U.S. Army Order of Battle, 1919–1941

by Steven E. Clay. Combat Studies Inst. 2010. illus. maps. SuDoc# D 110.2:B 32/2/v.1-4.

The book cover of the "U.S. Army Order of Battle, 1919–1941, Vol 1-4", by Lt. Col. (retired) Steven E. Clay  features three military sigils.


This massive encyclopedia outlines the command structure of the U.S. Army. It contains an entry for each individual unit and provides information such as name of commanding officers, assigned headquarters, and brief history and focuses on where and when the unit experienced combat. The volumes covering World War I were published in 1939; for World War II, 1984. This latest series addition covers army units between the two World Wars and required 20 years of painstaking research. purl.fdlp.gov/GPO/gpo4474

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