & Selection Committees Oversight Committee


To ensure efficient functioning of YALSA’s award committees. To advise committee chairs on recommended procedures for committee operations based on a thorough knowledge of YALSA policy, committee operation, background, and experience. To collect, analyze and respond to quarterly chair reports. To summarize, analyze and evaluate periodically for the YALSA Board the progress and concerns of the award committees. To facilitate communication among award committees and to identify common areas of concern and identify solutions. To coordinate training and orientation for in-coming committee members. To note particular abilities of committee members in the work of the organization and to share this information with the Board and nominating committees. 5 to 7 virtual members, including the chair, as well as a designated liaison from the O&B Committee. Term: 2 years, commencing Feb. 1.

Qualifications: Those interested in serving on this committee should have:

  • Current membership in YALSA
  • In order to accomplish work in a virtual environment committee members must be competent users of digital tools, including but not limited to wikis, e-chats, Skype, and Google docs
  • Prior experience serving on a YALSA award committee, the Organization & Bylaws Committee and/or the YALSA Board of Directors
  • Knowledge of ALA and YALSA policies that relate to award committees specifically and committee service generally
  • Confidence in using digital tools for generating and sharing content with committee members

Size: 5 - 7 virtual members

Term: Two years

Staff Liaison: Nichole O'Connor