Patricia Glass Schuman

Publisher, Past ALA Treasurer, Past ALA President, Library Advocate

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Schuman co-founded Neal-Schuman Publishers in New York in 1976 with John Vincent Neal. Neal-Schuman specialized in books, media and professional education tools for librarians, educators and information managers. Neal-Schuman Publishers became part of ALA Publishing in 2011.

As the 1991-92 elected president of ALA, Schuman launched ALA’s first nationwide media campaign to focus public attention on threats to the public's Right to Know -- including library funding cuts, censorship and restricted access to government information -- and the need to support libraries and librarians. During her presidency, Schuman implemented a program of media training for ALA chapters and division leaders and founded ALA’s first Speaker’s Network. More than 500,000 Americans called a special toll-free number or signed petitions to Congress supporting full funding for libraries.

Schuman founded ALA’s “Library Advocacy NOW!” effort. More than 30,000 librarians, trustees and supporters have been trained in advocacy since the campaign’s inception. As past ALA treasurer, Schuman led the successful drive to endow the ALA Scholarship Fund. She is a founder of ALA’s Social Responsibilities Roundtable, the ALA Feminist Task Force and has served as chair of numerous ALA committees, including: Legislation, International Relations, Public Awareness Committee, the @ your library campaign, the Core Values of Librarianship Task Force and the Presidential Task Force on Pay Equity and Better Salaries for Librarians.

A graduate of the University of Cincinnati, Schuman received an M.S. in librarianship from Columbia University.

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