YALSA Web site Content Checklist

This checklist is to be used when determining content to add or delete from the website. Please fill out the form and make a recommendation about what should be done with the content in the recommendation section.

Is this content:


Already on the site

The audience for the content is: (Check all that apply)

YALSA members

Members of YALSA committees

Librarians in direct service to teens

Librarians in-directly serving teens





The purpose of the content is to:

Provide information on the organization

Provide information on serving teens in libraries

Educate people about the role of libraries in the community

Other ___________________________________________________________

The content will

Bring members to the organization

Bring people to the field

Help librarians develop programs for teens

Help librarians develop book/author materials for teens

Help build support for a library within it’s community

Help keep librarians informed about issues and trends related to adolescent development

Other _________________________

In my opinion the content should:

Be added to the site (Please include, on the line below, the section of the site to which it should be added.)


Remain on the site

Be deleted from the site

Be updated for current use

Other ___________________________________________________________