Mexico’s “Narco-Refugees”

Strategic Studies Inst., U.S. Army War Coll. 2011. 40p. SuDoc# D 101.146:N 16.

The book cover of "Mexico's "Narco-Refugees": The Looming Challenge for U.S. National Security" by Paul Rexton Kan features a map of the world with a network of lines. The cover also has the logo of the U. S. Army War College Carlisle Barracks, PA and the logo of the U. S. Army War College Strategic Studies Institute..


This report focuses on the growing challenge to American immigration and national security policy posed by Mexicans who involuntarily cross the border in order to escape the violence of the brutal drug cartels that operate in their country. Current immigration policy allows refugees to seek political asylum in the United States when they are targeted victims of religious and political persecution. Alternatively, those who have been directly threatened by drug lords have been returned to Mexico as the U.S. authorities to whom they must appeal are suspicious of undocumented border crossings that don’t fall under the umbrella of current policy.

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