From the Inside Out: Collaborating for Recruitment, Outreach and Diversity through the Promotion of Literacy

to Rosi Andrade, Southwest Institute for Research on Women and Cheryl Knott Malone, University of Arizona School of Information Resources and Library Science


From the Inside Out refers to the underlying idea that Information Age literacies can be generated and enhanced "from the inside out," that is, from the individual's own interests, perspectives, motivations, and knowledge. Through its valuing of "the inside," this approach respects diverse individuals and their unique capabilities and contrasts with a more traditional method that conceptualizes literacy as a skill that can be imposed from the outside with little if any regard for the individual learner's own needs and desires. The purpose of the project is to discover effective ways to partner with individual adult and young adult learners and with institutions such as public libraries and schools to foster the development of literacy in a way that involves all partners as knowledge-generating participants in action-based research. This project was submitted under this year's Research Topic 3 - Community Partnering & Resource Coalitions: A Networking Model for Successful Recruitment, Outreach and Diversity.

Awards Won

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Diversity Research Grant

The ALA Office for Diversity, Literacy, and Outreach Services sponsors this grant program which began in 2002 to address critical gaps in the knowledge of equity, diversity, and inclusion issues within library and information science.

2002 - Winner(s)