Robert E. Kennedy Library at Cal Poly (Calif.)

“I’m with the Banned”


The Robert E. Kennedy Library at Cal Poly (Calif.) inspired its students and others around the world to declare, “I’m with the Banned,” through virtual outreach and library programming during 2012 Banned Books Week. An interactive website invited participation from more than 6,000 visitors, and dozens of libraries across the nation linked to the site. Cal Poly students gained awareness of the issue of banned books through multiple channels, including craftwork, t-shirts, exhibits and interviews and a capacity crowd of 500-plus community members attended author Stephen Chbosky’s week-ending talk.

Awards Won

Title Year
image of the seal for john cotton dana award John Cotton Dana Library Public Relations Award
The John Cotton Dana Award honors outstanding effective strategic communication campaigns that show
results – no matter what size or type of library.
2013 - Selection(s)