The Great Recession and Developing Countries

ed. by Mustapha K. Nabli. World Bank, dist. by Bernan & Renouf. 2011. 634p. illus. pap. $35.

The book cover of "The Great Recession and Developing Countries" edited by Mustapha K. Nabli features a tapestry textile with a geometric motif that may allude to tree trunks.


The financial crisis of 2008 to 2009 spread like a contagion from the United States to the rest of the world and raised questions about how low- and middle-income countries could protect themselves from external shocks. The ten case studies here analyze precrisis growth, the effects of the crisis, and policy responses in Brazil, China, Ethiopia, India, Malaysia, Mexico, the Philippines, Turkey, Vietnam, and Poland. The text, which is accompanied by more than 150 illustrations and 80 tables, is accessible to undergraduates.




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