Institute for Information Literacy

Founding members of the Institute for Information Literacy Steering Committee and Immersion faculty


Members of the founding Steering Committee are Louis Albert, Lori Arp, Esther Grassian, Thomas Kirk, Cerise Oberman (chair), Shelly Phipps, Loanne Snavely, Mitch Stepanovich, Julie Todaro, Karen Williams and Lizabeth “Betsy” Wilson.

Founding faculty members are Eugene Engeldinger, Debra Gilchrist, Randy Hensley, Joan Kaplowitz, Sharon Mader, Mary Jane Petrowski and Karen Williams. The faculty has grown to include Craig Gibson, Carol Hansen, Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe, John Holmes, Mary MacDonald, Megan Oaklfeaf, Tiffani Travis, Dane Ward, Beth S. Woodard, Susan Barnes Whyte and Anne Zald.

Awards Won

Title Year
Special Presidential Recognition Award

The Special Presidential Recognition highlights excellence among members of ACRL who have provided outstanding service to the association and profession of academic librarianship.

2009 - Winner(s)