The Robert Louis Stevenson Elementary School in San Francisco, Calif.

Located near the Pacific Ocean, Stevenson Elementary School serves 450 Kindergarten-through-fifth-grade students, including those who are recent immigrants, speak a language other than English at home and are in special and gifted education programs.


Stevenson Elementary School librarian, KE Hones, will bring in local Chinese American author, Millie Lee to speak to all fourth- and fifth-grade classes about her books on the Chinese American experience in the United States and the San Francisco Bay Area. Fourth- and fifth-grade students will plan and coordinate the visit by writing bilingual information for families and local press releases, planning pre- and post-author-visit activities and researching immigration and Chinese American history. The ethnic makeup of Stevenson includes more then 63 percent Chinese students.

Awards Won

Title Year
Simon & Schuster logo Maureen Hayes Author/Illustrator Visit Award
The award was established with funding from Simon and Schuster to honor Maureen Hayes for her life-long efforts to bring together children and authors/illustrators. The Maureen Hayes Author/Illustrator Visit Award pays for the honorarium and travel for a visiting author/illustrator.
2008 - Winner(s)