Heather Ketron

Head of Children’s Services at the Gum Spring Library(a branch of the Loudoun County (Va.) Public Library


Ketron is a respected leader in the field of librarianship and children's and youth services, notable for her dedication to inspiring children to read and learn. Her passion for reading and learning drives her to build upon the success of Loudoun County Public Library’s 123 Math & Science program series that reaches children between the ages of 8 – 11. The 123 Math & Science program explores a variety of math and science topics through games, puzzles and experiments. The Loudoun County Public Library’s 123 Math & Science program was featured in the October 2010 issue of American Libraries.

Awards Won

Title Year
Scholastic Library Publishing Award

An annual award consisting of $1,000 and a 24k gold-framed citation presented to a librarian whose "unusual contribution to the stimulation and guidance of reading by children and young people" exemplifies outstanding achievement in the profession.

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