Sir Walter Ralegh and the Quest for El Dorado

Written by Marc Aronson. Published by Clarion Books.



This book portrays the adventurous life of Sir Walter Ralegh and his quest to find the legendary city of El Dorado and the fate of the famous Lost Colony he sponsored in the New World. In this biography, Aronson draws on the events, intrigues and literature of Elizabethan times to create a richly layered account of "the first modern man." Ralegh's search for El Dorado drives the elegantly structured plot and serves as a unifying allegory.

"Aronson's exemplary scholarship is evident everywhere in the text and accompanying matter, including the archival reproductions and thorough documentation that together explain and extend the narrative," said award committee chair Susan Faust. "Combined with beautiful bookmaking and eloquent storytelling, this book sets a clear standard of excellence in its presentation of a person in his time."

Awards Won

Title Year
Sibert Seal Robert F. Sibert Informational Book Medal
The Sibert Award honors the most distinguished informational book published in English in the preceding year for its significant contribution to children’s literature.
2001 - Winner(s)