YALSA Logo & Trademarks Use Policy

YALSA Logos & Trademarks Use Policy

All logos and marks of the Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA) are the proprietary property of the American Library Association and YALSA and the use of said logos and marks are restricted by this policy.

I.  Using YALSA logos and marks

A.     It is the policy of YALSA not to endorse products or materials. Information on products or materials of interest to librarians and library workers may be communicated to the membership through its publications, web site and other communication channels. Such action does not indicate endorsement by YALSA.  The logos may only be used in such a way that does not indicate or imply endorsement, so long as prior permission has been obtained.

B.     The YALSA logos and marks may be used by members-in-good-standing of the association, corporate sponsors, organizational partners, vendors, etc. only with the written permission of the association as granted by Board of Directors or its representative, the Executive Director of the association.

II.  Definitions

A.     Logo(s).  This refers to any past, current or subsequent design developed by the association as its graphic representation for the association itself and/or for specific initiatives, such as, but not limited to “YALSA,” “Teen Read Week™” and “Teen Tech Week™.”

B.     Mark(s). This refers to any past, current or subsequent trademarked word or phrase developed by the association, such as, but not limited to “Teen Read Week™” and “Teen Tech Week™.”

III.  Guidelines

A.     The YALSA logos and marks may be used as follows if prior written permission is sought and granted:

  1. On sponsor, partner or vendor websites
  2. In sponsor, partner or vendor collateral, promotional flyers, brochures, etc.
  3. As part of advertising copy relating to the sponsorship or partnership

B.     Use only logo files you obtain from YALSA through the association’s Communications Manager. Do not recreate the logos.

C.     The logos and marks may not be altered, modified, or obscured in any way. Logos must be used without disturbing or distorting the proportions or otherwise altering the impression they create.

D.     Background colors or patterns should never show through the logos.

E.      Copies of all printed material incorporating the YALSA logos and marks must be filed with the association.

F.      YALSA grants permission to libraries and other not-for-profits to use the Teen Read Week™ and Teen Tech Week™ marks and logos in conjunction with their Teen Read Week™ and Teen Tech Week™ activities, so long that neither is used for profit and that YALSA is properly credited.

G.     For corporations and for-profit entities, prior permission and licensing must be obtained before use of the marks and/or logos will be granted.  Corporations may make referential use of Teen Read Week™ and Teen Tech Week™ by, for example, publicizing the dates of the events in newsletters on websites, etc, and should properly credit YALSA as the owner of these initiatives .  Corporations cannot, however, use "Teen Read Week™" and Teen Tech Week™ or the logos in the names of their contests, initiatives, events, continuing education opportunities, etc. without prior permission from YALSA.  Corporations who wish to participate in and/or publicize Teen Read Week™ and Teen Tech Week™, are encouraged to contact the YALSA Executive Director.


IV. Improper Use of the YALSA Logo and/or Marks

A.     It is not permissible to insert any other words or phrases onto or into the logos and marks.

B.     Organizations may not use the logos and marks on merchandise intended for sale.


V.  Expiration, Termination or Non-Renewal

At such time a sponsorship or partnership expires, is terminated or is not renewed, the organization must remove the YALSA logos from its website and all other materials. Continued used of the YALSA logos and marks will be considered an infringement on the ALA/YALSA trademark.


Questions about YALSA’s logo use policy may be directed to YALSA’s Executive Director at 1.800.545.2433 x4390 or yalsa@ala.org.

--Adopted by the YALSA Board of Directors, August 2012