2016 Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults

The 2016 list, which is composed of 88 titles drawn from 176 official nominations, is arranged by the following four topics:

Fairy Tales Retold: Once Upon a Twisted Time

  • These titles feature both traditional fairy tale retellings and more contemporary titles that blend several tales together.

Get Graphic: Graphic Novels

  • This list of graphic novels includes both fiction and non-fiction titles, as well as comic books, manga, and narratives.

Post-Apocalyptic: It's the End of the World As We Know It

  • Given the extreme popularity of dystopian novels, these titles will satiate the fans of the genre.

Unreliable Narrators: Don't Believe a Word

  • Twists and turns await readers in this list where you can’t take anyone’s word at face value.

Members of the Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults Committee are: Kathryn (Katie) Salo, chair, Indian Prairie Public Library, Darien, IL; Heather Love Beverley, Cook Memorial Public Library District, Libertyville, IL; Joan Callen, Currently unemployed librarian, Waukesha WI; Emma Carbone, Brooklyn Public Library, Brooklyn, NY; Alison Edwards, Prince of Wales Collegiate, St. John's, NL, Canada; Mark Flowers, Rio Vista Library, Rio Vista, CA; KE Hones, SFUSD Continuation High Schools, San Francisco, CA; Yolanda Hood, University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL; Jennifer Kendall, Prescott Public Library, Prescott, AZ; Amanda Margis, Northbrook Public Library, Northbrook, IL; Ryan Paulsen, New Rochelle High School, New Rochelle, NY; Ileana Pulu, San Francisco Public Library - Visitacion Valley Branch, San Francisco, CA; Patty Ramirez, DPL-Grauwyler Park Branch Library, Dallas, TX; Staci Terrell, Anderson Public Library, Anderson, IN; Craig Varley, Canaan Schools & Alice M. Ward Public Library, Canaan VT; Kathleen Breitenbach, administrative assistant, Hamilton Township Public Library, Hamilton, NJ

* denotes the title was selected as a top ten.

Download a handout of the list here.

Fairy Tales Retold: Once Upon a Twisted Time

Subcommittee Chair: Emma Carbone
Heather Beverley
Alison Edwards
Mark Flowers
Jennifer Kendall
Patty Ramirez
Kathryn (Katie) Salo
Craig Varley


Block, Francesca Lia. The Rose and the Beast: Fairy Tales Retold. HarperTeen, 2001; ISBN 13: 9780064407458; $9.99. Lyrical and modern retellings of beloved fairy tales such as Snow White, Thumbelina, Cinderella and many others. Multiple retellings.

Bunce, Elizabeth C.. A Curse As Dark As Gold. Scholastic Paperbacks, 2010; ISBN 13: 9780439895774; $9.99. Seventeen-year-old Charlotte struggles to keep the family's woolen mill running in the face of an overwhelming mortgage, but when a man capable of spinning straw into gold appears on the scene she must decide if his help is worth the price. Retelling of Rumpelstiltskin.

Cross, Sarah. Kill Me Softly. Egmont USA, 2013; ISBN 13: 9781606844953; $9.99. Mira has led a very sheltered, protected life and her godmothers are happy about that, but when Mira goes to her birthplace she finds that everyone is living a fairytale life – including Mira. Multiple retellings.

Dixon, Heather. Entwined. Greenwillow, 2012; ISBN 13: 9780062001047; $9.99. Azalea and her eleven younger sisters have been forbidden to dance since their mother’s death, but Azalea has discovered a hidden path in their castle where they can dance their sorrow away. Retelling of The Twelve Dancing Princesses.

Durst, Sarah Beth. Ice. Margaret K. McElderry, 2010; ISBN 13: 9781416986447; $8.99. After Cassie accepts a bargain from the Polar Bear King to save her long-lost mother, Cassie will embark on her own journey through unbelievable wonders and countless dangers that will bring her east of the sun and west of the moon as she chases her truest desires for her future. Retelling of East of the Sun, West of the Moon.

Flinn, Alex. Beastly. HarperTeen, 2011; ISBN 13: 9780061963285; $9.99. Kyle Kingsbury is one of the most popular kids in school and spoiled by his rich father. But when Kyle crosses the wrong girl, he discovers that he now looks as ugly as he acts. Can anyone help him return to normal? Retelling of Beauty and the Beast.

George, Jessica Day. Princess of the Midnight Ball. Bloomsbury USA, 2010; ISBN 13: 9781599904559; $9.99. Rose and her eleven younger sisters must dance every night at a midnight ball because of a debt that their mother made years ago.  Now, the King wants to know how his daughters are able to go dancing every night when they are locked in their room. Retelling of The Twelve Dancing Princesses.

Haddix, Margaret Peterson. Just Ella. Simon & Schuster, 2015; ISBN 13: 9781481420211; $9.99. Everyone knows the story of Cinderella ends with happily ever after, but what if it didn’t? In this continuation, Ella finds that her happiness may not lie inside the castle with the prince. Retelling of Cinderella.

* Hale, Shannon. Book of a Thousand Days. Bloomsbury USA, 2009; ISBN 13: 9781599903781; $9.99. Lady Saren refuses to marry a powerful lord, and is punished by being imprisoned in a tower by her father. Dashti, a maid servant to Lady Saren, recounts their years of imprisonment and eventual freedom. Retelling of the Grimm tale Maid Maleen.

Hodge, Rosamund. Cruel Beauty. Balzer & Bray, 2015; ISBN 13: 9780062224743; $9.99. All her life, Nyx has trained and prepared for the day that she would be given to the demon Ignifex, an immortal who holds her island home hostage with his shadow monsters. She arrives at his castle, ready to be both bride and killer, but discovers that there is more to Ignifex and her world than she ever could have imagined. Retelling of Beauty and the Beast.

Kontis, Alethea. Enchanted. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2013; ISBN 13: 9780544022188; $8.99. Sunday Woodcutter must learn to deal with her eccentric family, her magical powers, and the talking frog who just wants to be her friend…and perhaps get a kiss. Retelling of The Frog Prince.

Lanagan, Margo. Tender Morsels. Ember, 2010; ISBN 13: 9780375843051; $11.99. Liga, a young woman who had endured unspeakable anguish, is magically whisked away to a fantasy realm to raise her daughters in peace. But as her daughters grow, the cracks between their fantasy life and the real world begin to show and all three woman must make a choice about what world they want to live in. Retelling of Snow White and Rose Red.

Lewis, R.C.. Stitching Snow. Disney Press, 2015; ISBN 13: 9781423194682; $9.99. Essie is used to her life, living in the cold and tinkering with her seven robots/drones, but when a mysterious stranger named Dane literally crashes in her life, a secret is revealed. Retelling of Snow White.

Lin, Grace. Where the Mountain Meets the Moon. Little Brown & Co, 2011; ISBN 13: 9780316038638; $9.99. Seeking to change her family's increasingly bad fortune, Minli sets out on a quest to find the mythical Old Man of the Moon. Soon, Minli's quest becomes intertwined with a series of ancient Chinese fairy tales. Multiple retellings.

Marillier, Juliet. Wildwood Dancing. Alfred A. Knopf Inc, 2008; ISBN 13: 9780375844744; $10.99. For nine years of full moons, five sisters have traveled through a portal in the Transylvanian woods near their home to go dancing in the mysterious Wildwood with creatures rarely seen outside of fairy tales. The girls, and the secret of the portal, have always been safe – until now. Retelling of The Twelve Dancing Princesses.

McKinley, Robin. Beauty: A Retelling of the Story Beauty and the Beast. HarperTeen, 2005; ISBN 13: 9780060753108; $8.99. Beauty has never felt like her nickname fits her – after all, she isn’t beautiful – but when her father promises her to the Beast, she is determined to be courageous. Retelling of Beauty and the Beast. 

* Meyer, Marissa. Cinder. Square Fish, 2013; ISBN 13: 9781250007209; $9.99. Set in a futuristic world, Cinder, a cyborg, must deal with her family, a deadly plague, intergalactic politics, and a growing relationship with Prince Kai. Only through learning about her past can she decide who controls her future: her stepmother who resents her, the Lunar Leader Levana who wishes for her death, or Cinder herself. Retelling of Cinderella.

Pearce, Jackson. Sisters Red. Little Brown & Co, 2011; ISBN 13: 9780316068673; $8.99. Armed with bright red cloaks and sharp weapons, sisters Scarlett and Rosie fight side by side against the Fenris – werewolves – who hunt and kill young girls. When there’s an unexpected spike in Fenris attacks, the sisters, along with their good friend and woodsman Silas, venture beyond their woods and into the city, where more than just Fenris await them. Retelling of Little Red Riding Hood.

Pope, Elizabeth Marie. The Perilous Gard. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2001; ISBN 13: 9780618150731; $6.99. When Kate Sutton is exiled to a distant castle called the Perilous Gard by Queen Mary Tudor, she soon realizes that the place is hiding a secret tied to fairy folklore and human sacrifice. Retelling of Tam Lin.

Schmidt, Gary D.. Straw into Gold. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2009; ISBN 13: 9780547237763; $7.99. Tousle and Innes are ordered by the King to solve a riddle in order to spare their lives. The boys begin a harrowing journey to meet up with the queen in order to get their answer. Retelling of Rumpelstiltskin.

Sheehan, Anna. A Long, Long Sleep. Candlewick Press, 2013; ISBN 13: 9780763663469; $7.99. After a sixty-year sleep, Rosalinda awakes with a kiss into a world drastically changed from what she once knew. Lost in the future, haunted by ghosts of the past, and hunted by a deadly assassin, Rosalinda must fight to stay awake and alive in her new world.  Retelling of Sleeping Beauty.

St. Crow, Lili. Nameless. Razorbill, 2014; ISBN 13: 9781595146182; $9.99. Found alone in the snow when she was six, Camille was adopted by the powerful Vultusino family, one of the Seven Families that rule New Haven. Now sixteen, the mysteries of Camille’s birth and discovery are returning to threaten her and her safety among the Family.  Retelling of Snow White.

* Yolen, Jane. Briar Rose. Tor Teen, 2002; ISBN 13: 9780765342300; $6.99. While trying to learn more about her grandmother, Rebecca stumbles onto a mystery about her past. Little did she – or her family – know that her grandmother survived the Holocaust in a survival tale which mirrors that of a fairy tale. Retelling of Briar Rose/Sleeping Beauty.

Get Graphic: Graphic Novels

Subcommittee Chair: Yolanda Hood
Alison Edwards
Mark Flowers
Kay Hones
Amanda Margis
Ileana Pulu
Staci Terrell
Craig Varley


Bendis, Brian Michael and David Marquez. Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man Volume 1: Revival. Illus. Marvel Enterprises, 2014; ISBN 13 9780785154174; $17.99. The original Spider-Man, Peter Parker, is dead. Now Miles Morales, bitten by a different radioactive spider, must stand in his place when the Green Goblin returns.

Carroll, Emily. Through the Woods: Stories. Illus. Margaret K. McElderry, 2014; ISBN 13: 9781442465961; $15.99. A collection of five short stories filled with mystery, terror and chilly journeys into and out of the woods.

Doctorow, Cory and Jen Wang. In Real Life. Illus. First Second, 2014; ISBN 13: 9781596436589; $17.99. Anda joins a large multiplayer online role-playing game and is soon asked to collect items which are then sold to other players for real money. Anda questions her machinations after meeting Raymond, who has even higher stakes in this game.

* Jamieson, Victoria. Roller Girl. Illus. Dial Books for Young Readers, 2015; ISBN 13: 9780803740167; $12.99. Astrid and her friend Nicole visit a roller derby rink one night and Astrid is hooked. She signs up for roller derby camp, but Nicole chooses ballet. Now she's friendless and, as it turns out, not the star of the roller rink.

Long, Mark, Jim Demonakos, and Nate Powell. The Silence of Our Friends. Illus. First Second, 2012; ISBN 13: 9781596436183; $18.99. In a fictional account, Long recalls the events that his father experienced in the late 1960s in a very segregated Houston, Texas, including the murder of a policeman, a murder trial, and friendship across racial lines. 

Novgorodoff, Danica. The Undertaking of Lily Chen. Illus. First Second, 2014; ISBN 13: 9781596435865; $29.99. Deshi is the son who can't get anything right. When his unmarried brother dies, he is responsible for bringing a nice, young, beautifully dead corpse to bury with him. He meets Lily, but she's alive and won't be dying anytime soon.

O’Connor, George. Olympians 4: Hades: Lord of the Dead. Illus. First Second, 2012; ISBN 13: 9781596434349; $9.99. A graphic novel retelling of the story of Hades, the Greek God of the Underworld, and his wife Persephone.

Smith, Jeff. Bone: One Volume Edition. Illus. Cartoon Books, 2004; ISBN 13: 9781888963144; $39.95. Smith's epic nine volume graphic novel – together in one book in this edition – recounts the adventures of the three Bone cousins, Fone Bone, Smiley Bone, and Phoney Bone. At first, they attempt simply to find a new home after their exile from Boneville, but after befriending Rose and Gran'ma Ben, they become embroiled in a battle with rat-creatures which may hold the fate of the world in the balance.

Soule, Charles, Javier Pulido, and Ron Wimberly. She-Hulk 1: Law and Disorder. Illus. Marvel Enterprises, 2014; ISBN 13: 9780785190196; $15.99. Jennifer Walters, She-Hulk, doesn’t spend all of her time hulking out. She is an attorney, after all. In this volume, she takes on a legal case involving Dr. Doom’s son and begins to unravel the blue folder mystery.

Stevenson, Noelle and Grace Ellis. Lumberjanes 1. Illus. Boom! Studios, 2015; ISBN 13: 9781608866878; $14.99. Five girls attempt to earn Lumberjane badges while away at camp and find themselves on many adventures as they attempt to solve a mystery. 

Stevenson, Noelle. Nimona. Illus. HarperTeen, 2015; ISBN 13: 9780062278227; $12.99. Condensing her phenomenal web series into a single volume, Stevenson episodically tracks the exploits of two lovable villains. Ballister Blackheart claims to be the most evil villain in the world, but is still smarting from being kicked out of hero school. Meanwhile, the titular Nimona seems to be a young girl wanting to apprentice with the "evil" Blackheart, but is really a powerful shapeshifter with an agenda of her own.

Tamaki, Mariko and Jillian Tamaki. This One Summer. Illus. First Second, 2014; ISBN 13: 9781596437746; $17.99. Rose loves the lake house getaway where she can hang out with her friend Windy. This year she needs a distraction from her parents’ constant fighting and starts following a group of teens that has some serious drama.

Tynion, James and Michael Dialynas. The Woods 1. Illus. Boom! Studios, 2014; ISBN 13: 9781608864546; $9.99. In October of 2013, 513 students, teachers, and staff from Bay Point Preparatory School disappear without a trace. Where they reappear is in the middle of an ancient wilderness, years and years ago.

Wilson, G. Willow and Adrian Alphona. Ms. Marvel 1: No Normal. Illus. Marvel Enterprises, 2014; ISBN 13: 9780785190219; $15.99. Khamala Khan was your typical New Jersey teenage girl until she discovers something not so typical - she has powers. Follow Khamala as she discovers more about her powers and herself, including the secrets and the dangers of becoming Ms. Marvel.

Yang, Gene Luen. The Shadow Hero. Illus. First Second, 2014; ISBN 13: 9781596436978; $17.99. In this origin story for the Green Turtle, a 1940s comic book Asian superhero, Hank Chu becomes the Green Turtle in an attempt to avenge his father’s murder.


Abdelrazaq, Leila. Baddawi. Illus. Just World Books, 2015; ISBN 13: 9781935982401;$19.99. Ahmed is a boy living in a refugee camp in Lebanon and just one of many that had to flee his Palestinian homeland during the war. His circumstances do not keep him from dreaming of opportunities or returning home. The story of Ahmed is one that is relevant in today’s world but takes place in 1948.

Bell, Cece. El Deafo. Illus. Amulet Books, 2014; ISBN 13: 9781419712173; $10.95. Bell shares the story of a childhood illness (meningitis) that would render her deaf. She focuses on the struggles and insecurities of starting school and making friends.

Gill, Joel Christian and Henry Louis Gates. Strange Fruit 1: Uncelebrated Narratives from Black History. Illus. Fulcrum Pub, 2014; ISBN 13: 9781938486296; $23.95. A collection of stories about little known men in African-American history who, despite their life challenges, made great contributions.

* Lewis, John, Andrew Aydin, and Nate Powell. March 1. Illus. Top Shelf Productions, 2013; ISBN 13: 9781603093002; $14.95. In this biographical graphic novel, we are introduced to John Lewis. Today, we know him as a Congressman who represents the fifth district of Georgia, but March 1 takes us back to his childhood in Alabama and then into the burgeoning civil rights movement as he becomes an instrumental figure.

Ottaviani, Jim, Leland Myrick, and Hilary Sycamore. Feynman. Illus. First Second, 2013; ISBN 13 9781596438279; $19.99. Ottaviani’s graphic biography of noted physicist Richard Feynman encapsulates his life and view of the world, not as scientific equations, but as pictures.

Ottaviani, Jim and Maris Wicks. Primates: The Fearless Science of Jane Goodall, Dian Fossey, and Birute Galdikas. Illus. Square Fish, 2015; ISBN 13: 9781250062932; $12.99. Primatologists Jane Goodall, Dian Fossey and Birute Galdikas were all connected by their teacher Louis Leakey and their drive to understand primates and how they impact all human-kind.

Satrapi, Marjane. The Complete Persepolis. Illus. Pantheon Books, 2007; ISBN 13: 9780375714832; $24.95. This is the tale of Marjane Satrapi growing up during the extremist Islamic revolution in Iran during the 1970s/1980s, her move to Austria in early adolescence, and her time moving back to Iran, before finally settling in Europe again as a young woman.

Telgemeier, Raina. Sisters. Illus. Graphix, 2014; ISBN 13: 9780545540605; $10.99. In this non-fiction sequel to the blockbuster Smile, Telgemeier focuses on her often tense relationship with her younger sister, Amara. In a series of increasingly wacky adventures involving a road trip, a missing snake, a horrifying family reunion, and more, Raina and Amara fight, bicker, and generally make life difficult for each other, before realizing just how important sisterhood is.

Post-Apocalyptic: It's the End of the World As We Know It

Subcommittee Chair: Heather Beverley
Joan Callen
Emma Carbone
Yolanda Hood
Ryan Paulsen
Ileana Pulu
Staci Terrell


Bacigalupi, Paolo. Ship Breaker. Little Brown & Co, 2011; ISBN 13: 9780316056199; $10.99. America's Gulf Coast is one big chop shop for local scavengers. They break down tankers for parts, but when a hurricane blows an expensive clipper, Nailer has to decide between the money from the ship or a wealthy girl who could save him.

Black, Holly. The Coldest Girl in Coldtown. Little Brown & Co, 2014; ISBN 13: 9780316213097; $10.99. Tana wakes up from a party surrounded by corpses and her ex-boyfriend. She needs to take him and a mysterious newcomer to the local Coldtown, a quarantined city that always has cameras rolling.

* Bracken, Alexandra. The Darkest Minds. Disney Press, 2013; ISBN 13: 9781423159322; $9.99. After a mysterious disease strikes America’s children, the few who survive are left with frightening and often deadly abilities and sent to “rehabilitation camps” for their own safety. But in the camps, safety is an illusion and sixteen year old Ruby needs to escape before her time runs out. Joining up with a ragtag group of kids led by the charming Liam, she searches for East River, a kid-run encampment that just might be her salvation – or not.

Cass, Kiera. The Selection. HarperTeen, 2013; ISBN 13: 9780062059949; $9.99. It’s The Bachelorette meets The Hunger Games. In the future, the United States may not exist but America, a teenage girl does and she’s one of thirty-five girls vying for Prince Maxon’s heart and the future title of Queen in The Selection.

Charbonneau, Joelle. The Testing. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2015; ISBN 13: 9780544336230; $9.99. In the future United Commonwealth, a college education is not an easy feat to achieve. Malencia has succeeded in passing the first test of the process, but that only guarantees a spot in The Testing. With warnings from her father, who survived his own testing many years ago, she travels to Tosu City, where survival is not promised.

Destefano, Lauren. Wither. Simon & Schuster, 2011; ISBN 13: 9781442409064; $9.99. In the future Rhine lives in, women have a lifespan of twenty years and men of twenty-five. In a place where no one knows who to trust and secrets are all around her, Rhine plans for her escape.

Hirsch, Jeff. The Eleventh Plague. Scholastic Paperbacks, 2012; ISBN 13: 9780545290159; $9.99. Stephen has grown up a salvager in an America ruined by war and plague. After his grandfather dies and his father is seriously injured, Stephen finds Settler's Landing – a distrusting community – and a defiant girl, Jenny, who may lead them into another fight they can't win.

Johnson, Alaya. The Summer Prince. Arthur A. Levine, 2014; ISBN 13: 9780545417808; $9.99. In a future society that is gender and sex fluid, June and her friend Gil fall for artist Enki, who is elected the Summer King, a position that lasts one year before he is ritually sacrificed. Outside of the love triangle, June and Enki use their love of art to thwart the government’s tightening power over technology.

Lloyd, Saci. The Carbon Diaries 2015. Holiday House, 2010; ISBN 13: 9780823423019; $8.95. All of Great Britain is participating in carbon rationing because the world’s resources are depleted, and one teen records her and her family’s attempt to survive. 

London, Alex. Proxy. Speak, 2014; ISBN 13: 9780147511331; $9.99. Drawn together in a world where debts can be lethal, Syd and Knox are unlikely allies who will have to work together to try and tear down the system if they want to survive.

Lu, Marie. Legend. Speak, 2013; ISBN 13: 9780142422076; $9.99. From different worlds and pitted against each other, June and Day are obvious enemies. When sinister secrets about the Republic of America come to light, Day and June are also their own best allies in a search for the truth.

* Maberry, Jonathan. Rot & Ruin. Simon & Schuster, 2011; ISBN 13: 9781442402331; $11.99. In a world overrun with zombies, what remains of humanity huddles for safety in small, fenced-in communities; only zombie hunters venture out beyond the fences. Behind the fence is the only place Benny Immura wants to be, but he finds himself reluctantly and bitterly apprenticed to his hated zombie-hunter brother Tom, and must venture into the great Rot and Ruin.

McGinnis, Mindy. Not a Drop to Drink. Katherine Tegen Books, 2014; ISBN 13: 9780062198518; $9.99. Lynn is prepared to do whatever it takes to protect her pond from strangers and ensure her own survival in a world where water – and safety – are in short supply.

* Mullin, Mike. Ashfall. Tanglewood Press, 2012; ISBN 13: 9781933718743; $10.95. When the supervolcano underneath Yellowstone erupts, the weekend on his own that Alex had dreamed about suddenly becomes a nightmare.  He must fight for his survival and a way to get back to his family while surviving the harsh landscape that now exists.

Nix, Garth. Shade’s Children. HarperCollins Children’s Books, 2012; ISBN 13: 9780062075987; $8.99. Four teenagers escape the horrific fate of having their brains transplanted into war creatures and attempt to survive the Overlord’s war schemes under the supervision of Shade, a hologram.

Oliver, Lauren. Delirium. HarperCollins Children’s Books, 2012; ISBN 13: 9780061726835; $9.99. Falling in love is a criminal offense in Lena's world and she is anxious to get the Cure until she meets the handsome Alex. Together, they try to find a way out.

Smith, Andrew. Grasshopper Jungle: A History. Speak, 2015; ISBN 13: 9780142425008; $10.99. Two typical teenage boys in Iowa, Austin and Robbie do something atypical one weekend by causing the end of the world by accidentally unleashing six foot tall praying mantises into the world.

Smith, Sherri L.. Orleans. Speak, 2014; ISBN 13: 9780147509963; $9.99. Climate change has destroyed the gulf coast and has caused horrible infections to spread. Fen and Daniel fight to save the life of a baby and maybe even themselves.

Westerfeld, Scott. Uglies. Simon Pulse, 2011; ISBN 13: 9781442419810; $11.99. In the future, only the beautiful are valued, the ugly are worthless, and all uglies want to be made beautiful. That is what Tally wants, until she discovers some of the truths about becoming beautiful and begins to question her life.

Yancey, Rick. The 5th Wave. Speak, 2015; ISBN 13: 9780142425831; $10.99. What if every alien invasion scenario in every movie and book was wrong? What if you're left alone with no one to trust? Cassie might be all that's left of humanity, but if that's true, it also means Cassie has to face what's coming because she is the battlefield in humanity's last war.

Young, Moira. Blood Red Road. Margaret K. McElderry, 2012; ISBN 13: 9781442429994; $9.99. When Saba’s beloved twin brother Lugh is kidnapped, she sets off into the ravaged wasteland of her post-apocalyptic world to save him.

Unreliable Narrators: Don't Believe a Word

Subcommittee Chair: Amanda Margis
Joan Callen
Kay Hones
Jennifer Kendall
Ryan Paulsen
Patty Ramirez
Kathryn (Katie) Salo


* Anderson, Laurie Halse. Wintergirls. Speak, 2010; ISBN 13: 9780142415573; $9.99. Lia and Cassie have been friends and competitors over who can be the skinniest.  Cassie wins the contest, but now Lia has to find her way without losing her own life. 

Backes, M. Molly. The Princesses of Iowa. Candlewick Press, 2014; ISBN 13: 9780763671617; $9.99. Paige has spent the summer away from her hometown. When she comes back, Paige discovers that her entire world has changed – has she?

Billingsley, Franny. Chime. Speak, 2012; ISBN 13: 9780142420928; $8.99. Briony thinks that she is a witch and blames herself for everything that has happened to her family.  To punish herself, Briony will not love, cry, or hurt anyone ever again until she meets handsome and mysterious Eldric.

Efaw, Amy. After. Speak, 2010; ISBN 13: 9780142415900; $8.99. How can someone like Devon – so driven, so focused, so good at everything – do something as horrible as throwing a baby in the trash? Devon can't believe it since she denies she was even pregnant, but the truth can only be covered up for so long before everything starts falling apart.

Flinn, Alex. Breathing Underwater. HarperTeen, 2002; ISBN 13: 9780064472579; $9.99. Nick has been court-mandated to write about his relationship with Caitlin. While he believes everything was fine between them, Nick soon discovers the reasons that Caitlin took out a restraining order against him.

Griffin, Adele. Loud Awake and Lost. Ember, 2015; ISBN 13: 9780385752756; $9.99. Ember is finally released from the hospital after an extended stay following her car accident. Her memories are still tangled up and she suffers from a traumatic brain injury, not to mention the emotional guilt of killing another teen in the accident.

Guillory, Sarah. Reclaimed. Spencer Hill Press, 2013; ISBN 13: 9781937053888; $9.95. Jenna wants to escape her small town life with its long memory and her alcoholic mom. Perfect Ian McAlister and his completely not perfect twin brother Luke move in and challenge everything she knows about herself and what she thinks to be true.

Haas, Abigail. Dangerous Girls. Simon Pulse, 2014; ISBN 13: 9781442486607; $10.99. Best friends Anna and Elise join Anna’s boyfriend Tate and other friends for a senior trip to Aruba. But when Elise is murdered, Anna finds herself being accused of being a murderer.

Hartnett, Sonya. Surrender. Candlewick Press, 2007; ISBN 13: 9780763634230; $8.99. Two young men battle personal demons and pointed fingers by people in a town terrorized by arson attacks.

Hautman, Pete. Invisible. Simon & Schuster, 2006; ISBN 13: 9780689869037; $9.99. Doug and his best friend Andy are an unlikely pair – Doug is a loner and Andy is a popular football player – but as long as they don’t talk about what happened at the Tuttle Place, their friendship will remain intact.

Hodkin, Michelle. The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer. Simon & Schuster, 2012; ISBN 13: 9781442421776; $12.99. Mara thinks she may be going crazy and can't remember terrible things that happened, but in a new place and town, she meets Noah, who may be able to help her find the answers.

Hopkins, Ellen. Identical. Margaret K. McElderry, 2010; ISBN 13: 9781416950066; $12.99. Twins Raeanne and Kaeleigh tell their stories in alternate verse chapters. One sister is perfect, the other is always in trouble.

Jackson, Shirley. We Have Always Lived in the Castle. Penguin Classics, 2006; ISBN 13: 9780143039976; $17.00. Everyone talks about the Blackwood family and the terrible event that happened there years ago. Mary Katherine Blackwood does her best to ignore their words while living with her sister Constance and sick Uncle Julian.

* Kuehn, Stephanie. Charm & Strange. Griffin, 2014; ISBN 13: 9781250049179; $9.99. Andrew Winston Winters feels as though his life is torn in two. Is he rage filled Drew or lonely quiet Win? Which part of him will win?

Larbalestier, Justine. Liar. Bloomsbury USA, 2010; ISBN 13: 9781599905198; $10.99. Liar, liar pants on fire. Micah lies to everybody, and everyone knows that Micah lies about everything. But could Micah really be a killer?

Lynch, Chris. Inexcusable. Simon & Schuster, 2015; ISBN 13: 9781481432023; $9.99. Accused of a crime he's fairly certain he didn't commit, Keifer Sarafian tries to convince readers of his side of the story.

Nielsen, Jennifer. The False Prince. Scholastic, 2013; ISBN 13: 9780545284141; $7.99. A group of orphan boys are hand-picked by a nobleman to pose as a long-lost prince, but one boy is carrying a dangerous secret.

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