Website Vision and Mission Statement


I. The Homepage on the World Wide Web for the Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA) provides an opportunity to enhance and expand our presence with libraries, librarians, parents, educators, and young adults themselves.


II. The purpose is to advocate for young adults, promote coalition-building among like-minded youth-serving organizations, and advance equity of access. This page will be an attractive, timely, useful site made up of informative links about young adults; it will include research, resources, and projects. The goal is seamless integration of appropriate information sources to provide a stimulating forum for discourse, cooperation, and problem-solving. It is a tool to highlight YALSA's activities, mission, vision, and commitment to young adults and the librarians who serve them.

This site will:

  1. Provide information about YALSA as an advocate for young adults, including text items that define the Division, such as the Vision and Mission, as well as policies, board actions, committees and their function statements, etc.;
  2. Communicate about YALSA-sponsored projects, awards and grants;
  3. Reproduce YALSA publications or parts of publications, booklists and competencies;
  4. Share information from libraries about ways in which they are serving young adults;
  5. Open avenues for youth participation projects and initiatives;
  6. Include interactive capabilities for members and young adult discussion;
  7. Forward documents about YALSA governance, including items from the President, Executive Board, Board of Directors and staff.