M. Cristina Pattuelli

“E-reading in the Academy: Investigating Adoption and Use of E-books in Academic Libraries.” with Irene Lopatovska


“E-books, e-book use, and e-book collecting are high priority issues in libraries in 2013,” award Chair Mary Popp said. “The proposed research project by M. Cristina Pattuelli and Irene Lopatovska is well-planned, uses a nicely varied array of research methodologies to identify both qualitative and quantitative results, and builds on an already completed pilot project."

"Although it is limited to academic libraries," Popp continued, "this project can be tied to the work of other research initiatives, including the recent work by the Pew Internet & American Life Project, to provide a broad picture of the way users connect with electronic books. The committee looks forward to the publication of the results of the research.”

Awards Won

Title Year
baber.jpg Carroll Preston Baber Research Grant
The Carroll Preston Baber Research Grant is given annually to one or more librarians or library educators who will conduct innovative research that could lead to an improvement in services to any specified group(s) of people. The project should aim to answer a question that is of vital importance to the library community and the researchers should plan to provide documentation of the results of their work. The Jury would welcome proposals that involve innovative uses of technology and proposals that involve cooperation between libraries, between libraries and other agencies, or between librarians and persons in other disciplines.
2013 - Winner(s)