Use of Division Name

Endorsement: The Board of Directors may authorize the publication of a statement indicating that the

Division has examined and approves the content and format. It is the policy of the Division only to

consider endorsement of continuing education activities, conferences, and publications of organizations

having a formal relationship with YALSA via NOSYAL, professional library associations and other

library-related organizations and institutions.

Procedure: Prior to making a decision, the Board of Directors will refer each request for endorsement to the appropriate committee for examination and recommendation.

Commendation: The Board of Directors may honor the outstanding efforts of an individual, institution or organization through a formal resolution.

Procedure: Upon receipt of a request for such action, the Board of Directors will examine the request and decide if it merits Board action.

Co-Sponsorship: The Board of Directors may formally cooperate with another organization, agency or institution in the planning and implementation of a project.

Procedure: Upon receipt of such a request, the Board will refer the proposal to the Program Planning Clearinghouse and Evaluation Committee or such other appropriate committee for evaluation and recommendation.

It is the policy of the Young Adult Library Services Association not to endorse products or materials. Information on products or materials of interest to librarians may be communicated to the membership through its journal. Such action does not indicate endorsement by the Young Adult Library Services Association.

Adopted by the Board of Directors, July 1982, updated September 2002.