2016 YALSA Election Results


The ALA/YALSA election was open March 15, 2016 - April 22, 2016.  The results of the election are listed below.  View the sample YALSA ballot (.pdf) for details about the candidates.  For more election information, visit the ALA site.

Bylaws proposals: all proposals relating to updating or modifying the bylaws passed

Sandra Hughes Hassell

Crystle Martin

Board Member-at-Large -- three year term
Franklin Escobedo
Kafi Kumasi
Mega Subramaniam

Board Member-at-Large -- one year term to fill vacancy
Jessica Snow

2018 Edwards Award Committee
Jonathan Hunt
Vanessa Irvin
Jennie Rothschild

2018 Nonfiction Award Committee
Jan Chapman
Sarah Okner
Wendy Stephens
Dorcas Wong

2018 Printz Award Committee
Edi Campbell
Jenna Friebel
Traci Glass
Scot Smith