YALSA's Sponsor and Vendor Participation Policy


A vendor is any person or company selling goods or services to libraries.

YALSA Policy

Vendors may participate as speakers, panelists, exhibitors, sponsors, or donors, at YALSA programs and events. The YALSA Executive Director is responsible for all agreements. The following terms must be met:

  • As speakers or panelists: The vendors have information to give to the program participants that is not readily available from a non-vendor. The vendors are aware that they can discuss their products generally, but are not to use the program as an opportunity for a sales talk. The program chair is fair and impartial when selecting vendor participants, and makes a reasonable effort to involve representatives from a variety of companies.

  • As exhibitors: Have information relative to the program or event where they will exhibit. Agree to set up and break down their own exhibits. Agree to handle sales of their products.

  • As sponsors: The YALSA Executive Director is responsible for negotiations with sponsors. A letter of agreement will be signed by sponsors and the ALA Associate Executive Director of Member Programs and Services.

  • As donors: Negotiations with all prospective donors of money, books, films, etc., for YALSA programs and events must be approved by the YALSA Executive Director, except for, selection and award committee chairs, who may request donations from publishers and producers for review copies. Individual selection committee members may not directly request review copies from publishers and producers; instead they should request them through the chair of their committee.

Vendor-Initiated Programs

Vendors who wish to initiate planning a program in conjunction with YALSA, or a unit of YALSA, should be members of ALA and YALSA. To initiate planning, vendors should contact the YALSA Program Officer for Conferences and Events. Such programming should follow the program planning process and conform to the policies detailed above.