Job Description for Editor of Young Adult Library Services

Position Description for Editor of Young Adult Library Services

The Member Editor position is an appointment made by the president of the Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA), with guidance from YALSA’s Executive Committee and YALS’ Editorial Advisory Board. Extending for a period of two years, the appointment carries the possibility for renewal. An honorarium of $500 per issue (4 per year) plus $500 in travel support for each of two ALA conferences per year will be paid. The Member Editor reports to the Web Services Manager of YALSA and works closely with YALS’ Editorial Advisory Board, and is responsible overall to YALSA’s Board of Directors.

Purpose of the Journal and Its Online Companion

  • To serve as a vehicle for continuing education for librarians and library workers serving young adults, ages 12 through 18
  • To publish articles of current interest to the profession
  • To showcase best practices in the field
  • To provide news from related fields
  • To spotlight significant events of the organization, including but not limited to awards and booklists
  • To offer in-depth reviews of professional literature and resources
  • To serve as the official record of the association


  1. Excellent oral and written communications skills
  2. Must have the technical capacity to work in an electronic environment
  3. Editing experience in publishing or journalism, sufficient to enable the individual to solicit and select articles that will result in a high-quality publication that addresses the diverse interest of the readership
  4. Dynamic, self-motivated individual
  5. Ability to delegate
  6. Strong organizational skills
  7. Ability to set and meet deadlines
  8. Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work in a team environment
  9. Experience in library services to young adults
  10. Membership in YALSA

Duties and Reponsibilities

Member Editor

  • Deliver to YALSA a final set of copy for each print issue according to previously set deadlines, satisfactory to YALSA in content and form and ready for typesetting.
  • Work with the Editorial Advisory Board and Web Services Manager to oversee the content for the online companion, including but not limited to working with authors to identify supplementary material to post on the companion, reviewing and editing audio and video content submitted for quality purposes and managing comments and spam regularly.
  • Set the scope and tone of the journal and its online companion both textually and visually.
  • Work with YALS’ Editorial Advisory Board to develop a yearly editorial calendar, and to solicit content for the journal and its online companion.
  • Provide regular input to YALSA’s Web Services Manager about content of upcoming issues so he/she can work with YALSA’s advertising representative to solicit ads, discuss events or YALSA/ALA initiatives requiring coverage
  • Work with YALSA’s Web Services Manager and production team to determine schedules for publication for the print journal and supplementary online content.
  • Manage editorial office and write editorials.
  • Manage the work of columnists and reviewers.
  • Aggressively encourage the submission of high-quality articles and online content according to current activities and interests of the field and maintain and develop positive relationships with authors and potential authors.
  • Complete a thorough review of all submitted content in light of the philosophy, purpose and general style of the publication.
  • Corresponds in a timely manner with authors regarding acceptance, rewriting, or rejection of articles.
  • Edit all copy (including rewriting, reorganizing, validating information in content, etc.).
  • Work with the Web Services Manager to determine association news to be included in each issue of the journal.
  • Prepare each issue for publication by planning the table of contents, writing introductory notes, identifying text to be highlighted in pull quotes, determining the placement of images, deciding which articles will have supplementary material placed on the online companion, etc.
  • Secure copyright as necessary for articles and images and provide them to YALSA Web Services Manager
  • Thoroughly review and edit page proofs for both first and second passes.
  • Communicate with production team and the YALSA staff regularly.
  • Communicate with the Member Editor of JRLYA and the Member Managers of the blogs to collaborate when appropriate.
  • Attend ALA’s Annual Conference and Midwinter Meeting, including any meetings of YALS’ Editorial Advisory Board, to assist YALSA with promoting the publication and also to solicit authors and advertisers.
  • Prepare a bi-annual report for YALSA’s Board of Directors, to be turned in one month before ALA’s Annual Conference and Midwinter Meeting.
  • Answer questions and inquiries about the journal and its online companion.
  • Perform other relevant duties as needed.

YALSA Web Services Manager

  1. Communicates regularly with Editor to provide support and facilitate work.
  2. Works with production team to maintain the template for the journal.
  3. Works with production team and the Member Editor to develop a publication schedule and comply with it.
  4. Handles all financial transactions for the journal.
  5. Works closely with the ad rep to ensure that ad revenues meet targeted goals.
  6. Promotes the publication through appropriate venues.
  7. Coordinates efforts and facilitates communication among all YALSA publications, including the blogs and journals.
  8. Manages the blog software for the online companion, including keeping track of add-ons and plug-ins and liaising with ALA’s ITTS Department to troubleshoot technical issues.