The Senate’s Civil War

U.S. Senate. 2011. 33p. illus. SuDoc# Y 1.3:S. Pub. 112-7.

The book cover of "The Senate’s Civil War" by the U.S. Senate features a Civil Wara era photo of the Senate building.  On the lawn, men in uniform are lined up.


A collection of photographs, maps, political cartoons, and other materials that emphasize the crucial role played by the U.S. Senate during the Civil War and Reconstruction. The online supplement includes full-text versions of the documents that are only summarized or cited in the book, such as the Final Report of the Joint Committee on the Conduct of the War, various speeches extracted from the Congressional Globe, and letters and memoirs by Senate members who saw the Capitol building transformed into barracks and that document the impeachment of President Andrew Johnson. Specific document: General information:

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