Police Perception Survey 2011: The Afghan Perspective

UN Development Programme, Afghanistan Country Office. 2011. 155p. illus. maps. bibliog. Free.

The cover of "Police Perception Survey 2011: The Afghan Perspective" by UN Development Programme, Afghanistan Country Office features an armed man engaging with children outdoors.


The authors present the results of the third annual public opinion survey concerning the Afghan National Police (ANP), and it is full of unexpected details. For instance, 30 percent of the 7000 Afghan interviewees reported that someone in their household had seen an ANP member use illicit drugs, and only 20 percent think the ANP is ready to operate without the support of international forces. On the positive side, 45 percent of respondents believe the performance of the ANP in their area has improved in the past year. www.undp.org.af/Publications/KeyDocuments/2011/PPS-Eng%20Version-2011%20Final%20Lowest%20Res.pdf

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