2022 Great Graphic Novels for Teens

Members of the 2022 Great Graphic Novels for Teens Blogging Team are: Crystal Chen, coordinator, The New York Public Library, New York, NY; Kathleen Barker, History UnErased, Plymouth, MI; Kelley Blue, Portland Public Library, Portland, ME; Denise Farley, Dekalb County Public Library, Decatur, GA; Dakota Hall, Bartholomew County Public Library, Columbus, IN; Cyndi Hamann, Arlington Heights Memorial Library, Arlington Heights, IL;

Kacy Helwick, New Orleans Public Library, New Orleans, LA; Rachel Johannigmeier, Kirkwood Public Library, St. Louis, MO; Mitzi Mack, Young Middle Magnet Library, Tampa, FL; Becky Proie, Western Allegheny Community Library, Oakdale, PA; Shaira Rock, Elmhurst Public Library, Elmhurst, IL;  Kiera Vargas, University of South Carolina (PhD student) and EPIFHANY, LLC, Columbia, SC; Dana Hutchins, administrative assistant, Tom DeFosset Learning Library at Jackson Middle School, San Antonio, TX.



*denotes a top ten title




Across the Tracks: Remembering Greenwood, Black Wall Street, and the Tulsa Race Massacre. By Alverne Ball. Art by Stacey Robinson. Abrams Books / Abrams ComicArts - Megascope, $15.99 (9781419755170). 

Greenwood is a prosperous city for Black Americans, until a deadly confrontation begun by a white mob ensues, leading to the massacre of 300 Black Americans in Tulsa. Greenwood's development and recovery are explored in this graphic novel.


*The Black Panther Party: A Graphic Novel History. By David F. Walker. Art by Marcus Kwame Anderson. Penguin Random House / Ten Speed Press, $19.99 (9781984857705). 

The rise of the revolutionary Black Panther Party—from its inception in 1966 Oakland, California, to its dissolution in the 1980s—is documented in this beautiful and riveting nonfiction comic.


Cheeky: A Head-to-Toe Memoir. By Ariella Elovic. 2020. Bloomsbury Publishing, $26.00 (9781635574524). 

Elovic describes her journey to accepting and loving her body as it is in this "cheeky" graphic novel.


Come Home, Indio. By Jim Terry. 2020. Street Noise Books, $16.99 (9781951491048). 

In this graphic memoir, Jim Terry shares what it was like growing up and feeling like an outsider in both his parents' heritage and culture, the impact of alcoholism on his family, and his experience protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline.


Feelings: A Story in Seasons. By Manjit Thapp. Penguin Random House, $21.99 (9780593129753). 

A young woman's emotional journey over the course of six seasons is beautifully depicted in this graphic novel.


Harriet Tubman: Toward Freedom. By Whit Taylor. Art by Kazimir Lee. Little Brown Books / The Center for Cartoon Studies Presents, $12.99 (9780759555518). 

Harriet Tubman’s journey to save her brothers and bring them to freedom is chronicled in this informative graphic biography. Her courage and activism is brought into sharp focus, providing insight into the mind of one of America’s most important historical figures.


How to Be Ace: A Memoir of Growing Up Asexual. By Rebecca Burgess. 2020. Jessica Kingsley Publishers, $18.95 (9781787752153). 

In this coming-of-age memoir, Burgess depicts their struggle with identity, mental health, and self-acceptance, giving readers an honest, funny, and relatable primer on asexuality—a spectrum of identity that is often misunderstood and misrepresented.


I'm a Wild Seed. By Sharon Lee De La Cruz. Street Noise Books, $12.99 (9781951491055). 

De La Cruz's vibrant and buoyant graphic memoir reflects on her journey to dismantle the effects of oppressive power structures on her identity as a queer Afro-Latina. 


In the Shadow of the Fallen Towers: The Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Days, Weeks, Months, and Years after the 9/11 Attacks. By Don Brown. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt / Etch, $19.99 (9780358223573). 

This graphic nonfiction uses the experiences of real individuals to tell the story of what happened on 9/11—not only the single event, but also the effects it had for years on people.


*Let's Talk About It: The Teen's Guide to Sex, Relationships, and Being a Human. By Erika Moen and Matthew Nolan. Penguin Random House / Random House Graphic, $23.99 (9781984893147). 

This comprehensive and easy-to-read guide discusses sex, consent, gender, and body image, as well as how to negotiate personal relationships and difficult situations. This guide is essential reading for growing teens.


Queer as All Get Out: 10 People Who've Inspired Me. By Shelby Criswell. Street Noise Books, $18.99 (9781951491079). 

Shelby Criswell explores the history of 10 queer people across the globe, reflecting on how these figures shaped and impacted them in their own exploration and understanding of their identity.


A Quick and Easy Guide to Consent. By Isabella Rotman. Art by Luke Howard. 2020. Oni Press / Limerence Press, $7.99 (9781620107945). 

This quick guide provides examples of all the ways consent should be present in relationships. "No means no" is not where consent ends, and the guide encourages partners in a relationship to each give an affirmative and enthusiastic "yes!"


*Run: Book One. By John Lewis, and Andrew Aydin. Art by L. Fury and Nate Powell. Abrams Books / Abrams ComicArts, $24.99 (9781419730696). 

John Lewis's story of hope and resistance lives on in this fantastic new continuation of the award-winning March series.


Seen: Edmonia Lewis. By Jasmine Walls. Art by Bex Glendining. 2020. BOOM! Studios / BOOM! Box, $5.99 (9781684156344). 

Follow the true story of artist and trailblazer Edmonia Lewis, who was driven to create and make her own path, in this series designed to highlight lesser known female-identifying historical figures.


Seen: Rachel Carson. By Birdie Willis. Art by Rii Abrego. BOOM! Studios / BOOM! Box, $5.99 (9781684156481). 

This graphic biography of marine biologist Rachel Carson traces her work and her fight to shine light on environmental crises.


We Hereby Refuse: Japanese American Resistance to Wartime Incarceration. By Frank Abe and Tamiko Nimura. Art by Matt Sasaki and Ross Ishikawa. Chin Music Press, $19.95 (9781634059763). 

The accounts of Jim Akutsu, Hiroshi Kashiwagi, and Mitsuye Endo's acts of defiance in the face of unjust Japanese American incarceration during WWII are interwoven together in this informative graphic nonfiction.


Welcome to the New World. By Jake Halpern. Art by Michael Sloan. 2020. Metropolitan Books, $21.99 (9781250305596). 

The Aldabaan family, refugees from Syria living in Jordan, finally receive travel visas to the United States and arrive on the day Donald Trump is elected President. This graphic novel chronicles their first few years in the US.



After the Rain. By Nnedi Okorafor and John Jennings (adapter). Art by David Brame. Abrams Books / Abrams ComicArts - Megascope, $22.99 (9781419743559).

Chioma is visiting relatives in Nigeria, when, on a stormy night, she opens the door to a strange boy missing half of his head. After this strange encounter, Chioma starts noticing odd smells and creatures around her, and as things escalate, she begins to question her reality.


The Ancient Magus' Bride: Wizard's Blue. By Makoto Shinkai. Art by Isuo Tsukomo. 

  • v.1. 2020. Seven Seas Entertainment, $12.99 (9781645058397).
  • v.2. Seven Seas Entertainment, $12.99 (9781645059868). 

In a spinoff of Ancient Magus' Bride, action and magic comes to Paris, France, where an artistic orphan, Ao, is chosen to be the inhuman Mage Giselle's groom. As Ao grows into his alchemical powers under Giselle's tutelage, he must also navigate his feelings for Giselle and whatever the future may bring.


The Apothecary Diaries, v.1. By Natsu Hyuuga. Art by Nekokurage. 2020. Square Enix Manga, $10.99 (9781646090709). 

Maomao is a palace servant who was sold into service to the Emperor. After saving one of the Emperor's heirs, she is promoted to food taster, where she is able to use her skills as an apothecary.


Artie and the Wolf Moon. By Olivia Stephens. Lerner Publishing Group / Graphic Universe, $16.99 (9781728420202). 

Artie discovers that her mother is a werewolf and that she has abilities of her own. While attempting to discover what happened to her missing father, she comes across other supernatural enemies.


*Asadora!. By Naoki Urasawa.

  • v.1. VIZ Media / VIZ Signature, $14.99 (9781974717460). 
  • v.2. VIZ Media / VIZ Signature, $14.99 (9781974720101). 
  • v.3. VIZ Media / VIZ Signature, $14.99 (9781974720118). 
  • v.4. VIZ Media / VIZ Signature, $14.99 (9781974722969). 

A storm sweeps into Nagoya, and young Asadora—with the help of unlikely friends—must find a way to rescue her family. But there's more to the storm than just rain and wind as Asa soon discovers.


Blue Flag. By KAITO.

  • v.6. VIZ Media, $12.99 (9781974713066). 
  • v.7. VIZ Media, $12.99 (9781974718757).
  • v.8. VIZ Media, $12.99 (9781974720941). 

Taichi, Futaba, Toma, and Mami's relationships are tested and must evolve in this concluding arc of this beloved series.


Blue Period. By Tsubasa Yamaguchi. 

  • v.2. Kodansha USA / Kodansha Comics, $12.99 (9781646511242). 
  • v.3. Kodansha USA / Kodansha Comics, $12.99 (9781646511259).

Yatora continues to challenge himself and improve his art in the hopes of entering a competitive art school.


*Boys Run the Riot. By Keito Gaku.

  • v.1. Kodansha USA / Kodansha Comics, $12.99 (9781646512485). 
  • v.2. Kodansha USA / Kodansha Comics, $12.99 (9781646511174). 
  • v.3. Kodansha USA / Kodansha Comics, $12.99 (9781646511198).

Ryo, a transgender teen, dresses in clothes that make him feel comfortable, even if they defy expectations. An unlikely friendship with a cisgender teenage delinquent named Jin soon leads the pair to a start-up clothing business. Follow them as they work to make their business a success!


Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Willow. By Mariko Tamaki. Art by Natacha Bustos. BOOM! Studios, $16.99 (9781684156887). 

Willow is a witch setting out on her own to deal with the trauma of recent events when she stumbles upon a community of witches. Willow is instantly welcomed, but there is something strange going on in this town where no one can leave.


Cells at Work! Baby, v.1. By Yasuhiro Fukuda and Akane Shimizu (original creator). Art by Yasuhiro Fukuda. Kodansha USA / Kodansha Comics, $12.99 (9781646512027). 

Take a behind-the-scenes look at the biology of a baby's body as anthropomorphized cells work to keep it safe in this educational and action-packed manga.


Champions, v.1: Outlawed. By Eve Ewing. Art by Kim Jacinto. Marvel Comics, $17.99 (9781302922900). 

When Ms. Marvel is injured as her civilian persona during battle, she is used as a figurehead for a new law banning super-heroics by anyone under age 21. In spite of a government-appointed task force, the Champions continue to fight.


Cheer Up!: Love and Pom Poms. By Crystal Fraiser. Art by Val Wise. Oni Press, $14.99 (9781620109557). 

Smart, antisocial cisgender Annie joins the cheerleading squad for college apps and crosses paths with her ex-friend BeeBee, a transgender girl seeking validation in school to keep her parents' support. The two rekindle their friendship and romance blooms.


Count. By Ibrahim Moustafa. Humanoids, $19.99 (9781643376349). 

Redxan Samud seeks revenge after he is punished and imprisoned for a crime he did not commit. His eventual escape puts him in a partnership with the group rebelling against the government in this action-packed sci-fi retelling of The Count of Monte Cristo.


The Crossroads at Midnight. By Abby Howard. Iron Circus Comics, $18.00 (9781945820687). 

Five Twilight Zone-like short stories mix real world issues with otherworldly horrors, ranging from terrifying to quietly sad. Amazing art pulls the reader in and heightens the suspense of each story.


The Curie Society. By Heather Einhorn, Adam Staffaroni, and Janet Harvey. Art by Sonia Liao. MIT Press, $18.95 (9780262539944). 

Simone, Taj, and Maya are all new to Edmonds University, and each specializes in a field of STEM which makes them candidates for the Curie Society, a group of female-identifying specialists.


Cyclopedia Exotica. By Aminder Dhaliwal. Drawn & Quarterly, $24.95 (9781770464377). 

In this thought-provoking and humorous comic, six cyclopes negotiate love, life, and the pressures of being “other” within a human and cyclopean world.


Delicates. By Brenna Thummler. Oni Press / Lion Forge, $14.99 (9781620107881). 

Marjorie, the main character of the graphic novel Sheets, is back in this thoughtful sequel. Marjorie is now popular but questions her place in the popular crowd, especially when they start bullying paranormal-believer Eliza.


The Dire Days of Willowweep Manor. By Shaenon K. Garrity. Art by Christopher Baldwin. Simon & Schuster / Margaret K. McElderry Books, $21.99 (9781534460874). 

After jumping into the river to rescue a handsome young man, Haley wakes in Willowweep, a Gothic mansion like those in her favorite books. With a trio of brothers, she must use her knowledge of literary tropes to save Willowweep from an evil force.


Djeliya. By Juni Ba. TKO Studios, $14.99 (9781952203244). 

Mansour Keita and Awa Kouyaté go on a quest to various lands to recover their old kingdom in this West African folklore-inspired tale.


Drifting Dragons. By Taku Kuwabara. 

  • v.6. 2020. Kodansha USA / Kodansha Comics, $12.99 (9781646510351). 
  • v.7. 2020. Kodansha USA / Kodansha Comics, $12.99 (9781646510368). 
  • v.8. Kodansha USA / Kodansha Comics, $12.99 (9781646510283).

The crew of the draking ship, Quin Zaza, continue to enjoy their lives of hunting and eating dragons, while the backstories of several characters are revealed.


Eighty Days. By A.C. Esguerra. BOOM! Studios / Archaia, $29.99 (9781684156573). 

Jay, a pilot who enjoys his peaceful life of flying, finds himself drawn into adventure and danger when he meets and falls for a mysterious thief, Fix, in this thrilling and cinematic aviation tale.


Four Faces of the Moon. By Amanda Strong. Annick Press, $24.95 (9781773214542). 

Spotted Fawn travels through time to meet her Métis, Cree, and Anishnaabe ancestors and must reconcile the past with the present in this haunting stop-motion animation adaptation.


Friends Forever. By Shannon Hale. Art by LeUyen Pham. Macmillan / First Second, $12.99 (9781250317568). 

Concluding the Real Friends trilogy, author Shannon Hale recounts her 8th-grade year as she deals with friendships, sexism, and relationships, as well as her own depression and OCD.


Future State: Wonder Woman. By Becky Cloonan, Michael Conrad, Joëlle Jones, and L.L. McKinney. Art by Jen Bartel, Leila del Duca, Joëlle Jones, and Alitha Martinez. DC Comics, $12.99 (9781779510747). 

This delightful Wonder Woman anthology follows Maria Flor, Nubia, and Diana Prince on their various adventures as they square off against impossible odds and always win the day.


Ghosted in L.A. By Sina Grace. Art by Siobhan Keenan. 

  • v.2. 2020. BOOM! Studios / BOOM! Box, $14.99 (9781684155415).
  • v.3. 2020. BOOM! Studios / BOOM! Box, $14.99 (9781684156047).

Now settled into Rycroft Manor, Daphne must put to rest some ghostly complications and figure out the rest of her life—assuming she still has one.


A Girl Called Echo, v.4: Road Allowance Era. By Katherena Vermette. Art by Scott B. Henderson and Donovan Yaciuk. HighWater Press, $19.95 (9781553799306). 

Echo, a Métis teenager, has the ability to travel into her ancestors' past during important cultural events. As she continues her journeys to the past, Echo must decide what her future will look like.


*The Girl from the Sea. By Molly Knox Ostertag. Scholastic / Graphix, $24.99 (9781338540581). 

Morgan does her best not to stand out in her small seaside town and hides her true self. During the summer, she kisses a girl, Keltie, who turns out to be a mythical creature called a selkie in this summer romance.


The Golden Hour. By Niki Smith. Little, Brown and Company / Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, $12.99 (9780316540339). 

After an active shooter event, young Manuel Soto is struggling with PTSD and derealization, and he learns to cope through photography. When he befriends two classmates, he finds himself beginning to open up more to the world.


*The Hazards of Love, v.1: Bright World. By Stan Stanley. Oni Press, $19.99 (9781620108574). 

Amparo makes a deal with a talking cat who promises to improve their life, but ends up in a place called Bright World. Now, Amparo has to find a way to get back to their own life without losing all of their memories.


Heartstopper, v.3. By Alice Oseman. Scholastic / Graphix, $14.99 (9781338617528). 

Nick and Charlie are officially dating, but sharing the news is challenging. During a class trip to Paris, they enjoy some romantic moments while also learning more about each others’ hopes and fears.


Heaven's Design Team. By Hebi-Zou and Tsuta Suzuki. Art by Tarako. 

  • v.1. 2020. Kodansha USA / Kodansha Comics, $12.99 (9781646511136). 
  • v.2. 2020. Kodansha USA / Kodansha Comics, $12.99 (9781646511297). 
  • v.3. Kodansha USA / Kodansha Comics, $12.99 (9781646511303). 
  • v.4. Kodansha USA / Kodansha Comics, $12.99 (9781646511310).

When it comes to designing animals for Earth, the work has been outsourced to a design team. They all have different ideas for animals, some stranger than others, and must work together to have their animals approved—quirks and all!


*Himawari House. By Harmony Becker. Macmillan / First Second, $24.99 (9781250235565). 

At Himawari House, three foreign exchange students reveal old histories and forge new paths forward in this beautiful story about love, family, and belonging.


Home Sick Pilots, v.1: Teenage Haunts. By Dan Watters. Art by Caspar Wijngaard. Image Comics, $9.99 (9781534318922). 

It's 1994 and teenage grunge band Home Sick Pilots plan a gig in the Old James House to show-up their rivals, Nuclear Bastards. They were not expecting to become wrapped up in the horrors of the home and the ghosts that inhabit it.


I Am Not Starfire. By Mariko Tamaki. Art by Yoshi Yoshitani. DC Comics, $16.99 (9781779501264). 

Goth Mandy knows she is nothing like Starfire, her sparkly, beautiful, alien, superhero mother. And she also knows if she never tries (in P.E., on the SAT, to talk to her crush), she won't have to deal with failure. But maybe there's more to Mandy than just being the daughter of a superhero.


I Think Our Son Is Gay. By Okura.

  • v.1. Square Enix Manga, $12.99 (9781646090921). 
  • v.2. Square Enix Manga, $12.99 (9781646091126). 

Tomoko, a supportive and loving mother, suspects her awkward son Hiroki might be gay but decides to let him figure it out for himself in this funny and heartwarming manga.


The Impending Blindness of Billie Scott. By Zoe Thorogood. 2020. Avery Hill Publishing, $16.95 (9781910395561). 

Billie, a rising artist, discovers she is going blind and decides to go on a trip to make original paintings. The people she meets and places she visits all guide her towards her future as an artist.


Incredible Doom, v.1. By Matthew Bogart and Jesse Holden. HarperCollins / HarperAlley, $16.99 (9780063064935). 

Four teens find their lives entwined when they connect to Evol BBS, a dial-in bulletin board system from the early days of the Internet. 


Jukebox. By Nidhi Chanani. Macmillan / First Second, $21.99 (9781250156372). 

When Shaheen's music loving father disappears, she and her cousin, Tanaaz, find a time-traveling jukebox that may be behind her father's disappearance.


Juliet Takes a Breath: The Graphic Novel. By Gabby Rivera. Art by Celia Moscote. 2020. BOOM! Studios / BOOM! Box, $14.99 (9781684156115). 

Juliet is leaving home for the first time to work with her favorite feminist author. She's also just come out to her Puerto Rican family, falls in (and out) of love with her first girlfriend, handles her asthma, and faces microaggressions as a queer Latinx teenager. Will she survive the summer?


Kageki Shojo!!, v.1. By Kumiko Saiki. Seven Seas Entertainment, $12.99 (9781648275852). 

Sarasa is a tall, energetic teenager who wants to be one of the stars of the all-female acting group at the Kouka School. Along with her new friend, the stoic former J-pop idol Ai, she will do her best to see if she has what it takes.


King Deadpool. By Kelly Thompson.

  • v.1: Hail to the King. Art by Chris Bachalo. 2020. Marvel Comics, $17.99 (9781302921033). 
  • v.2. Art by Gerardo Sandoval. Marvel Comics, $15.99 (9781302921040). 

Monsters have taken up ownership and residence on Staten Island, and Deadpool has been hired to take out their king to get them to leave. Except once he kills the king, he becomes King Deadpool and decides it’s not so easy to give up his new kingdom.


The Leak. By Kate Reed Petty. Art by Andrea Bell. Macmillan / First Second, $22.99 (9781250217967). 

Ruth is a middle schooler working on becoming an investigative journalist when she discovers a story that could have big consequences for her town. Ruth is willing to do what it takes to uncover the truth, but not everything is as it seems.


The Legend of Auntie Po. By Shing Yin Kohr. Penguin Random House / Kokila, $22.99 (9780525554882). 

Mei works at a logging camp with her father in the 1880s, and in the face of racial injustice, uses storytelling to create a larger-than-life figure, Auntie Po. It is not long before Mei realizes her creation may exist in the real world.


Life of Melody. By Mari Costa. Seven Seas Entertainment / Hiveworks, $15.99 (9781648276491). 

A baby is found in the woods, and when Razzamatazz (a fairy godfather) and Bon (a monster of the troll variant) both want to keep the baby, they decide the best solution is to co-raise her together, despite the fact they loathe each other.


Lifetime Passes. By Terry Blas. Art by Claudia Aguirre. Abrams Books / Abrams ComicArts - Surely, $23.99 (9781419746666). 

Jackie and friends have a devious plan to get lifetime passes to the theme park Kingdom Adventure: someone in their group needs to die. But their twisted scam takes a turn when they meet Valley Care Living seniors' home resident Phyllis.


Love Me, Love Me Not. By Io Sakisaka. 

  • v.6. VIZ Media / Shojo Beat, $9.99 (9781974713141). 
  • v.7. VIZ Media / Shojo Beat, $9.99 (9781974713158). 
  • v.8. VIZ Media / Shojo Beat, $9.99 (9781974713165). 
  • v.9. VIZ Media / Shojo Beat, $9.99 (9781974713172). 
  • v.10. VIZ Media / Shojo Beat, $9.99 (9781974713189). 

Four friends, Akari, Kazuomi, Rio, and Yuna, continue to negotiate their complicated romantic feelings for each other, while trying to maintain their friendships.


Manga Classics: Anne of Green Gables. By L.M. Montgomery and Crystal Chan. Art by Kuma Chan. 2020. Manga Classics, $19.99 (9781947808188). 

In this manga adaptation, Anne, an orphan, arrives on Prince Edward Island, bringing joy, imagination, and drama to her adopted family, Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert.


Mashle: Magic and Muscles, v.1. By Hajime Komoto. VIZ Media, $9.99 (9781974719297). 

Mash is put into seclusion by his father, and he works out to make up for his lack of magic. Despite his lack of ability, he’s sent to a school for magic and must fake his way through it using his unbelievable strength in this humorous spoof of fantasy’s magical school subgenre.


Miles Morales, v.4: Ultimatum. By Saladin Ahmed. Art by Cory Smith, Marcelo Ferreira, and Carmen Carnero. Marvel Comics, $17.99 (9781302920173). 

With a new baby sister and his uncle's return, Miles finds himself with more responsibilities on top of being Brooklyn's Spider-Man. Things become more complicated when a villain called Ultimatum ramps up his takeover of crime in Brooklyn.


Ms. Marvel by Saladin Ahmed, v.3: Outlawed. By Saladin Ahmed. Art by Minkyu Jung. Marvel Comics, $17.99 (9781302925000). 

Ms. Marvel faces one of the biggest challenges to her superhero career—the government arresting teen superheroes. What’s worse is that the accident that spurred the law has Kamala stuck in the center of it all in her civilian identity.


My Love Mix Up!, v.1. By Wataru Hinekure. Art by Aruko. VIZ Media / Shojo Beat, $9.99 (9781974725274). 

Aoki has a crush on Hashimoto. But he discovers she has a crush on Ida—the guy who sits in front of Aoki. When Ida accidentally comes across a love confession, Aoki protects Hashimoto's feelings by claiming he wrote it. Hijinks ensue.


The Night Marchers and Other Oceanian Tales. By Kate Ashwin (editor), Sloane Leong (editor), and Kel McDonald (editor). Iron Circus Comics, $14.59 (9781945820793). 

This compelling and fast-paced anthology collects a variety of stories—at turns funny, lively, and dark—inspired by folklore and legends from Oceania.


*Nubia: Real One. By L.L. McKinney. Art by Robyn Smith. DC Comics, $16.99 (9781401296407). 

Seen as a threat when she’s trying to help, Nubia has always kept her super-strength hidden from the public eye. But when her loved ones are in trouble, she must step out of the shadows and into her power.


Odessa. By Jonathan Hill. 2020. Oni Press, $19.99 (9781620107898). 

Eight years after a massive earthquake turns America into a post-apocalyptic landscape, 18-year-old Ginny and her brothers find their mettle tested as they set out to find their missing mother. 


The Okay Witch and the Hungry Shadow. By Emma Steinkellner. Simon & Schuster / Aladdin, $17.99 (9781534431485). 

Moth Hush is getting used to her new powers while navigating the social perils of middle school. When she discovers an enchanted artifact that makes her popular, will she be able to resist this charming yet sinister version of herself?


Omni. By Devin Grayson and Melody Cooper.

  • v.1: The Doctor Is In. By Devin Grayson. Art by Alitha Martinez. 2020. Humanoids / H1, $14.99 (9781643376196). 
  • v.2: No More Hate. By Melody Cooper. Art by Enid Balam and Giovanni Valletta. Humanoids / H1, $17.99 (9781643376059). 

After a life-or-death situation, Dr. Cecelia Cobbina finds herself suddenly “ignited” with powers. Now, Cecelia is on a journey to find ordinary folks, like herself, who are igniting with new powers in a world that has had enough.


Parenthesis. By Élodie Durand and Edward Gauvin (translator). Art by Élodie Durand. IDW Publishing / Top Shelf Productions, $19.99 (9781603094818). 

Judith’s life is forever changed when a tumor triggers seizures and memory loss. Her experience navigating this new reality is hauntingly expressed through this graphic memoir.


Poison Ivy: Thorns. By Kody Keplinger. Art by Sara Kipin. DC Comics, $16.99 (9781401298425). 

Pamela Isley turns to ecoterrorism to protect a park she loved to visit with her sick mother. Things become complicated when her actions cause a cute classmate to stay at her house, endangering family secrets.


Quincredible, v.2: The Hero Within. By Rodney Barnes. Art by Selina Espiritu. Oni Press, $14.99 (9781620109366). 

Quinton West is back again to save his New Orleans community from a new villain! Luckily, he has superhero Glow and his parents on his side…and maybe even a ghost?


The Reckoner Rises, v.1: Breakdown. By David A. Robertson. Art by Scott B. Henderson. HighWater Press, $21.95 (9781553798903). 

In the aftermath of illegal experimentation at Mihko Laboratories, Indigenous teens are left with powers. One teen, Cole, finds himself haunted by the past which becomes all too real when these visions start appearing all the time.


Renegade Rule. By Ben Kahn and Rachel Silverstein. Art by Sam Beck. Dark Horse Books, $19.99 (9781506718019). 

Renegade Rule is one of the most popular VR video games out there, and the Manhattan Mists have made it to a tournament to compete with other teams. The question is, can their friendship survive as the competition goes on?


Runaways by Rainbow Rowell, v.6: Come Away with Me. By Rainbow Rowell. Art by Natacha Bustos and Andres Genolet. Marvel Comics, $24.99 (9781302925567). 

The Runaways are re-adjusting to their new normal which means work, school, relationship drama, and more. When a mysterious, yet familiar, visitor is revealed to the Runaways, will this mean the end for their found family?


Sabrina the Teenage Witch, v.2: Something Wicked. By Kelly Thompson. Art by Veronica Fish, Andy Fish, and Jack Morelli. Archie Comics, $14.99 (9781645769620). 

Sabrina continues to try to balance her love life, friendships, and her witchy heritage in volume two of this fun supernatural series. But when those closest to her start acting strangely, Sabrina has to figure out who she can truly trust.


Satoko and Nada, v.4. By Yupechika. 2020. Seven Seas Entertainment, $12.99 (9781645055259). 

Satoko and Nada's time at university together comes to a poignant end, and they must proceed to life back in their respective homelands.


Seven Secrets, v.1. By Tom Taylor. Art by Daniele Di Nicuolo. BOOM! Studios, $16.99 (9781684157068). 

There are seven secrets that could mean doom if they are ever revealed. Each secret is carried by a member of the Order and protected by another. This is the story of one secret being revealed and the destiny of new Order member Caspar.


Shang-Chi by Gene Luen Yang, v.1: Brothers and Sisters. By Gene Luen Yang. Art by Dike Ruan and Philip Tan. Marvel Comics, $15.99 (9781302924850). 

Raised by his father to be an ultimate weapon, Shang-Chi instead becomes a hero. However, Shang-Chi finds himself returning to family matters as a war over the Commander of the Five Hands Society begins.


Slaughterhouse-Five, or the Children's Crusade: A Graphic Novel Adaptation. By Kurt Vonnegut and Ryan North. Art by Albert Monteys. 2020. BOOM! Studios / Archaia, $24.99 (9781684156252). 

In this adaptation of Vonnegut's classic tale, Billy Pilgrim becomes "unstuck in time," simultaneously living through the firebombing of Dresden and the whole rest of his life. Billy is searching for something meaningful, but what?


*Solo Leveling. By Chugong. Art by Dubu (Redice Studio).

  • v.1. Yen Press, $20.00 (9781975319434). 
  • v.2. Yen Press, $20.00 (9781975319458). 

Jinwoo Sung is a weak and lowly E-rank hunter, but after surviving a deadly battle, he discovers a mysterious ability to level up in strength and skill.


Specter Inspectors. By Bowen McCurdy. Art by Kaitlyn Musto. BOOM! Studios / BOOM! Box, $14.99 (9781684157402). 

Noa heads to a haunted town to prove ghosts exist. In tow are her sibling Gus, cameraman Ko, and crush Astrid. Will Noa find what she's looking for or something more?


The Sprite and the Gardener. By Rii Abrego and Joe Whitt. Oni Press, $17.99 (9781620109069). 

Wisteria, a tiny sprite, meets and becomes friends with a young human and helps bring a garden magically to life.


Squad. By Maggie Tokuda-Hall. Art by Lisa Sterle. HarperCollins / Greenwillow, $12.99 (9780062943149). 

Becca moves to a new school and becomes a part of the in-crowd squad. Life gets complicated when Becca discovers two things: her squad transforms into wolfish hunters, and she may be in love with one of them. Will Becca end up as prey or predator?


Star Wars: Doctor Aphra, v.1: Fortune and Fate. By Alyssa Wong. Art by Marika Cresta. Marvel Comics, $15.99 (9781302923044). 

Doctor Aphra is the galaxy's best archaeologist for hire and also one of its biggest scoundrels. She has a new crew and is on a quest to find a powerful ring (one that an old flame happens to be an expert on). Double crossings, powerful criminal bosses, and traps are all that stand in Aphra's way!


Star Wars: The Edge of Balance. By Shima Shinya and Justina Ireland. Art by Mizuki Sakakibara. VIZ Media, $14.99 (9781974725885). 

Jedi Knight Lily Tora-Asi, along with her padawan, Keerin Fionn, and mentor, Master Arkoff, work to acclimate refugees to a new planet after the Hyperspace Disaster.


Stephen McCranie's Space Boy, v.9. By Stephen McCranie. Dark Horse Books, $10.99 (9781506718835). 

In this ninth installment, Oliver and Amy try to regain their equilibrium at the dance after an attack. Meanwhile, a rogue agent is closing in on them with potentially deadly consequences.


Sugar Falls: A Residential School Story. By David A. Robertson. Art by Scott B. Henderson. HighWater Press, $21.95 (9781553799757). 

Betty Ross's experiences in a residential school is recounted in this graphic novel based on true events. The abusive environment created by the priest and nuns threatens the children's heritage, but Betty survives, growing up to be a Cree language translator.


Surviving the City, v.2: From the Roots Up. By Tasha Spillett. Art by Natasha Donovan. 2020. HighWater Press, $19.95 (9781553798989). 

In this continuing story of the friendship between two Indigenous teens, Miikwan tries to support Dez, who is dealing with the grief of her grandmother's passing, while also figuring out her place in her community as a Two-Spirit person.


The Tea Dragon Tapestry. By K. O'Neill. Oni Press, $21.99 (9781620107744). 

Return to the magical world of Tea Dragons one more time for a tale of friendship and family, finding yourself, and of course, drinking tea and caring for Tea Dragons.


Teen Titans: Beast Boy Loves Raven. By Kami Garcia. Art by Gabriel Picolo. DC Comics, $16.99 (9781779503862). 

As they arrive in New Orleans to meet up with the mysterious Slade Wilson, Gar Logan and Rachel Roth finally meet! Love is in the air, but the two teens also have to evade the scientists of H.I.V.E. who are interested in their powers.


That Full Moon Feeling. By Ashley Robin Franklin. Silver Sprocket, $14.99 (9781945509568). 

Suzy's a witch, Jada's a werewolf, and romance is in the air as the two go out on dates. The dates have a few mishaps (bad movies, skeletons attacking, etc.), but together, they overcome these obstacles to have some very rad experiences.


Thirsty Mermaids. By Kat Leyh. Simon & Schuster / Gallery 13, $29.99 (9781982133573). 

Three merfolk pals run out of booze and ill-advisedly decide to magic themselves some legs. Problems, chaos, and fun arise when they find out they don't know how to change back.


Twins. By Varian Johnson. Art by Shannon Wright. 2020. Scholastic / Graphix, $12.99 (9781338236132). 

Twins Maureen and Francine do everything together. But at the start of a new school year, Fran is looking for some independence and Maureen feels left in the dust. Will these sisters stick together?


The Way of the Househusband. By Kousuke Oono. 

  • v.5. VIZ Media / VIZ Signature, $12.99 (9781974721771). 
  • v.6. VIZ Media / VIZ Signature, $12.99 (9781974724611). 

Tatsu is a dangerous former yakuza now turned househusband. In this humorous slice-of-life manga series, Tatsu—aka the Immortal Dragon—fights his most deadly battles yet: the rap battle and the buffet battle.


What If We Were. By Axelle Lenoir. 2020. IDW Publishing / Top Shelf Productions, $14.99 (9781603094801). 

Through the imaginative game of “What If,” best friends Nat and Marie while away the time, giving readers glimpses of their lives and relationships. But when one of them starts falling for a classmate, will Nat and Marie's friendship remain the same?


Whisper Me a Love Song, v.1. By Eku Takeshima. 2020. Kodansha USA / Kodansha Comics, $12.99 (9781646511158). 

A first-year high school student, Himari, declares her love to a third-year student, Yori, after hearing her sing. Yori confesses to Himari in return, but do they mean the same thing?


Whistle: A New Gotham City Hero. By E. Lockhart. Art by Manuel Preitano. DC Comics, $16.99 (9781401293222). 

Willow cares about her community, her family, and making the world a better place. If she has to find a less-than-legal way to make money for the right reasons, isn't that okay? Obtaining superpowers was never a part of the plan though.


Wicked Things. By John Allison. Art by Max Sarin. BOOM! Studios / BOOM! Box, $16.99 (9781684156061). 

Lottie Grote has been solving mysteries since she was a wee lass in Tackleford. Now grown up, she's at the top of her game. But when she's suddenly accused of murder (!!), she must work with the Metropolitan Police to find out who framed her and why!


Witch Hat Atelier, v.7. By Kamome Shirahama. Kodansha USA / Kodansha Comics, $12.99 (9781646510788). 

Coco's story continues in volume seven as she learns how her teacher, Qilfrey, became a witch. Coco then must make a decision in her quest to save her mother.


X-Factor. By Leah Williams.

  • v.1. Art by David Baldeón. Marvel Comics, $15.99 (9781302921842). 
  • v.2. Art by David Baldeon, Lucas Werneck, and David Messina. Marvel Comics, $15.99 (9781302921859). 

Krakoa is a mutant paradise where any mutant can be brought back from death. Sometimes these mutants die under mysterious circumstances, and X-Factor must use their skills to solve these mysteries.


Yasmeen. By Saif A. Ahmed. Art by Fabiana Mascolo. Scout Comics, $19.99 (9781949514698). 

Alternating between the present and the past, Yasmeen tells the story of an Iraqi teen girl’s survival and recovery after escaping ISIS captivity and coming to America as a refugee.