Kelvin Watson

chief innovation and technology officer, Queens Library (Queens, New York)

image of Kelvin Watson


Watson is being honored for his many accomplishments in bringing new services and ideas to both the library and the community. He leads the team that distributes and manages 2,500 mobile hot spots and 5,000 tablet devices. He has streamlined and simplified access to the Queens Library collections and services using innovative techniques creating digital equality in Queens. He directed and led the strategy and planned the execution for the Queens Virtual Library allowing for a seamless process for access, discovery and delivery of e-content. Active in the library profession, he also serves as a mentor to many of the Queens Public Library employees.

Awards Won

Title Year
image of ernie dimattia Ernest A. DiMattia, Jr. Award for Innovation and Service to Community and Profession

The candidate for this award shall demonstrate leadership qualities in anticipating emerging trends in services, products and technologies that will enhance the library’s position in its community. The candidate will participate in the life of the community using membership in and volunteer service through a broad range of community organizations and projects. Sharing these traits and philosophies through active participation in professional activities will be a plus. If a suitable candidate is not found, the award will not be presented in that year.

2016 - Winner(s)