Professor Layton and the Curious Village

Nintendo DS., Nintendo. Rated E for Everyone. Collections: Home, Public Library. $29.99


Join Professor Layton while he investigates the village of St. Mystere! This game is an adventure through the village with over 100 brainteasers and puzzles. Your investigation of the village and the residents is the key to solving the mystery. The quirky village residents try to confuse the Professor with riddles, mazes, optical illusions, spatial analysis, tests of logic, and much more! Players must solve the puzzles in order to move forward in the game and obtain new items and clues. Help the Professor on his adventure to find the baron’s valued treasure. Great fun!!

Awards Won

Title Year
gisk.jpg Great Interactive Software for Kids List
The Great Interactive Software for Kids list identifies exemplary computer software and multi-platform media for children currently available.
2009 - Selection(s)