Members Only Website Policies and Procedures

Authentication Goals/Objectives

Professional organizations facilitate shared knowledge, research and best practices among members. YALSA's growth and movement toward becoming a self-supporting division of ALA requires a strong committed membership.

The Members Only Web Site will:

  • Provide an additional membership benefit as part of the Membership Business Plan.
  • Provide a mechanism to share expanded information and enrichment opportunities for professional development.
  • Meet ALA/YALSA key action areas for Education and Continuous Learning through continuing education and professional development web-based learning.
  • Provide YALSA members with enhanced tools for literacy, programming, research and advocacy for library service to young adults.
  • Provide a mechanism for real-time online meetings and group discussions/classes.
  • Provide for publishing electronic newsletters and other specialized organization documents.
  • Utilize developing technology tools to provide YALSA members access to current, quality information in unique formats.
  • Provide a marketing tool as part of the YALSA Business Plan and a future YALSA Marketing Plan.

Selection Policy

The resource is selected to reflect strengths.

The content of the resource is appropriate to the needs and interests of the audience.

The resource is selected by staff in consultation with the President and/or web manager, if necessary.

The resource is used or has been used by professionals on the YALSA staff; or the resource has been reviewed by YALSA staff and is of acceptable authorship, content, purpose, and format.

Recommendations from members will be considered.

The resource is no older than three years, except for some historical or unique resources that may be older.

Permission to post has been acquired and/or no copyright laws are violated.

Links from the resources to the publishers/producers will not be provided, except for

a) resources published or produced by ALA, its units or divisions;

b) resources published or produced by other organizations in partnership with ALA, its units or divisions; and

c) resources accessible in full-text free of charge on the Internet.

Review Process

The selected resources will be reviewed for continuing relevancy and currency on a regular basis.

Reviewers will be the YALSA staff and web manager.

New resources will be added on a regular basis.

Resources recommended by members will be considered during the review process.


  • Handouts from conference programs
  • Annual annotated lists of recommended resources
  • Advance notice of awards when possible
  • Audiotapes of programs and speakers at special events
  • Videotapes related to library service to young adults
  • Resources from state association publications
  • Bibliographies for special events
  • Newsletter