Elisabeth Rodriguez received a 2007 Spectrum Doctoral Fellowship and is pursuing her degree at the University of Pittsburgh. She holds an MLIS from the University of Pittsburgh and a Bachelor degree in Interdisciplinary Studies (BIS) with concentrations in Chicana/o Studies and Asian Pacific American Studies from Arizona State University.

As a professor, Elisabeth hopes to help in the recruitment and retention of students of color by mentoring and active recruitment. For her PhD she would like to continue her research within the realm of instruction and the application of on-line tutorial development on the subject of fair use within copyright law for both college students and K-12 Librarians/Library Media Specialists. Elisabeth wishes to explores the nuances between students from the United States and International students and how culture shapes the understanding and interpretation of copyright law as well as user behavior. She is also interested in research on the quality of library resources and services at Hispanic Serving Institutes (HSI).

Awards Won

Title Year
The future is overdue (ALA-Spectrum Scholarship logo) Spectrum Doctoral Fellowship (hisotical)
An IMLS funded project in 2007, 2008, and 2013 designed to increase racial and ethnic diversity among our profession’s next generation of LIS leaders.
2007 - Winner(s)